Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Christmas Special – “Taking a bath is very human.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Christmas Special – Scrozzle’s Revenge

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Christmas Special

Cruise, Smash, Jax and Steel are excitedly preparing for Christmas and getting to spend time with the Rangers. But Rangers make excuses and then excuse themselves when they receive a call from a familiar voice.

Anyway, the Beast Bots, being the nice bots that they are, defend the Rangers and say it’s only right they spend Christmas with their human families. They begin flashing back to very forgettable episodes.

After a while, Devon comes running in to say Scrozzle has been spotted downtown.

Scrozzle is decorating a Christmas tree and planning to ruin everyone’s holiday. He uses his new tree tool to turn Nate into an ornament.

*insertuneditedGoBustersfootage* Devon, Ravi and Zoey take on the Robotron and finish it off. They hurry over to Steel. But Scrozzle turns Devon and Zoey into ornaments as well. Ravi is able to shoot Scrozzle who decides to retreat.

Ravi and Steel take the Christmas tree back to the lab, but Steel accidentally turns Ravi into an ornament too.

They all decide to insert more flashbacks before Nate orders Steel to work on reversing the Christmas tree tool. The others order Cruise, Smash and Jax to fight the Gigadrone by piloting the zords on their own.

Scrozzle pilots the Gigadrone against the Beast Bots who are able to take him down AND save the city and citizens themselves.

Back at the lab, Steel is able to fix the tree tool and unfortunately return the Rangers to normal.

The Rangers surprise the Beast Bots saying they actually want to spend Christmas with them and that they’re taking a trip to see Santa at the North Pole.

Episode Thoughts

I kinda wish the Rangers stayed trapped in the ornaments.

It was a typical Christmas episode. The main thing I took away from it is more sadness about how the Beast Bots have been treated this half-season. I’ll keep saying it over and over. I wish the Beast Bots played a bigger role on the show.

Not only would Hasbro be able to sell more toys (who wouldn’t want an awesome Beast Bot figure?), but better developed and better used Beast Bots would benefit the show itself.

The Beast Bots could be great characters on their own. But they would also be able to add some color to the Rangers’ characters as well. And I’ve already talked about how the Rangers haven’t been all that interesting or well-developed for most of the season. So the Beasts Bots would be able to complement the Rangers well and perhaps be the catalyst for more interesting, dynamic and fun stories.

But this is where we are right now. Oh well. We’ll see if anything changes in the second half of Beast Morphers. Merry Christmas everyone!

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Christmas Special – “Taking a bath is very human.”

  1. It’s nice that 3 Beast Bots, whom barely gets character development and dialogue (I barely remember Jax voice), gets more presence and screen time for this special.
    As much as it was nice for Beast Bots to get focus, I really wished they had more focus in previous episodes.

    The only thing that bothered me with the episode is Srozzle’s plan for what’s he going to do with rangers after trapping in Christmas ornaments. For a moment, I thought Scrozzle was going to drain their life energy from rangers after turning into ornament, but it didn’t seem to affect it at any form. I guess Scrozzle could have possibly crushed/break it afterward. Interesting and unique plan though.

    Nice to see Scrozzle in Gigadrone, with cockpit similar to Blaze.
    It’s always nice to see Power Rangers original villain in original cockpit.
    It appears this episode marks the end of Scrozzle, though it’s bit ambiguous; it’s still possible he survived that explosion, since I want to see more of him in next season.

    Santa made an appearance at end… which is no surprise, since he’s been appearing in Christmas Specials for 5~6 years. Nice to see rangers and Beast Bots getting ride to North Pole, which was decent way to end the episode along with season.

    I find this episode to be better than Halloween, since it was nice to see 4 Beast Bots working together, which I wished to see it more in previous episodes. I also liked Srozzle plan for turning rangers into ornament, which was somewhat original. It’s probably one of better Christmas episodes I’ve seen so far and it was nice way to end the season (first half), where ALL of the villains were defeated (though, Evox and possibly Scrozzle might comeback).

    Looking forward to see next season.
    Happy Holiday!

    1. I don’t think they’d end Scrozzle in the Christmas Special. He might pop up in season 2. Maybe still helping Evox who might take over Mayor Daniels’ body.

      Anyway, Happy Holidays! See you next year!

  2. It was an interesting episode.
    It was good that, for once, the Beast Bots saved the day all by themselves.
    But just like the Halloween special, only the Rangers appeared. It makes me feel the holiday specials were filmed months after they ended the main story.
    I’m still wondering if Scrozzle was truly destroyed or managed to escape somehow.
    Well, one way or another, we’ll have to wait next year to find out.

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