Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 38 – Collection Piece from Outer Space

Dogranio calls Destra to his throne room as Zamigo arrives with some interesting intel. Dogranio confirms Destra’s safes are empty.

Meanwhile, the Pats are having lunch at Jurer so Keiichiro can have a chance to grow closer to Kairi. But Kairi is not opening up at all. Noel arrives and decides to join the Pats, but they actually have to leave for a meeting back at HQ. Noel asks what it’s about, but they can’t say as it’s not under his jurisdiction.

The Lups notice the gap between Noel and the Pats has grown wider. They believe the Pats are on to Noel prioritizing the Lups more. Noel says he has had to take some drastic steps because they must do anything to collect the Pieces.

On the way back, the Pats get a call from Jim Carter about two Ganglers. They hurry off and find Gangler BFFs Janake Sousa and Iselob Starfried.

Janake uses his Collection Piece to control cars to try and run the Pats over. The Pats quickly morph as Iselob shoots tempura shrimp missiles at them.

Just then, Zamigo appears and asks Janake to come with. Iselob wants to know where Zamigo is taking his best bud, but Zamigo shoots him into an ice block.

Iselob’s ice block shatters as Zamigo and Janake leave. Later, Zamigo says he’s only following the boss’ orders regarding Janake’s Piece.

Back at HQ, Commander Hilltop and Jim Carter show the Pats what the meeting was about. The space station has captured video of Collection Piece Victory Striker. Kogure also has the same information for the Lups.

Victory Striker will be flying over the top of Mt. Yumihiku in two hours so they will be able to capture the Piece. Sakuya asks if they should tell Noel, but Keiichiro and Tsukasa are sure Noel is already aware.

The Lups morph as Noel tells them he’ll take care of the Pats who he knows are on their way.

The Lups hop into their Dial Fighters to meet Victory Striker. But Janake is able to control Victory Striker using his Collection Piece, allowing him to also shoot at the Lups.

Noel sees Janake and morphs. Destra arrives and says he will take care of Noel while Janake finishes his mission to gain control of Victory Striker.

Kairi is able to get into Victory Striker’s cockpit, but Janake is still able to control it. Noel is struggling against Destra, even if he switchmorphs to PatRan X. Noel is forced to demorph.

The Pats arrive and shoot at Destra, taking him on. They use Biker VS Vehicle and are able to shoot Destra back, but the impact forces them to demorph as well.

Sakuya and Tsukasa ask if Noel is alright. He is surprised that they are showing concern for him. Keiichiro says of course they would. Even if he is sketchy and suspicious and lurking about, not helping him is not an option. He is also someone that deserves to be protected.

“You are all such… amazing police officers,” Noel says. “Merci. I love you all.”

Destra gets up and says he will spare them if they leave now. But they don’t. Instead, they morph.

The four Pats take on Destra. As Tooma and Umika get thrown into the Victory Striker cockpit, Kairi gets an idea after seeing something flash on the screen.

Turns out there’s another VS Vehicle, Siren Striker, inside Victory Striker and Kairi pilots it to shoot at Janake who does not know which vehicle he should control. The distraction allows Noel to swipe Janake’s Collection Piece which now also allows Tooma and Umika to control Victory Striker.

The Pats and Noel finish off Janake’s first life. Goche arrives to embiggen Janake.

Destra summons a Goram as Janake shoots at Siren Striker. Tooma and Umika summon Splash and Magic. Good Striker arrives and Kairi shoots. They are able to combine into Siren LupinKaiser.

With their new toy, the Lups are able to finish Janake off for good. But the Goram is still attacking the Pats and Noel.

Good Striker says it’s Noel’s turn. He ejects the Siren VS Vehicle and tells Kairi to shoot it at Noel.

That gives Noel a super power up to become Super Lupin X. By himself, he is able to target and defeat the Goram with a Super Superieur Strike.

Back at Jurer, the Lups give Kogure the Piece. He tells them to use Victory Striker wisely as well. Noel meanwhile has Siren Striker, but only gives the Pats some treats which Keiichiro says doesn’t make up for him giving the Lups the Collection Piece again.

Tsukasa says if Noel is truly grateful, he should give them information. But Noel says that’s all classified.

Commander Hilltop asks for his treat box.

Episode Thoughts

Basically a toy introduction episode. (Which they did unwittingly work together to gain control of.) And the idea that the Pats turn a blind eye to Noel’s shadiness because they like him and they’re good cops who protect all peoples.

We’re already at Episode 38 and all of this stuff should’ve happened at least five episodes ago. And there’s no indication that the Lups and Pats are truly going to team up for good, if at all, until the final few episodes.

I think by this point, they’ve really lost any sense of emotional pay-off or big reveal moment. Especially as they continue to characterize the Pats are pushovers, sometimes foolish, but generally nice and noble heroes.

After all this time, even if the Pats do figure out the Lups’ true identities, it’ll have been too late. Sort of in a, “it’s been right in front of your faces this whole time”-type of deal. Instead of it being an example of them actually being good and intuitive cops, it’ll be a “What took you so long?” kind of moment instead. Which, of course, would be in line with the way the show’s written the Pats all season long anyway.

Again with Noel, we know he’s keeping a big secret. Even from the Lups. We saw a little more about his maybe struggling with that this episode. But all this is doing is really raising expectations for whatever that secret is. And honestly, it really better be something huge. (Same with Kogure’s secret.) Plus, hopefully there’s something up Commander Hilltop’s sleeve and Jim Carter’s too.

Otherwise, there’s not really a major conflict or surprise in store for this final stretch of the episodes.

Even Zamigo, who I have somehow loved even when he’s only on screen for five seconds every 10 episodes, is showing signs of an uninteresting conclusion as well. They’re hyping a “climactic battle” next episode for Zamigo? That’s actually pretty worrisome. Already? lol

Anyway, I very much enjoyed seeing the Lups (including Noel) struggling even just a little. It’s about time, you know. I did like the creative way that Janake can take the controls of a vehicle to tie in to the new toy.

But overall, it was another okay episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 38 – Collection Piece from Outer Space

  1. There will not Team Up easily even both team work together few times before (25,movies,32 and 37)
    Lupins want the cops stay away from steal The Collection and Keiichiro didn’t trust the theift unless they faces the real deals.

    So far it look like Keiichiro will learn Lupin’s true identities and the trust about Collections
    Since he doubt why Umika appear in the dream (17),only one in the team that know lupins true goal and wonder what would happen if all collection is gatherer(32), keep an eyes on Kairi (37)

    about Noel’s From Scan (idk ? its true or not)
    Noel’s “important person” was not extinquished by Zamigo, and can’t be restored until all of the collection is gathered.

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