Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 12 – “We’re inside that darned hat!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 12 – Family Fusion

Aiden lures Ripcon to a warehouse to discuss working together in order to kill the Rangers. He asks Ripcon to create a distraction so he can find the Rangers’ base. Ripcon agrees to the plan, but warns Aiden not to tell anyone as there are traitors lurking about. He leaves. Madame Odius pops in, happy their plan is going well.

Meanwhile, the high school is preparing for a talent show tonight. Brody and Aiden are going to sing a song their father taught them when they were little. Victor needs to find a new act since he isn’t allowed to bring a bull to school. Monty points out Preston doing his magic and suggests they try that. Preston leaves his locker open when he, Sarah and Hayley hurry down to the command shop, allowing Victor and Monty to take Preston’s hat. But the hat eats Victor and Monty instead.

“We’re inside that darned hat!”

Inside the hat, they meet “one big bunny.”

Downtown, Ripcon starts rampaging. The others come to get Brody. Mick and Levi head back to the shop to finish the new Ninja Fusion Star. As the others head downtown, Aiden follows Mick and Levi and finds the secret door to the command shop.

While the others fight the Bashers, Brody and Ripcon battle. Back at the command shop, the Prism spits out the new Ninja Fusion Star, having combined all six ninja powers. Levi heads outside and tosses the Star into the air towards Brody.

Brody catches it, but Ripcon swats it away from him.

Aiden walks into the command shop and paralyzes Mick and Redbot. He takes the trophy with the Ninja Steel in it. But Levi arrives just in time.

Brody is able to grab the Ninja Fusion Star and he uses it. He is able to counter Ripcon’s attack, but Ripcon leaves.

The Rangers hurry back to the command shop just as Aiden tries shooting at Levi. Levi is able to block one shot which gets sent back at Aiden. When Aiden picks himself up, Levi is shocked to see he is actually a cyborg.

The others arrive as Aiden has Levi pinned down and ready to finish him off. Preston, Calvin, Sarah and Hayley quickly take out their frog blasters and shoot Aiden. Something gets transferred into Levi before Aiden literally explodes.

Up on the ship, Galvanax is upset with Ripcon for working behind his back. Ripcon is taken aback, realizing Madame Odius has set him up. Galvanax gives Ripcon one last chance. He tells Cosmo Royale to Gigantify Ripcon.

Ripcon is sent down to the city with two Skullgators. The Rangers hurry downtown and hop into the Ninja Steel and Bull Rider Megazords.

The Rangers appear to destroy the two Skullgators, but they only turn into Ripcon’s sword. Brody decides they should use the Ninja Fusion Star and that combines the two Megazords into the Ninja Fusion Zord.

They destroy Ripcon’s sword and the two Skullgators return. But the Rangers deliver a Master Slash which destroys the Skullgators and Ripcon for good.

Back at school, Preston is performing at the talent show. He is about to pull a rabbit out of his hat. But instead, Preston pulls out Monty who then pulls out Victor. Preston pulls out the rabbit which now terrifies Victor and Monty who run away. Levi leaves to get some air.

Preston introduces Brody who decides to go out and perform on his own, hoping to make his brother proud wherever he may be.

As Brody starts singing, Levi suddenly has memories come rushing back to him. Madame Odius had captured him when the Gold Power Star first popped up for him. She then stole his memories and installed them into the cyborgAiden.

Levi remembers singing the song with his father and Brody. He walks back to the talent show and begins singing the song with Brody. Levi says he remembers now. He is Brody’s brother. They hug.

Later, the Rangers, Mick and Redbot are in the forest around a campfire. Aiden explains that Madame Odius must have implanted false memories into him, which is why he couldn’t remember. But when he first went into hiding, he changed his name to Levi Weston and then his music caught on.

They decide to just keep calling him Levi instead of explaining the whole story to the school.

Everyone joins in the singing, affirming they are all family.

Episode Thoughts

Okay, the last two episodes haven’t been the smoothest with respect to the big revelation that “Aiden” was actually a Madame Odius creation and that Levi was actually the real one. But I’ll admit, that reunion scene on stage definitely worked. It hit all the right marks even though the lead up to that moment was a little bit all over the place.

Still, it was a nice twist overall. Predictable though. I would say it’s not on the same level as iMack or Doctor K is responsible for the end of the world-kind of twist. But it was fine.

Speaking of, the Venjix light in Aiden’s eyes and the sound effect sounded so much like when the Venjix virus was activated in all those hybrid people in the “End Game” episode of RPM lol

Ripcon kind of got a very unceremonious ending though. He definitely did not have the same level of importance in Brody’s development or character as Gabi Raizo did with Takaharu.

I guess though it was okay to help introduce the Ninja Fusion Megazord though.

And great to see Redbot back.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. The final scenes worked very well.

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