Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (19) 39 – “On the way to doom and destruction.”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (19) 39 – Doom Signal

It’s only a few hours until the satellite dish is fully charged and Madame Odius can enslave the world.

Papa Romero drops his boys off at school where auditions are being held for a TV show that promises fame and fortune for whoever gets cast. Hayley is auditioning.

Everyone is with Hayley except Calvin who is late because of car trouble. And he’s forgotten the props for Hayley’s audition. Hayley was already upset that Calvin hadn’t been there to help her practice earlier.

Hayley is nervous, but she steps on stage to perform a scene from Romeo & Juliet. The producer thanks her and calls on the next auditioners, Victor and Monty. They act out a doctor-patient skit that goes hilariously wrong. But that’s just what the producer is looking for. He immediately chooses them and tells everyone else to go home.

Hayley can’t believe she lost to Victor and Monty and asks Calvin to assure her that she was great. She asks for his honest opinion, which he gives, but it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. The others try to diffuse the tension by going out to eat.

Preston says his cousin Zack from Angel Grove is having a birthday party.

As they are walking, they see Victor and Monty with the producer who turns out to be Gorrox. Two Basherbots take Victor and Monty up to the ship.

The Rangers hurry over and morph. They battle. Brody goes LionFire and delivers a Flame Strike that does not destroy Gorrox at all. Brax joins Gorrox and Cosmo Royale Gigantifies both of them immediately.

Brody, Sarah and Levi hop into Ninja Steel Megazord to take on Gorrox and Preston, Calvin and Hayley into the Ninja Blaze Megazord to take on Brax. But that’s not enough. They hop into the Ultrazord.

They finish off Gorrox first. But Brax is still powerful on his own. So the Rangers combine into Ninja Blaze Ultrazord. They are now able to defeat Brax and they return back down to the ground to try and figure out how to save Victor and Monty.

They start to head back to the command shop. Calvin tells Hayley that she doesn’t have to be mad at him anymore because he actually saved her from getting captured. But Hayley points out that he was late, didn’t help her rehearse and made her feel bad about her performance. Calvin counters that he didn’t intentionally have car trouble and she asked for his honest opinion.

Calvin says if Hayley asks for his honest opinion, then that’s what she’s going to get. And if she doesn’t know that, then she doesn’t know him very well. Hayley says if Calvin can’t see that he’s hurting her feelings then he doesn’t know her at all.

Hayley says they might need some space. Calvin asks if they’re done. She doesn’t answer. But that’s all the answer Calvin needs. He leaves.

Up on Galaxy Warriors, Victor and Monty are dressed in clown costumes. Cosmo Royale and Badonna force them to go on stage to hit each other with inflatable hammers to make everyone laugh. Cosmo Royale adds some falling chained spikey balls to spice things up.

Madame Odius tells Mick to broadcast the show across Earth.

Mrs. Finch and a group of students are watching an exciting episode of Hypotenuse when the TV switches to the Galaxy Warriors broadcast. Mrs. Finch tries to change the channel, but all channels are broadcasting Victor and Monty’s shenanigans. Suddenly, a wave emits from the TV that puts her and the students under zombie-like control.

The same is happening across the city.

The broadcast affects the command shop’s computers as well. Redbot recognizes it is the Warriordome stage. He tries to figure out what’s going on.


The Rangers are in the park. The guys leave Sarah and Hayley to talk about what’s happened. Sarah is honest with Hayley. She had a bad audition. Hayley asks if Calvin told her to say that, but Sarah says they all thought it.

Hayley realizes Calvin was right, but she didn’t want to hear it. Still, Calvin didn’t help her rehearse. But Sarah says Calvin has been a lot better than he originally was.

Hayley thinks she’s been too hard on Calvin and decides to call him.

Calvin sees the call, but decides not to answer. He notices everyone watching the broadcast and he too falls under Madame Odius’ control.

The Rangers arrive at school, but find it is closed. Principal Hastings opens the door and tells them all to go home and watch TV.

