Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 3 – The Man from the Desert Planet

Kyuranger 3

On Planet Needle, the mysterious hooded man with the Kyutama is introduced as Stinger.

Meanwhile on the Orion, Champ sounds like he’s having a bowel movement, but he’s just having a bad dream. Lucky wakes him up. Hame laughs at Champ and the idea that robots can have dreams.

Kyuranger 3

Raptor walks in and introduces Commander Shou Ronbou. Yay. He says it’s his job to lead them on this mission and he brings along some fresh Kyutamas which he will teach them how to use.

In the meantime, he tells them about Planet Needle which he passed by on his way here. It has low levels of Planesium, the energy that maintains each planet. Jark Matter is sucking up Planesium from planets and when the planets run out of it, they’ll explode.

To prevent that from happening, they must destroy or disable the Jark Matter Moraimazu ship.

Lucky loves that they know what they have to do so they can just do it. Commander Ronbou sends them off.

Kyuranger 3

The Kyurangers arrive on Planet Needle and are immediately greeted by Indavers. They morph and make quick work of them.

Kyuranger 3

Stinger appears and approaches them. A tail suddenly pops out and he uses it to sting Balance, forcing him to demorph. Stinger warns them to beware of his poison. But when he reveals his face, Champ flashes back to the dream he’s been having.

Stinger uses his Kyutama to morph into Sasori Orange. Lucky tries to calm the situation by saying they are not enemies. But Stinger says for now, they are. Champ declares that he will avenge “the Doc” and charges at Stinger.

Lucky tries to stop them from fighting and the others jump in, but Champ wants them to let him be. That gives Stinger the opportunity to sting everyone except Lucky and Champ. Raptor tells them to retreat immediately. Lucky hops in his Voyager and scoops everyone up.

Having watched the whole thing, Eridron is intrigued by the fact that not all Kyurangers seem to be against Jark Matter.

Raptor finds the others are infected with a nerve toxin and says they might not have the equipment to treat them. Champ storms out in anger. Lucky goes to check on him.

Commander Ronbou doesn’t seem to be taking the situation seriously, much to Raptor’s annoyance.

Kyuranger 3

Lucky finds Champ in his room. Champ explains that Stinger murdered Doctor Anton, the man who created him. The Doctor wanted to fight Jark Matter so he taught Champ, a robot, how to have a human heart. The Doctor reminded Champ to never lose his heart in battle, otherwise he will merely be a machine.

But on the day of Champ defending his Robo Race Champion title, Doctor Anton was killed by Stinger.

Champ says he hears his Kyutama calling him to get his revenge, but Lucky asserts that Stinger is also a Kyuranger.

Eridron goes down to Planet Needle to personally meet Stinger. He asks why Stinger fights the Kyurangers and Stinger says he doesn’t need a reason to fight the worthy opponent.

Kyuranger 3

Eridron asks Stinger to serve him.

Raptor sees Champ flying out by himself and tells Lucky to bring him back. She looks to Commander Ronbou for guidance on what to do next, but he’s more concerned about catchphrases.

Champ comes face to face with Stinger and they both morph. They battle.

Stinger asks why Champ is after him. Champ tells him about Doctor Anton and Stinger remembers that night well. Stinger uses his tail to choke Champ and says while he will atone for his sin, he has no time to deal with Champ. Stinger tries to sting Champ, but Lucky kicks the tail out of the way.

Kyuranger 3

Lucky tells Champ to give up on his revenge and in exchange, Lucky will help him get that revenge. Lucky says he is sure Stinger is not Champ’s enemy because no one with a Kyutama could be evil.

Lucky vows to get Champ’s revenge, save this Needle planet and have Stinger join their team.

Stinger says if Lucky wants him to join the group, he must defeat him first. Lucky takes him up on that offer and morphs. While fighting, Lucky talks to Champ saying that his strength exists to save the galaxy, as Doctor Anton intended.

Champ remembers Doctor Anton’s words about never losing his heart and to protect people.

Just then, the governor of Planet Needle Moretsuyoindaver appears, thanks Stinger and says he will take over. Moretsuyoindaver sics the regular Indavers and Tsuyoindavers on Lucky.

Stinger throws his spear at Moretsuyoindaver for interrupting the battle. “This is my battlefield. No one is allowed to interfere!” Stinger fights Moretsuyoindaver.

Kyuranger 3

Raptor parachutes down from Orion and tosses a new Gemini Kyutama for Lucky to use. This Kyutama allows Lucky to double the fun. Another Lucky pops out and they fight together.

Luckys finishes off the rest of the Indavers with Stinger taking care of Moretsuyoindaver.

Commander Ronbou congratulates Lucky and says everyone else is awake now so they can join them.

Lucky hops in his Voyager and flies off. Stinger also hops into his Voyager which appears from the ground. Champ gets himself together and tries to stop Stinger from attacking Lucky.

The other Kyurangers form KyuRen-Oh to go after Planet Needle’s Moraimazu ship. But the ship turns into a robo which can fight them.

When Hame’s Voyager is targeted by the Moraimazu robo, Naga says they should switch places. That allows new possible attacks. And when they finally have the upper hand, they are able to deliver a Super Galaxy Meteor Break to destroy the Moraimazu
Stinger watches the display, but leaves immediately when Champ starts to attack.

Kyuranger 3

Back on the Orion, the Kyurangers wonder who Stinger could be. Champ says of course Stinger is a foe. But Lucky vows to make Stinger a friend.

Stinger meets with Eridron who is upset the Kyurangers got away. Stinger says that won’t happen next time.

Kyuranger 3

Episode Thoughts

I liked this episode the most out of the three so far. I think it was a nice improvement over a good episode 2 which improved on the okay premiere.

Stinger is another interesting character. Certainly not a new concept to have a non-team playing Ranger. Maybe he’ll join the team sooner or later. But hopefully they have a nice twist to make Stinger different.

I like the peek into Champ’s backstory as well. And connecting it with Stinger should provide some good story opportunity. I’m glad that they didn’t resolve it in this episode or have Champ suddenly have a change of heart just because Lucky wanted him to.

I enjoyed seeing more of Orion. I really hope they had enough money to build lots of different Orion sets like a kitchen or bedrooms, etc. It goes hand in hand with the world building as well as the great scenes of different planets (which I know we can’t get every episode).

Hearing the opening theme for the third time and I really like it. It’ll definitely work very well when it kicks in during some big, emotional fight or battle. Especially in the finale, hopefully.

I wasn’t sure last episode, but now I guess Hame’s go-to cliché catchphrase/line is that everything’s funny. Uhh, okay. I’m waiting for her to laugh at the wrong moment. She seems like someone who would do that. lol

The Gemini Kyutama splitting the Luckys definitely fits with the two Emus. I’m sure that gimmick will be a big part of this year’s Super Hero Taisen.

And I thought Lucky would lay off with the Luckys this episode, but he got them all in at the end of the ep. lol

This was also a great episode for the mecha to show what the switching can do. I was wondering about what the gimmick would do, but I think they can play around with that a lot in fun ways.

Overall, a good episode.

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