Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 34 – Accomplished Rebirth!

Ex-Aid 34

Director Kagami can’t believe Hiiro would betray them all like this. Poppy thinks he must have some good reason and remembers Papa Dan has the Prototo Gashats with all the dead body datas in them. They all realize Hiiro must want to resurrect Saki.

Over at GENM, Hiiro wants Papa Dan to pay up. He did the work, now he wants to see his dead girlfriend.

Ex-Aid 34

Parado and Graphite pop into the CR to ask Kuroto who Gamedeus is. He doesn’t want to, so Poppy does. Gamedeus is the ultimate last boss who can only be beaten by Chronos. Parado says they can put it the other way around then: Gamedeus is the only one who can beat Chronos.

Getting the info they need, Parado and Graphite (with some cake) leave.

They get an emergency call and Emu and Asuna hurry out. They find someone infected with Gatton. Emu henshins to Maximum, but before he can take care of Gatton, Hiiro arrives to stop him.

Asuna, Taiga and Nico watch as Hiiro makes quick work of Emu, forcing him to dehenshin with a Taddle Critical Slash.

Ex-Aid 34

Hiiro grabs Emu’s Kiriya Driver. Emu begs him to give it back, but he doesn’t want to. Taiga confronts Hiiro about wanting to bring Saki back. Emu says he understands what Hiiro wants, but he cannot allow Hiiro to interfere with operations that will save lives.

“You call yourself a doctor?!”

Asuna says the Ministry will kick him out of the CR, or worse, revoke his medical license if they knew what he is doing. Emu reminds Hiiro of Saki’s last words: “Hiiro… become the best doctor in the world!”

Ex-Aid 34

Hiiro says now that he has a chance to see Saki again, he can no longer care about other people’s lives when he regrets what he’s done. Hiiro explains that he is the reason Saki disappeared five years ago due to stress from her not being able to spend time with him. He’s just been blinded by hate for Taiga to acknowledge that he was the real reason Saki died.

Hiiro says he wants to retrieve Saki’s smile. He walks away. Emu tries to run after him. Taiga stops him, but lets him go, though Hiiro is already far away.

Hiiro gives Papa Dan the Driver and demands he see Saki now.

Meanwhile, Parado and Graphite find Gamedeus’ data and are able to retrieve some of the virus. They leave Chronicle and Graphite offers to use his body to cultivate the virus. Since he is complete, he’ll be able to handle it. Graphite says since Parado was able to complete Chronicle on his own, he wants to do his part as well.

Ex-Aid 34

Graphite injects himself with the virus and immediately feels the power of Gamedeus.

At the CR, Poppy asks Kuroto to let Emu borrow his Driver. But Kuroto is busy working on a Gashat that can counter Chronos.

On the rooftop, Parado and Graphite appear to Emu to offer to help defeat Hiiro. But Emu says they don’t understand anything. Graphite says he does. He has Saki’s memories, after all. He knows Hiiro is just a pathetic man clinging to the spirit of his dead girlfriend.

Parado says Emu only has two choices, save either the patient or Hiiro. Graphite leaves, saying Emu is of no use.

Parado stays behind to offer they team up and work together to defeat “disgusting” Chronos.

Ex-Aid 34

Parado whispers in Emu’s ear that together, they would make a great couple an unstoppable pair.

Emu turns him down, so Parado says they’ll just defeat both Chronos and Brave then.

Emu returns to the CR to ask Kuroto if he can borrow his Driver. But Poppy hands Emu his old Driver, now repaired by Kuroto.

Ex-Aid 34

Nico asks Taiga why he didn’t stop Hiiro. Taiga answers that he has no right to criticize him since he still feels guilty about Saki’s death. He’d rather Hiiro hate him forever as atonement for his sin.

Papa Dan takes Hiiro to Parado’s old lair to show him the Proto Gashats, one of which of course holds Saki’s data. He explains that only Bugsters can enter the game world normally, but with Chronos, he can freely travel through the different worlds.

Ex-Aid 34
Ex-Aid 34

Papa Dan inserts the Gashat and materializes Saki. At least, some form of her that repeats her final words.

