Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 8 – Revival! GigaBragigas!

Dino Force Brave 8

Juhyeok is on a rooftop thinking about how time is running out before the truth about the Dragon King’s power is revealed.

Down in the Spirit Base, Torin tells the Rangers he needs to communicate with GigaBragigas who is under the seal of Jinarik. The seal can only be undone once Jinarik Is dead. Juyong says they can do it as long as they have their Brave.

As the Rangers head to GigaBragigas’ location, Deizarus reminds Raimein of the plan to possibly draw the Dragon King’s power out of Juhyeok by torturing him.

Dino Force Brave 8

Luckyuro calls the Rangers to tell them that GigaBragigas is 400 meters under a mountain. Juyong uses a Dino Cell to power up his body, enough to punch a huge cave opening in the side of the mountain.

Before they can walk in, Juhyeok jumps down to stop them. He will not allow them to revive GigaBragigas and tells them to butt out of his fight with NeoDeboth. Juyong says he still believes Juhyeok is his hyung, but will not allow anyone to hurt his friends. If Juhyeok stands in their way, he will take him down.

Juhyeok tosses Juyong aside, but Hyeonjun grabs Juhyeok from the back and tells the others to hurry inside.

Dino Force Brave 8

Juhyeok and Hyeonjun fight. Juhyeok is surprised by Hyeonjun’s strength.

Hyeonjun asks why Juhyeok tried to stop them. Juhyeok says he was just trying to stop Juyong from getting in the way. Before he elaborates further, Raimein appears and attacks them. Hyeonjun offers to stop fighting each other for now so they can work together to take on Raimein. Juhyeok does not want his help, but Hyeonjun says he has a responsibility to get rid of Raimein too. They both morph.

Dino Force Brave 8

Inside the mountain, the others find Jinarik and GigaBragigas. They morph.

Raimein knocks Hyeonjun aside and turns his attention to Juhyeok delivering a strong thunder power attack at him. Juhyeok says he can face anything as long as he’s got his Brave. Hyeonjun remembers that’s exactly what Juyong always says.

Ramein intensifies his attack and Juhyeok doesn’t seem to be able to take anymore. He is forced to demorph, but Hyeonjun gets up and steps in front of the attack.

What are you doing?! Juhyeok asks. Hyeonjun says he just felt he had to protect him for some reason. He knocks Juhyeok aside and takes even more of Ramein’s attack. Juhyeok says he has no choice. Something inside of him powers up, the mark on his neck glows. He runs over, steps in front of Hyeonjun and sends the attack right back at Ramein. Torin senses a great power.

“So this is the Dragon King’s power?!” Ramein says as he leaves.

Dino Force Brave 8

Juhyeok tells they should go to the others since he has to repay Hyeonjun for saving his life. They find them and morph.

After a roll call, the Rangers work together to take on Ramein. They appear to defeat him, releasing GigaBragigas. But Ramein is still alive and activates something in GigaBragigas which forces it to attack the Rangers. It begins to storm through the city.

Dino Force Brave 8

Episode Thoughts

So this was the Hyeonjun-focus ep I guess. We know he is a police officer with superhuman strength (I think that was only mentioned like once before?). Early in the ep, he mentioned how Juyong is a reckless, “punch now, ask questions later” kind of guy. And as a cop, he’s the opposite. He’s more a by the books kind of guy. That certainly was not the case when he jumped in front of Ramein’s attack to help and save Juhyeok whom he’s been suspicious of since he first showed up.

While there’s that “Oh, the Dragon King’s power called out to him” possibility, I’m more on thinking Hyeonjun just became more open to being “reckless” or listening to his heart instead of overthinking things. He felt something in Juhyeok with relation to Juyong, so he felt the urge to help him.

Character growth!

Of course, this would have been much more developed in a full series. ????

Anyway, I hope there’s nice twist with the Dragon King power. Only a few episodes left so we’re wrapping up already. But Sentai seasons usually throw in a big twist at the end. Should be interesting to see how this one ends.

Also, I liked seeing that little, very little, unmorphed tussle between Juhyeok and the Rangers. Considering they’re all idol stars, I guess I kind of expected maybe a few more unmorphed fights since they’d probably handle choreography well. Though I guess fight choreography is different from dancing?

Anyway…another enjoyable episode.

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