Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 16 – Stinger’s Reunion with His Brother

Kyuranger 16

Stinger cannot believe he is in front of his aniki. He asks why the hell he looks the way he does and Scorpio says it’s proof that he has gained power. Champ, finally coming face to face with Doctor Anton’s murderer, initiates their morph.

But as Champ charges toward Scorpio, Stinger stays back. Madakko pops out of a wall and engages Champ while Scorpio approaches Stinger. They face off. Scorpio points out his little crybaby brother has improved since last.

Stinger demands Scorpio explain why he betrayed their people and allowed their genocide. Scorpio says he couldn’t tell him back then. He suddenly stings Madakko in the chest and she collapses to the floor, losing consciousness. The alarm sounds and Scorpio says there’s no time to explain now.

Scorpio tosses Stinger some coordinates of a location where they can meet later to learn the whole truth. Stinger and Champ have to retreat instead of chase after Scorpio.

Madakko wakes up and wonders just what Scorpio is up to.

Kyuranger 16

The Ho Kyutama team is flying back to the Orion. Commander Ronpo updates them on Stinger and Champ’s situation.

Kyuranger 16

Champ is trying to understand Stinger’s hesitation about Scorpio. Stinger says his brother was all he had. Fine, Champ says. He agrees to go to the meeting point.

Before Scorpio leaves his headquarters, Madakko stops him, wanting to know just what Scorpio is really about. Scorpio says he wants to kill Don Armage.

Kyuranger 16

Stinger and Champ are at the location. Scorpio arrives and explains that he wanted to infiltrate Jark Matter and destroy it from the inside. But he admits that he was naïve. Jark Matter asked him to commit genocide before he could join them. Stinger can’t believe he would do that, but Scorpio says he had no choice. Even if he didn’t do it, Jark Matter would eventually. And he also wanted to save Stinger’s life in the process, at least.

Scorpio says he’s committed many sins, including killing Doctor Anton. Champ morphs and charges at Scorpio. Scorpio says Doctor Anton was with Jark Matter, but turned around. So it was Scorpio’s mission to kill the traitor.

Scorpio adds that he will pay for his sins with his life eventually, but only after he’s defeated Don Armage and saved the galaxy. Champ wants to have Scorpio pay for his sins right this minute. Stinger tries to hold Champ back, but Champ shoves him off. Suddenly, a Deathworm falls through the ceiling. It swats Stinger away and causes him to drop his brother’s necklace.

Kyuranger 16

Scorpio holds the Deathworm back before going over to Stinger. He picks up the necklace and tells Stinger they should go. Stinger looks back to Champ who is fighting the Deathworm. He hesitates, but ultimately decides to go with his brother.

Champ asks Commander Ronpo to send a Kyutama. Commander Ronpo asks Balance to pick one of five and he chooses Ushitsukai Kyutama. That gives Champ some extra Mooo power.

The Ho Kyutama team finally arrives on the Orion. Champ says he needs reinforcements immediately as Stinger’s in trouble. Lucky offers to go as does Commander Ronpo who also recruits Garu and Balance.

Kyuranger 16

Scorpio starts to whistle a tune and Stinger is brought back to the good ol’ times. Stinger happily sings a little bit to the song. Scorpio asks Stinger to join him in the fight to save the galaxy.

Stinger says he is a Kyuranger so he can’t join Aniki. Scorpio says he understands and is proud of him. But what brings them to Earth? Stinger explains the Argo Ship plan.

Just then, the Deathworm pops up from the ground. Stinger goes to morph, but Scorpio says it’s okay, they don’t need to fight. In the blink of an eye, Scorpio uses his tail to slap Stinger to the ground.

Stinger cannot believe it. Scorpio cackles his head off at Stinger having let his guard down so much that he spilled their huge secret. “You are so naïve. I tricked you!”

Kyuranger 16 Kyuranger 16

Scorpio takes his mask off to reveal an even more nasty face. Stinger’s view of his brother is completely shattered.

Lucky, Commander Ronpo, Balance and Garu meet Champ. Raptor gives them Stinger’s location. They hurry and go, but Madakko stops them. Champ’s suspicions that this was a trap are confirmed.