Levi peeks into the school and sees there are Basherbots. Redbot calls them to tell them about what’s happening. He’s found that the broadcast is causing any human who watches it to fall under Madame Odius’ mind control. Redbot says he will try to stop the signal.

Just then, Mick beams down with Madame Odius. The Rangers see Mick bow down to her.

Badonna walks out of the school with all the mind controlled humans. Madame Odius tells her to take them up to the ship.

It’s only a matter of time until the Rangers are killed and the rest of the human race will be turned into Madame Odius’ foot soldiers who will help her take over the galaxy. She begins Phase 2.

Episode Thoughts

Well, that was a very interesting episode. I must admit, Madame Odius’ master plan actually is pretty big and makes a lot of sense. It feels like it’s come out of nowhere, but now that it’s here, I do think it’s a pretty good plan.

Making billions of humans her soldiers so she can take over the rest of the galaxy? That’s pretty genius. There wasn’t any indication that this was her plan all along, but still.

It’s also a creative way to bring it back to Galaxy Warriors. Since it’s a TV show, it’s only fair to use it to beam the mind control through. Again, that’s a completely out of thin air connection. But it’s fitting I guess.

I say all this because when you get to the finale on Power Rangers or Super Sentai or Kamen Rider, you want the finale or even the final arc to feel like a true culmination of all the events that have happened over the course of the season. I think Goseiger has been the best with that over any toku season I’ve ever watched. But other seasons have also done good jobs of laying down the groundwork to make any endgame reveal feel satisfying. Like when the Big Bad finally reveals their master plan, you can go “AHHH! So that’s what all that was leading up to!”

But here on Ninja Steel, I don’t see that with Madame Odius. I actually think Galvanax’s climax felt a little more satisfying.

Anyway, I’ll save all this for next week’s season wrap-up.

Back to this episode though, I totally forgot that Papa Romero even existed, to be honest. He’s been completely irrelevant.

I also think it’s very random for them to do this teen angst breakup stuff in the penultimate episode. I think I remember some tweets from Zoe Robins and Chrysti Ane talking about not liking and speaking up against the writers’ idea to have Calvin dump Hayley for Sarah. I agreed with them because that would’ve been completely unnecessary and such a sketchy move on both Calvin and Sarah’s parts if that had happened. A very bad look for the characters.

Now, we’ve had Hayley being upset and jealous with Calvin before. So her being upset here is very much in character for her. And I don’t dislike the plot of them having a fight and breaking up, even if for just a couple of minutes. But I don’t really think it should be a plot in the finale. If anything, doing this during that stretch of very slow filler episodes this year would’ve actually been great.

As for the cartoon antics of Victor and Monty, it’s not really anything new. Though like last year, they seem to get themselves involved in a villain’s endgame.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. Again, I actually like Madame Odius’ plan. But I do feel like there has been a lot of balls dropped on the way to this finale. We’ll see what happens next week.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (19) 39 – “On the way to doom and destruction.”

  1. If Sarah get anyone she should get with Preston not Calivn. Why because it was hinted that Preston was interested Calivn and Sarah had chemistry. I haven’t been watching Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Was there any Preston and Sarah moments?

  2. If Sarah get anyone she should get with Preston not Calivn. Why because it wasn’t hinted that Calivn and Sarah had chemistry. It was hinted that Preston was interested in Sarah and visa versa in the beginning of Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel that Preston was interested in Sarah not Sandy. Plus it was hinted that Calivn and Sarah liked each other as something more than friendship. I haven’t been watching Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Was there any Preston and Sarah moments?

  3. Gotta say, Madame Odius’ plan is really good, and now Calvin is under her mind control, I can’t wait to see how it will all end.

    And you just mentioned my biggest complaint about this super season: Dane Romero. The previous season was all about finding Brody and Levi’s father, and then, in this season, he never made any significant appearance. Maybe he’ll appear next episode, but I doubt it…

    1. Yeah, great plan. I do wish they had dropped more hints about it earlier.

      And yup, Papa Romero has been virtually absent all Super season-long. I think maybe it wasn’t a good decision to do the three Red Rangers last year. Should’ve saved it for this year.

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