Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 5, Episode 10 – “Is that his butt or his head?”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 5, Episode 10 – They’re Crawling on You!


The penultimate Leg begins and teams will fly to Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario with $525 on their BMO CashBack Mastercard.

Once in Sault Ste. Marie, teams will choose a 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 and drive themselves to the Agawa Canyon tour train. Here, they will hop aboard for this Leg’s #150Challenge. Memorizing the descriptions of 14 Group of Seven paintings, teams must correctly match them to the paintings themselves within 30 minutes to receive their next clue.


Sam & Paul get lost, but just make it in time for the 12:03pm train.

Sam & Paul are the only ones to attempt it on the first train ride and get the thumbs up on their 2nd attempt, just before the train departs again for another trip.

They open the next clue which reveals the Detour: Alpac-it or I’ll Cast It.
In Alpact-It, teams must choose and halter two alpacas and guide them through an obstacle course within three minutes,
In I’ll Cast It, teams must hook three targets in the water.

Sam & Paul choose Alpac-It.


On the train, Kenneth & Ryan get the thumbs up on their first attempt after Karen & Bert fail their first. They correct the mistake and get it on their second. Korey & Ivana get two wrong on their first attempt, but they also correct their mistake and get the thumbs up on the next. They’re all off the train.

Meanwhile Sam & Paul finish the Detour and find out their next task is a Face Off.

For this Face Off, teams will play crokicurl, a combination of crokinole and curling.

Kenneth & Ryan head over to the alpacas while Karen & Bert and Korey & Ivana go fishing. Korey loves fishing and he and a quick learning Ivana are able to get in and finish quickly.


Korey & Ivana get to the ice arena and the Face Off with Sam & Paul begins. Sam & Paul are shocked to see Korey & Ivana, but are confident. However, even more shocking for them is when Ivana is able to hit a double, knocking two of Sam & Paul’s rocks out and taking the last minute win.

Korey & Ivana can now head to the Road Block: Who’s counting on their partner?

For this Road Block, the team member not performing this Road Block will insert their head in a box where four different species of cockroaches will be dumped on their head. The team member performing the Road Block must then count and identify each species.

Ivana decides to do it.


Back at the Face Off, Karen & Bert arrive and Karen is able to knock out a double as well to bring the score to a tie. But Sam & Paul win it in the end. Sam decides to do the Road Block.

Sam & Paul and Kenneth & Ryan Face Off and Kenneth & Ryan immediately get a 20 in the center. Last rock and Karen knocks Kenneth & Ryan’s rock into the center, giving them the 40-10 win. Karen & Bert must now wait out a penalty.

At the Road Block, Ivana fails two attempts. But Sam is able to get the correct numbers and they can leave for the Pit Stop on Topsail Island. Sam & Paul take another first and win a trip to Cape Town, South Africa.


Ivana is struggling. She has made several attempts and all have been incorrect. She FINALLY! gets it after more than hour. Bert begs Korey & Ivana to tell Karen the answers, but they have already left.

Korey & Ivana step on the Mat and check in as Team #2.

It’s down to the last two teams. Bert is freaking out, Karen is growing frustrated. And Kenneth & Ryan get the correct answers after a few attempts. They secure their spot in the Final Leg.

Karen finally gets the correct answer. Bert is relieved to finally be out of the box. They are in tears as they hop back into their 2017 Chevy Colorados. But they are last on the Mat and are eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

So this was a solid Leg. Certainly better than, at the very least, one Penultimate Leg of the past that should never be mentioned ever. Yuck.

Anyway. The first task on the train was fine. It felt a little like we’ve seen the same task a few times already this season. But the time aspect made it very perilous for a team who might not get it immediately. I would’ve liked the Face Off after this to balance that instead.

Speaking of, what is TAR Canada’s obsession with a Penultimate Leg Face Off? It makes no sense. Completely unnecessary. Crokicurl was okay and it wasn’t the worst Face Off ever, but it should really have been in an earlier Leg.

The Detour was fine as well. Both simple, straightforward tasks. Kenneth & Ryan’s alpacas are great though. Those are the kinds of animals you want to see on the Race. Animals who don’t cooperate lol And the kids’ reactions were hilarious.

TAR Canada has some interesting final penultimate Leg tasks. Last year’s smelling task and now counting?! Very atypical. It was an okay task. I don’t know if it was the best one to have at the end the Penultimate Leg. Maybe only because I would hate to miss out on the Final Leg because I can’t count.

For Karen & Bert though, they were just already in last and couldn’t catch up.

But overall, this Leg was just okay. Not horrible.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Phew! I was so afraid for Korey & Ivana. After the amazing last shot Ivana had at the Face Off and then her struggling at the Road Block, I was so worried. Lol But thankfully they’ve made it into the Final Leg. I’m definitely rooting for them all the way. They’ve really become one of my favorite TAR Canada teams.

Sad for Karen & Bert. I was just hoping Bert didn’t actually quit at the Road Block. Or, at least, ask Karen to quit. They instead fought to the end. And without the Face Off, who knows how things would have turned out. Still, they Raced well. And I would have loved to have seen them in the finale.

Still meh on Sam & Paul especially now that they’ve been set up as some invincible team. Either they go on to win which would be predictable and kinda boring. Or they somehow mess up in the Final Leg. Either way, it would be a moderately safe bet that they end up winning. Meh.

Kenneth & Ryan have probably been the next most consistent, despite finishing towards the back many Legs. If there were no Sam & Paul, Kenneth & Ryan would probably be the team that would seem invincible. Not really rooting for them to win, but I wouldn’t be too excited if they did. Which would be the same as the last four seasons so that wouldn’t be a surprise. lol

Episode Quotes

Korey: “I’m a bass master caster.”

Ivana: “Is that his butt or his head?”

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