Flashback to Scorpio telling Madakko his endgame. He really does want to kill Don Armage. But that’s because he wants to take over as ruler of galaxy himself.

Stinger is trying to make sense of all of this. But Scorpio says he doesn’t care how many innocent lives are lost, including his own brother, as long as he attains his goal of galaxy domination.

Kyuranger 16

Champ is incensed after Madakko’s revelation. Everyone morphs.

Garu and Commander Ronpo tell Champ and Lucky to go to Stinger who is being completely ravaged by Scorpio and the Deathworm. Champ charges at Scorpio who orders the Deathworm to embiggen.

Lucky calls the Orion and Raptor, Naga, Spada and Hammy hurry down to Earth in their Voyagers so they can form KyuRen-Oh.

Stinger and Champ are battling Scorpio who demands the Kyutamas so he can use the Argo Ship himself. Champ is surprised Scorpio knows about the Argo Ship. Scorpio says it was his little brother who told him.

Stinger charges toward his brother, but Scorpio hardens his leg and kicks the crap out of Champ and Stinger, forcing them to demorph.

Kyuranger 16

Balance and Garo use some clever tricks before they and Commander Ronpo send an All Star Crash at Madakko and the two Tsuyoindavers.

Madakko says even she doesn’t want to keep dying over and over again. She is saved this time by the two Tsuyoindavers and she leaves.

The others in KyuRen-Oh send a Super Galaxy at the Deathworm to finish it off.

Kyuranger 16

“How does it feel to be betrayed by your own brother?” Scorpio asks. “Does it vex you? Are you sad?”

Scorpio gets a kick out of seeing his brother suffering.

Stinger gets up and tells Champ that he was right. He really is too naïve.

The hell are you talking about? Champ says.

Stinger admits that he still believed his brother would never betray him because his brother is all he’s got. Stinger says he can’t stand this pain anymore and asks Scorpio to just kill him now. Scorpio is more than happy to oblige.

Kyuranger 16

Scorpio prepares a Rider Kick to kill his brother, but Champ gets up, runs over and knocks Stinger out of the way.

Kyuranger 16

It is Champ who absorbs the huge attack from Scorpio as he kicks a hole right through Champ’s heart.

Kyuranger 16 Kyuranger 16

The other Kyurangers arrive just as Champ collapses and explodes in a huge ball of fire.

Kyuranger 16

Stinger yells out and runs over to Champ as the others watch in horror.

Champ’s body parts are scattered all over as Stinger asks him why would he do such a thing. Why would he take the hit for him?!

“You fool! Don’t say you only have your brother. I’m here, aren’t I? Your partner.”

Champ says Stinger must continue his quest for revenge which he’ll be thankful for later.

The light in Champ’s eyes go out. Scorpio says out of respect for “that robot,” he will withdraw for the day.

Kyuranger 16

Back on the Orion, Balance analyzes Champ and says they don’t have the means to repair him here. Commander Ronpo says maybe Rebellion HQ can do something. Balance and Naga point out, however, that even if Champ is repaired, his memory might be lost from the attack and he would be a completely different person.

Kyuranger 16

Stinger turns to leave, but Raptor asks where he’s going. “It should be obvious!” Stinger screams, “To find Scorpio.”

Commander Ronpo says he has a different mission for him: to transport Champ to Rebellion HQ. Stinger yells back, but Commander Ronpo tells him to calm down. This happened to Champ because Stinger lost his head. “I want you to remember that.”

Kyuranger 16

Garu hands Stinger Champ’s Kyutama and says it’ll be fine. He’s sure Champ will be able to come back. So until then, leave everything else up to them. Lucky seconds the motion and says they should hurry and find the Ryukotsu Kyutama so they will be able to surprise Champ with it.

Kyuranger 16

Episode Thoughts

OMG WTF! What is this?! This is definitely not OKyu! Wow.
Needless to say, I was not expecting any of this. I am literally crying right now. What the hell. There’s only been one MaGMCM for me on Sentai since ToQger (the Ninninger finale with the whole Kyuuemon stuff).

