Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 48 – To the World of Love and Peace

Build 48

It was fun while it lasted, but Evolto says it’s time to say Goodbye. He henshins and changes the playing field. Still in pain, Gentoku stands and puts his jacket on. They’ve put their lives on the line and they won’t give up now. He, Sento and Ryuga henshin.

Build 48

They battle. Evolto has an easy time swatting the three of them away. Sento charges at Evolto.

Ryuga picks up the Hazard Trigger which has fallen to the ground and remembers his conversation with Sento from last night. Sento explained that they needed to place the 10 Lost Bottles into the White Panel to save the world. And only Ryuga can do it since he still has Evolto’s genes.

“So no matter what happens, you have to survive,” Sento says. “Even if your comrades die.”

Ryuga locks in the Hazard Trigger and prepares a Volcanic Attack at Evolto. Ryuga is able to knock Evolto further and further back. Evolto is amused Ryuga has managed to grow again. But Evolto says his human feelings allowed him to grow as well. He punches Ryuga and he goes flying back.

Build 48

Gentoku charges at Evolto now. Evolto notes Gentoku has already reached his limit and he slaps him back. The glowing purple specks begin to emerge from Gentoku’s body.

Before Evolto can finish Gentoku for good, Sento comes charging at him again. Evolto says the Rider System was created to resurrect him and an imitation Evol Driver will never be able to defeat him.

Build 48

Evolto picks up the final two Lost Bottles and inserts them into the Black Panel. He inserts the Panel into his body and he evolves back into his ultimate form. That allows him to open a black hole in space and he zooms up to watch the moon get sucked in while that allows him to absorb all of the moon’s energy.

Evolto forces Sento and Ryuga to dehenshin as he begins the final process of Earth’s destruction. The largest black hole ever opens and begins to suck Earth into the abyss. The people of Tokyo are in a panic,

Evolto laughs at them.

Build 48

Misora tries to ask for Vernage’s help. Evolto says that’s so boring. He shoots at Misora, but Gentoku jumps in front and absorbs the attack himself.

Build 48

Gentoku musters up all the power and energy he has left as he charges toward Evolto. Gentoku remembers a moment he had with Kazumi last night. Kazumi had asked Gentoku to become a politician once the country was back together again. Gentoku still feels guilty for everything he’s done.

Kazumi says Gentoku has atoned enough. And for what it’s worth, “I’ve forgiven you. You’re different from before. You’ll make a fine successor to your father now.”

Gentoku knows how he can protect the future of the country. He does everything he can to destroy the Evol Trigger. He gets some hits in, but Evolto delivers a huge uppercut that cracks Gentoku’s helmet.

Build 48

Gentoku will not give up, even if it means he fights until his last breath. He continues attacking the Evol Trigger. The others watch in horror as Evolto also continues beating Gentoku down.

Build 48
Build 48 Build 48

Gentoku’s vision starts to blur. But he hears the screams of the remaining people of Japan. They are looking up at the sky as the black hole gets closer and closer to Earth. But they are screaming. Screaming for the Kamen Riders and cheering them on.

Gentoku hears the cheers and encouragement and prayers. He takes that final bit of encouragement to raise his Hazard Level and continue taking on Evolto. Evolto does not understand how that is possible.

Gentoku address his father. He remembers his father’s words about the people being the ones that make a country. He now accepts the sacrifice he will make for those people and the good of the country.

Gentoku prepares a Crack Up Finish and leaps up for the kick. Evolto tries to block it, but Gentoku is able to kick right at the Evol Trigger.

Evolto knocks Gentoku back and he slams against the concrete pillar. He is forced to dehenshin.

“I leave the rest to you… Kiryu… Sento.”

Build 48

Gentoku begins reaching out for his father as the final purple lights go out and he is gone.

Build 48

Sento, Ryuga, Misora and Sawa are distraught. But they too hear the cheers and prayers of the last remaining people of Japan.

