Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 20 – Take Off Against the Wind

Ex-Aid 20

Nico lures Taiga into going on a date with her at the amusement park by saying she saw a Bugster. She wants to cheer up her boyfie since he’s been down lately. When Taiga tries to turn the tables, Nico threatens to tell everyone he’s scared of ghosts.

Anyway, an infected student, Daisuke, drops to his knees next to Taiga.

Ex-Aid 20

Meanwhile, Hiiro attempts to draw out the Bugster from Emu, but it’s not working. No Bugster appears.

Emu apologizes to Hiiro for bothering him with trying to do an operation. Hiiro says to not get this twisted, he’s only trying to treat a Game Syndrome patient, nothing more.

Ex-Aid 20

Emu asks if the Bugster is the cause of why his personality changes when he plays games. “I’m afraid of myself.”

They get the emergency call from Nico.

Ex-Aid 20

Parado pops into Kuroto’s lair. Kuroto says Parado has some nerve showing up here after what he did. But Parado says it’s because Kuroto “laid a hand on my M.”

Parado says he knows Kuroto will finish Kamen Rider Chronicle no matter what he does. Parado leaves with pointing out how Brave was able to go Level 50, much to Kuroto’s consternation.

Emu, Hiiro and Asuna arrive at the park where Hiiro confirms Daisuke has Jet Combat Bugster.

The student is shocked with the diagnosis. Nico teases Daisuke that he won’t get the girls if he’s a scaredy cat. Nico’s teasing causes Daisuke’s ultimate stress and the Vernier Bugster emerges.

Hiiro pulls out his Level 50 Gashat, but Taiga says Hiiro can’t handle it and to hand it over.

“No thank you to your presence.”

Hiiro henshins to Level 50 Taddle Fantasy. He summons basic Bugsters to fight Vernier Bugster. Asuna tells Emu to henshin, but he hesitates. Parado appears and tells Emu to hurry up.

Ex-Aid 20

Parado wants to play with Emu, but Emu refuses. Taiga wants the Gashat, but Asuna refuses. Vernier Bugster is out of energy so it inserts itself back into Daisuke. Emu and Asuna take him back to the CR.

Hiiro turns his attention to Parado who will settle for playing with him instead. He henshins. Hiiro summons more basic Bugsters, but Parado snaps his fingers and they disappear. They battle each other with their own special tricks. Taiga and Nico watch and wait until Hiiro’s had too much like last time.

And it happens. Hiiro is overwhelmed and that allows Parado an open shot. But Parado does not take it, seeing that Hiiro is struggling. Hiiro is forced to dehenshin and becomes unconscious. Parado leaves until the next time.

Taiga walks over and picks up the Gashat.

Back at the CR, Asuna asks Emu why he didn’t henshin. Emu is afraid that the Bugster will take over his body again. Asuna convinces Emu to at least talk to Daisuke.

Daisuke explains that a girl from his class that he likes invited him to go to the amusement park with her. But he is afraid of roller coasters and was worried about making a bad impression. He hoped to try and get over his fear earlier, but he couldn’t bring himself to try it.

Ex-Aid 20

Asuna’s mood changes and she takes both Daisuke and Emu onto a roller coaster as Poppy.

Ex-Aid 20

Emu and Daisuke are completely winded. Poppy wants more. They head to the ferris wheel, but Daisuke really can’t handle heights. Two women overhear and laugh. That triggers the stress again. The Bugster takes control of his body and runs off to target Daisuke’s crush.

Ex-Aid 20

Across town, Hiiro wakes up in Taiga’s hospital having been treated by him. Hiiro is still too weak and when Emu and Asuna call, Taiga says he’ll be going out with the new Gashat. The other side of the Gashat is Bang Bang Shooting, so Taiga claims that half.

But Hiiro still hates Taiga for letting his girlfriend die.

Vernier Bugster chases Emu and Poppy and fires at them. Emu takes his Mighty Brothers Gashat out and hesitates again. Just then, the stage changes when Kuroto Dan appears. He taunts Emu and tries to scare him out of using the Gashat.