I mentioned after an earlier episode that with so many “non-human” Rangers, someone’s bound to die (most likely one of the costumed characters of course). And I only realized this week that there are six “human” Rangers, a normal number despite the large team this season.

But even then, I was just absolutely shocked. What a moment. Just incredible, especially after an episode with some excellent writing.

At the start with the big confrontation between Scorpio and Stinger and Champ, I was all, “I know this is a kid’s toy commercial show, but yaass, let’s get into some deep sh*t!” And little did I know they were going to get into some deep sh*t at the end of the same damn episode. OMG.

Like seriously.

I can’t even put into words right now. I felt so many different emotions and had so many different hopes for future episodes while watching this one. Insane!

Some great acting from everyone, especially Yosuke Kishi. He did it all this episode. He even sang! Quite beautifully, I may add.

I would’ve completely accepted if Scorpio really did want to take Jark Matter out from the inside. Because that still would’ve brought about some moral dilemma with the fact that he allowed his people to be killed. That’s part of that “deep sh*t” I was looking forward to. But turning that whole thing on its head and that reveal of his full comments to Madakko was done perfectly. I definitely did not think about Scorpio actually wanting to rule the galaxy himself.

But a little after that initial scene, as soon as that “Meet me here later” came about, I just knew that something was fishy. I was totally ready to have the Stinger-Champ relationship strained because of Stinger siding with his brother. That too would’ve been awesome story. But certainly, things went a whole other direction and they hit all their marks with it.

Champ sacrificing himself for Stinger was really beautiful. They couldn’t have done those scenes any better. I think they really led up to that moment so well. I did wish we got to see more of the Odd Couple dynamic beforehand, but I think they laid enough foundation for that moment where Stinger runs over to Champ’s mangled body to just work. It worked. No question.

Stinger has felt very alone. Similar to how Garu did. How couldn’t they? They are the lone survivors of their own people. This is definitely a point I didn’t think about, but fits perfectly with the basic premise of this season. So Champ basically reminding Stinger that he actually is not alone was pitch perfect.

I loved that final battle sequence where everyone freakin’ deployed. Right? Just everyone out there, fighting, battling. Giving it their all against different opponents. And the drone shots and special effects.

I thought it was awesome to have everyone involved again. But once again, little did I know it was merely to get everyone down on Earth to watch Champ’s murder in person. Seeing it right in front of them. Damn.

Moving forward, I’m excited to see Kotaro’s reaction to Champ’s death. I hope Kotaro pops back up before they are able to rebuild Champ. Those scenes between Stinger and Kotaro should be great. And when Champ returns, I kinda want to see them not go the happy route. At least not yet. They rebuild Champ, but have a few episodes where he has lost his memory. He should eventually get his memory back, but having a shell of Champ would make for some great story.

Also, I assume Scorpio is not the big bad of the season or the final boss. So I am hoping, wishing for his ultimate demise to be at the hands of Stinger, Champ and Kotaro. And I do hope they don’t pull a big redemption arc with Scorpio. Especially not some “He was possessed” kind of deal. You’re kind of beyond redemption if you allow, or even commit the slaughter of your own people. Right? And yes, this is still a kids toy commercial show on Sunday mornings. lol

Elsewhere, I think Madakko is certainly going to survive for a long time. The show’s got to have at least one female villain.

Balance was at his most Balance-y this week. That was very fun seeing him and Garu messing around being badass there during that big battle sequence.

And I loved Commander Ronpo’s words to Stinger at the end. He’s definitely been a great leader while still being goofy and fun. And it was a nice way to really drive home the point about Stinger and his story.

It’s Episode 16 and I am just really enjoying Kyuranger so much. I really haven’t felt this excited about Sentai since ToQger. I liked Ninninger and was frustrated with Zyuohger, but Kyuranger has just been so much fun and exciting. Of anything toku related this 2017, whether Power Rangers (the series AND the movie), Kamen Rider and Sentai, I am enjoying Kyuranger the most. And with this episode, they revved up the drama and legit story as well. That’s a great recipe that I think even Spada would agree with.

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