Build 48

Sento and Ryuga struggle to get themselves up. Evolto assumes they’re using their anger to raise their Hazard Level. But Sento says the Rider System does not get stronger by anger or hate. The people’s hopes are what give them power.

Sento and Ryuga henshin.

Evolto is still confident in his victory. But he suddenly stops. Gentoku was able to damage the Evol Trigger!

Build 48

Sento delivers a Genius Finish at Evolto. The Black Panel emerges from Evolto’s chest and Sento screams over to Ryuga. Ryuga takes the White Panel and slams it against the Black Panel.

The energy blows Ryuga back and Sento swoops in to break the connection between Evolto and the Panels for good.

The Black Panel disappears and the Lost Bottles are now on the White Panel.

Build 48

Misora grabs Pandora’s Box and runs to the center. Sento grabs the White Panel and hurries over to slam it onto the Box.

The Genius Bottle seems to fuse with the new energy that shoots up from the Box.

The energy shoots into the black hole and it connects… to another Earth!

Build 48

The Skywall-less Earth emerges into view, getting pulled in closer toward their Earth.

With the Genius Bottle now empty, Sento downhenshins to Tank Tank.

Suddenly, in the middle of the connection between the two Earths, a fiery hole opens. Evolto is confused. Sento explains they will create a new world without Evolto by fusing these two Earths together. That’s what Papa Katsu wanted!

Sento says all that’s left is to throw Evolto into that fiery opening with Evolto’s energy used to complete the new world. Sento prepares to grab Evolto, but Ryuga stops him and grabs his bottles. Sento is forced to dehenshin.

Build 48

Ryuga pushes Sento to the ground.

“I have Evolto’s genes too,” Ryuga says. “It’s best that I disappear together with him.”

Ryuga grabs Evolto.

Build 48

“Sento,” Ryuga says, “Thank you!”

Build 48 Build 48

Sento, Misora and Sawa watch in horror, again…

Build 48

…as Ryuga rockets up into space with Evolto and right into the red fiery hole.

Build 48

Episode Thoughts

Welp. That just about wrecked me. I’ve haven’t been 100% onboard with how the show went about Evolto’s emergence starting in the 30s. It all felt a little contrived and almost felt like dragging down what had up to that point been a very solid, if not great season.

But ever since that Final Night of Our Lives BBQ two episodes ago, Build has really been pitch perfect. They may not be hitting every detail right on the mark, but the overall feel and emotion of everything that’s going on (and there’s a lot going on!) just works.

I felt the emotions of that BBQ. I felt Kazumi’s death even though I was completely spoiled the week prior. I felt Gentoku’s death even though they showed it in the preview last week. And I certainly felt Ryuga’s “Thank you” to Sento before he grabbed Evolto to go die in a fiery hole.

I may or may not have teared up at several points of the episode.

Aww, who am I kidding. MaGMCMs everywhere!

I have to keep commending how I really do believe the characters have been so well written this season. Not perfect, of course. But the characters and their relationships with each other really have been the strength of this season. And the strongest that aspect has been for a Kamen Rider season in a long time.

It was great to go back to last night. Showing us Sento and Ryuga’s confession of love for each other secret conversation and the Kazumi-Gentoku convo we never even knew existed. It puts a lot more meaning in what had already been a great night and great moment for the Gang. And obviously that night will resonate for a long time.

This episode just felt like a big grand event. It had a truly epic scale and feel. Grand, epic scale. You want to feel that in a finale. And again, I don’t know if I’ve really felt that recently. These episodes really have packed the emotional punch. That sad, sentimental grief kind of emotion that we actually see these characters feel for their friends. And a real sense of danger and excitement.

Excellent decision to have Sento and Ryuga dehenshined for Gentoku’s ultimate sacrifice so we got to actually see Atsuhiro Inukai and Eiji Akaso in that moment. Along with Kaho Takada (Misora) and Yukari Taki (Sawa) of course. Actually seeing their faces as they watched Gentoku give his life like that was so powerful.

