Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 10 – “It’s not over yet.”

Kairi is upset at Tooma and Umika’s big fail. He grabs Tooma by the collar. Umika apologizes, but Kairi says it’s over. He leaves the bistro.

On his way home, Keiichiro spots Kairi on a pedestrian bridge and notices he doesn’t look like his usual happy self. Keiichiro offers his coffee and tries to ask what’s wrong. Kairi wants nothing to do with Keiichiro… until Keiichiro talks about the funny looking, ice-eating man.

Kairi demands Keiichiro tell him where he saw the man.

Next day, Umika tries to search for Brez’s pieces so they can try to glue them back together. But it doesn’t work that way. Umika says Goche is able to fix the Ganglers whenever they die. Tooma realizes Goche never popped up to embiggen Brez, so many things aren’t over yet.

Kairi looks for Zamigo in the location Keiichiro says. He overhears a group of high school students who talk about a strange ice-eating man.

Over at GSPO JHQ, Umika surprises Sakuya outside and plants the seeds of the unique circumstances surrounding Brez yesterday. Sakuya brings it up with the others. Tsukasa says that’s been bothering her since yesterday too. The Pats decide Brez is still alive. Jim Carter looks through surveillance footage (which they still haven’t done for the kaitous).

Kairi heads into a factory and finds Zamigo just chillin in a lawn chair enjoying some ice. He confronts Zamigo about what happened a year ago, but Zamigo just laughs. Kairi tries to shoot at Zamigo, but Zamigo is too quick.

Zamigo says making people disappear is easy. He transforms into his Gangler form.

The Pats catch up with Brez right outside the factory Zamigo and Kairi are in. They morph and take their battle inside, interrupting the standoff between Kairi and Zamigo. Umika and Tooma pop in too, having followed the Pats to lead them to Brez.

Zamigo laughs at everyone being gathered here. Kairi, Tooma and Umika hide up on the catwalk. Kairi tells them about Zamigo and how their loved ones could be revived if he is destroyed. Kairi wants them to leave Zamigo to him. Tooma doesn’t want to agree, but Umika says it’s fine. They’re all in this together.

They morph.

Kairi faces Zamigo once again as Tooma and Umika head outside to get to Brez before he is really destroyed by the Pats. Brez is able to clone himself and allow him to survive. Tooma and Umika are able to tie him up and retrieve his Collection piece before the Pats finish him off.

Naria Goche appears and embiggens Brez.

Inside, Kairi and Zamigo are still battling. Kairi makes sure not to get frozen or he’s dead. Kairi is able to draw Zamigo outside. Zamigo shoots his ice, but Kairi pulls out Scissors and it is able to shield him from the ice.

Kairi uses Scissors and Blade to attack Zamigo, but he can quickly regenerate any chopped off limb. Zamigo Derma introduces himself before disappearing in a flurry of ice.

Tooma and Umika find Kairi. Good Striker pops in so they can hop into LupinKaiser. Brez duplicates himself into 100. The Lups decide to use Scissors and Blade to form LupinKaiser Knight. That officially helps finish off Brez for good.

Back at the bistro, Kogure collects the latest retrieved peace. Umika wants to ask about Zamigo, but the boys stop her. After Kogure leaves, Keiichiro walks in ands asks for a cup of coffee first.

Kairi asks if Kei-chan was checking up on him. Of course not Keiichiro says.

Either way Keiichiro is happy to see Kairi happier than yesterday.

Episode Thoughts

An okay, if predictable episode. The most interesting and most enjoyable part was the extended introduction to Zamigo, who seems pretty awesome already from what we’ve seen of him. I definitely hope he becomes a major character of the season.
But let’s back up to the reason he pops up this episode. And that is the Lups feeling distraught that their chance at bringing their loved ones back from the dead is, well dead. I mentioned last week how I really didn’t feel sad for them mainly because I know that obviously it wasn’t going to be the end of their hopes. But the very obvious idea that Brez wasn’t actually destroyed. And that’s how it turned out.

But like I also put it out last week the Lups haven’t really endeared themselves enough that them sulking and being sad and distraught feels very hollow instead of emotional.

So the Lups get their way again this episode which is definitely not a surprise. Like, the Pats were the ones who destroyed Brez, but then they just disappeared afterwards and of course it’s the Lups who get to their mecha featured instead.

Next week looks like a focus up for the Pats. Which I would be very excited for if not for the fact that I know the Lups are probably going to find a way to steal (get it?) the spotlight from them anyway.

But for this week, it was an okay episode. Very predictable but Zamigo helped keep it interesting. It also keeps me hopeful moving forward.

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