Kuroto Dan believes Emu has lost his will to fight so he can easily take the Gashats now for himself. He henshins.

Emu again hesitates to henshin. Taiga arrives and he pops out the super Gashat.

Nico asks Hiiro why he let Taiga go with it. Hiiro flashes back.

“Even a single failure cannot be undone. That’s what it means to be a doctor!”
“You’re a little prince who’s never experienced failure.”

Taiga says if Hiiro continues to perform operations in his condition, he’ll become like Taiga. “I’ve nothing to lose. That’s why I’ve always said that I’m the only Kamen Rider needed.”

Hiiro understands and allows Taiga to take the Gashat. But he says to Nico that it doesn’t mean he forgives or accepts Taiga. He merely chose the most pragmatic solution to the situation.

Kuroto Dan taunts Taiga about his failure five years ago. Taiga chalks it up to the effects of the Proto-Gashat which turned him in to what he is today. And today, he is able to handle this Level 50 Gashat.

Taiga henshins. After some initial surges, he has officially henshined to Snipe Level 50. He shoots at everything. Explosions.

Ex-Aid 20

Emu reaches for his Gashat. Taiga tells him to just leave the Gashat and walk away if he is too afraid. Emu thinks about Kuroto Dan warning him about the Bugster taking over his body permanently if he henshins again. But Emu also thinks about Hiiro’s words about wanting to help and save others.

Emu stands up, declares himself a doctor and henshins. He takes on Kuroto while Taiga targets Vernier Bugster with a Bang Bang Critical Fire. That clears Daisuke of his Game Syndrome.

The Emus deliver a Mighty Brothers Critical Finish at Kuroto who just collects the data and leaves.

Ex-Aid 20

Emu confirms Daisuke is cured. Daisuke says he will overcome his fears and meet the girl of his dreams. While Poppy is excited for Daisuke, Emu turns to Taiga.

Emu tells Taiga that he will continue to overcome his fears whether it is for his patients or for himself. “Do whatever you want,” Taiga says as he leaves.

Poppy and Daisuke grab Emu so they can go on the roller coaster again.

Kuroto Dan stumbles back to his lab where Parado is hanging out. Parado says to hurry up and finish Kamen Rider Chronicle. But Kuroto Dan says Parado knows nothing about the reason he obtains death data or why he chose Dangerous Zombie for himself. While the Gashat is Level 10, it is also Level X, meaning it is an unknown number.

Episode Thoughts

I very much enjoyed Emu all episode here. Emu (or really, Hiroki Iijima) during that opening scene was just great. I really liked seeing that vulnerability in Emu, especially after meeting douchebag M last week lol It’s also a nice and refreshing character trait for a title hero. Though it seems he quickly got over any insecurities and fear by the end of the episodes, which is kind of sad for me. But it’s alright.

Hiiro trying to hide his feelings for Emu or actually, whatever it is he’s trying to hide (that he cares, that he has a heart or emotions?) was much more interesting than needing to go back to his girlfriend backstory. I’ve been watching the Korean drama D-Day (The Big One in the Philippines) and there’s a similar character on it. A doctor who doesn’t want to tarnish his reputation as a genius medical professional. Of course, there’s a deeper reason for why, so I hope we get some more depth for Hiiro other than he wants to avenge Saki’s death.

Taiga is scared of ghosts? What will happen in the Movie Wars? He’ll be out of his mind whenever he’s with the Ghost crew lol But anyway, Taiga basically risking his life to save people from Game Syndrome.

Anyway, back to this episode. I think it was a pretty balanced ep in terms of development for each of the characters. That includes Kuroto, Taiga, Hiiro, Parado and Emu. Even a little bit of Asuna, but not so much on Nico. Though I hope that listening to Hiiro and Taiga’s conversation, she wakes up to the dangers that surround the men in her life at the moment.

I hope Kuroto’s big secret next week actually is a big secret and an epic reason for why he is a maniac.

Overall, another solid episode. Very exciting and definitely moving things along now.

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