Hiiro wants to know how to return her to normal. Papa Dan says only through Chronos and if Hiiro wants him to do it, he must continue working for him. Hiiro wants to know if Papa Dan will hold up his end of the deal. Papa Dan says he does not lie.

To prove it to Hiiro, he takes another Proto Gashat and materializes another dead person.

Emu and Asuna find Gatton. But Papa Dan and Hiiro arrive as well. Hiiro will not let Emu defeat Gatton. Parado and Graphite arrive and offer to take care of Hiiro, but Emu tells them to stay out of this.

Ex-Aid 34
Ex-Aid 34

Emu reminds Hiiro that it was he who said they shouldn’t let personal feelings get in the way of treating their patients. He says the patient is suffering now.

Hiiro says Saki is also suffering.

If that’s the case, Emu says, then he has no choice. “I’ll cut you out exactly like you taught me to.”

They both henshin to their max levels and battle.

Parado and Graphite want to play with Papa Dan so they all henshin as well. Papa Dan makes it rain.

Emu is able to knock Hiiro down, but he directs his Critical Finish at Gatton.

Ex-Aid 34

Papa Dan is making quick work of Parado and Graphite. Graphite shoots the Gamedeus virus into Papa Dan’s Driver, making him unable to use Pause. Parado and Graphite think they’ve leveled the playing field, but someone pops out, shoots at them and then removes the virus.

Emu is shocked to see what’s happening, but before he can react some more, Papa Dan hits Pause and attacks him, Parado and Graphite, causing them all to dehenshin.

Papa Dan explains that Gamedeus’ virus was suppressed by Level 0… of Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo.

Ex-Aid 34

Episode Thoughts

I must still have a hangover from the gut punch that was Kyuranger 16 last Saturday because I feel like I should have been a little more shocked and wowed by this episode. It was still very good though as it definitely posed some interesting questions moving forward.

My first question though is How did Hiiro beat Maximum Emu? I know Emu let his guard down and wasn’t giving 100% and all, but still. Again, not following any toy or magazine spoiler stuff, so I will assume Emu gets one last ultimate power up before the end. =D

And I hope in the end, no one is truly brought back to life. Over these last couple of episodes coming up, I hope they realize that it is impossible. Especially them all being doctors. Bringing back “Kiriya” from the dead maybe might show that these things, whatever they are, that appear before them are just merely avatars or something just artificial and hollow.

I liked Graphite saying Hiiro was just clinging to his dead girlfriend. Seriously, after Ghost treated death so lightly, I’d like to see Ex-Aid treat death seriously. So that would mean no Takerus here. lol Having them accept death and move on would be amazing to see.

But that moral dilemma is very fascinating and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do or don’t tackle that as the final endgame, to be honest. I assume Parado and Graphite outlast Papa Dan. But I’m optimistic that our heroes this season are doctors for a reason beyond just having the villains be viruses (biological and technological!).

Much kudos to Seto Toshiki. His crying is amazing. I haven’t seen anyone cry like that on a toku in a long time. Like, those were legit tears. He definitely sold those scenes.

Overall, a very good episode. Looking forward to seeing what the new (old) arrival will bring in the next one.

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  1. Damn! Hiro got Mitsuzane’d there. I really like how that whole Saki plot really stayed relevant to his characterization all throughout. The only thing that would have that reveal of Hiro’s guilt even better was if they had fleshed out Taiga’s backstory a bit more, since it is intertwined with that. I think they already did with the Snipe mini-series but I kinda felt that it should have been here.

    This whole “revival arc” kinda reminds me of that “rescue arc” in Go-Busters where Hiromu and co. went all out to rescue their parents only to come to the realization that they were already dead all along.

    On a side note, I don’t know if you have noticed it, but there is some sort of weird static “hiss” whenever Emu speaks. I don’t if it’s just me or if it it actually has some plot relevance.

    1. Ooo. That’s a nice comparison. I would like it to go the same way here.

      And I haven’t noticed that about Emu. But I have wondered if them being Rider compatible and the surgery has or will affect them all in some way. Like, not completely human or something.

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