Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (2) 22 – “I’m glad you came clean.”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (2) 22 – Moment of Truth

Deceptron is the next Galaxy Warriors player. He gets power from people’s lies to charge up his bolt blaster. And Calvin has just lied about remembering his anniversary with Hayley.

Deceptron jumps out of the bushes and shoots a bolt on Hayley’s Ninja Star, preventing her to morph. Deceptron decides to stick with Calvin since he’s on a “lying streak.”

Mick can’t saw the bolt off and the Rangers are afraid of being weaker with one less Ranger. Anyway, Hayley has her anniversary dinner with Calvin to get excited about.

Preston takes Calvin aside and tells him to come clean about forgetting. But Calvin asks Preston to come help him buy an awesome present while the others figure out how to fix the Ninja Star. They excuse themselves, but the Romero Bros decide to invite themselves to come with.

The Romero Bros want to know what Calvin got Hayley, but neither he nor Preston has an honest answer. Deceptron takes in the lying energy and has charged up his blaster.

They morph and call Sarah who promises to be there “wheelie fast.” But Deceptron bolts Preston and Levi’s Power Stars before she arrives.

Sarah shoots at him and Deceptron leaves.

They hurry back to the command lab.

Brody remembers Deceptron talking about lies powering up his blaster. Hayley says that’s impossible. None of them lie. Calvin decides to come clean. Hayley says she understands he’s forgetful and greasy. But it would’ve been better if Calvin had just told the truth from the beginning. He apologizes and they hug.

The bolts disappear from the Stars. Telling the truth is awesome!

Deceptron appears downtown. They hurry off and Mick gets to working on creating more Zord Stars.

Meanwhile, Victor can’t see with his cool new glasses and he unknowingly causes trouble everywhere he goes. Monty lies to him that everything’s fine. Deceptron is able to gather more lying energy and his blaster has recharged.

The Rangers arrive as Victor falls into the fountain. They morph.

Deceptron summons Basher Bots and the Rangers take care of them. Brody goes Lion Fire, but Deceptron fires a bolt at him. He tries to hold on. Calvin uses a Ninja Water Attack and that reflects the bolt blast back at Deceptron.

Sarah is able to destroy the blaster and Brody, Calvin and Sarah deliver a finisher at Deceptron.

The Galaxy Warriors audience approves a Gigantify. Mick and Redbot sends them the new Zord Stars and they hop into Lion Fire Megazord, Bull Rider Megazord and Ninja Steel Megazord.

But Preston, Sarah, Calvin and Hayley don’t have their Ninja Master Mode Stars. That’s okay because they have new Stars. A new mode! Levi gets one too.

They lock in their Super Ninja Steel Mode Stars and upmorph to Ninja Super Steel Mode, enabling them to control the Megazords.

The Rangers combine into Ninja Ultrazord and finish off Deceptron for good with a new Ninja Super Steel Blaster Super Ninja Star Blaster.

Later, Calvin and Hayley have their anniversary dinner at the school Snack Stop. Calvin says he still feels bad about not getting a gift so he made her a calendar with pictures of them. Two actually, one for each of them. And for his, he has their September 24 anniversary date circled.

*insert Victor & Monty shenanigans*

Episode Thoughts

Hmm… well, it was alright. It was kind of a half-hearted “Don’t lie” sort of story/episode. Creative enough to have lies power up Deceptron’s blaster. But overall, it was a pretty run-of-the-mill filler episode.

I assume they could’ve easily tossed the bolted Stars into the Prism who would’ve spit them back out good as new. That way we wouldn’t have had to suffer through Mick’s random, out of place pickle joke.

I mean, I do like that Calvin and Hayley continue to be a regular, normal teenage couple doing teenage couple-y things. But the episode just felt half-hearted.

They missed a pretty cool opportunity too to have Victor learn of their identities when he fell into the fountain just as the Rangers arrived and morphed. Working with the glasses making him blind, I half-expected him to confront them at the end and the Rangers ending up having to lie to him and say they aren’t Rangers. lol

Anyway, this sort of bothers me. But at the same time not. But the “Super Ninja” and “Ninja Super” flip-flopping is pretty annoying. Like, seriously. It’s pretty noticeable whenever they interchange those two simple words. And now I’m like listening to every instance they do it.

How about when the new blaster popped up. Calvin calls it a “Ninja Super Steel Blaster” and Sarah, 2 seconds later, calls it a “Super Ninja Star Blaster.” WTF?!

I remember first seeing the new Ninja Super Steel Modes in pictures and I was confused and weirded out. The outline in the visors looked odd to me. I get why Saban and Bandai do it (for extra toys), but this time it looks meh.

And again, they used “Super Ninja Steel Mode Stars” to upmorph to “Ninja Super Steel Mode.”


Overall, an okay episode. I was just expecting a little more for episode 2 I guess.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (2) 22 – “I’m glad you came clean.”

  1. Even if this was a filler episode. It’s always good to see more about Calvin & Hayley as a couple. I don’t mind seeing more episodes with them.

      1. I love Calivn and Hayley relationship as well they’ve reminded me of Andros and Ashley relationship. I also loved Preston and Sarah together as well they looked wonderful together I sure hope that they get together.

  2. I love the chemistry and moments of Preston and Sarah together. I would love to see more moments with these two together instead of her and Brody. I sure hope that Preston and Sarah get together in the new seasons and episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

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