And we got a broken helmet too! Always great.

Just like Kazumi last week and even Nariaki’s, Gen-san’s death was also very fitting for his character and how he developed over the course of the season. Referring back to Papa PM’s words to him and Gentoku accepting that he really can make a difference helped to make the entire sequence work. It gave meaning to his sacrifice. It illustrated his sincerity. From the last night flashback to his life flashing before his eyes, it was just so good. How else can you describe it.

Then the screams of the people. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a crowd scene as effective as this one. I think just because the rest of the episode already gets you in that emotional state, a crowd scene like that, people afraid, but still hopeful and rooting for our heroes. OMG, I’m tearing up just typing this out. lol

When you realize these might be the last people left in Japan (the world?!), it makes it even crazier and that much more uplifting? Hopeful. You want to cheer the Kamen Riders on too.

Build 48

The use of shadows during that entire sequence was amazing as well. First Gentoku’s kick at Evolto with the shadow twisting around in the back. And Gentoku already dehenshined, but his shadow being that of Rogue as he fades away. Chills!

I could’ve done without Sento mentioning Papa Katsu at the moment. He may have researched the smashing worlds together. But he’s felt so inconsequential otherwise. And especially compared to everything else that’s happened since Papa Katsu faded away too.

Finally, the truly shocking moment of the episode: Ryuga also sacrificing his life. Now that’s definitely the moment I was not expecting at all. Maybe in the final final episode. But not here. Though it was certainly the perfect cliffhanger.

First, the moment Ryuga stops Sento and shoves him to the ground and then the realization of what Ryuga was actually trying to do.

Now, it’s been a season of joking about the bromance. But Sento and Ryuga’s relationship, of all the relationships this season, has been the best and maybe most important. They both changed each other for the better, helped each other grow and be where they needed to be. And I don’t think Ryuga would have given his life like this if not for Sento and the huge positive impact he’s had in his life this last year. Vice versa as well.

I would’ve wanted a little more dramatic and emotional goodbye between them. But considering the shock of it all and just a few minutes after losing Gen-san, it’s pretty understandable that the shock takes over instead of a prolonged, emotional goodbye.

I mean, the “Thank you” was still a pretty big gut punch obviously. And disregarding what may or may not happen next week, that Ryuga just goes like that will certainly leave Sento, Misora and Sawa in a horrible emotional place. Though I doubt they’ll have time for that in the final 22 minutes of the season and what might happen.

Now again, there’s plenty of holes (not black holes, but plot holes and details lol) to nitpick if one wants. But everything else has been just so good and effective. I’m more willing to forgive those holes and other details.

And this episode was really just amazing. I really, truly loved it. And this was definitely what I had hoped for as our final episodes, and then some.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 48 – To the World of Love and Peace

  1. I was never a fan of the whole “final monster form” concept for KR villains but I got to say I actually love Evolt’s final form. The design is just good as a whole (and hey, it wasn’t just a recolored suit). Of course, the fact that I love Evolt’s character in general adds to that.

    And man, I just love those wide angle and drone shots that added to the epic scale of the final battle. And while Japanese toku CGI is far from being “Hollywood-grade”, I do like how they pulled off the space shots, like the black hole part. It was definitely a step up from Kyuranger’s. On a totally unrelated note, this reminded me of how local show Bagani also managed to pull off some impressive large-scale CGI scenes during its finale week.

    But yeah, the highlight of this ep isare the sacrifices of Gentoku and and Banjou. I loved that shadow scene too. It’s just so symbolic of how much Gentoku has embraced his identity as KR Rogue, considering how it was just a way for him to obtain more power for his plans.

    1. Yeah. Just so much great stuff all around. Writing to directing to the acting. Really well executed. I have high expectations for the finale! lol Can’t wait to see it.

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