Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 5 – "Ready to have some ele-fun!"

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 5 – Drive to Survive


Calvin proudly shows everyone the motorbike he made from junk he was able to salvage. Sarah is excited to try it out since she LOVES fast things. Calvin says she can be the first to test drive the bike, but Sarah says Calvin should do it of course.

Hayley tells Calvin to tell the others what’s wrong and he admits that he doesn’t know how to drive anything. Hayley’s actually been his personal chauffer this whole time. Calvin explains that when he was a kid, he got thrown into a duck pond while driving a go-kart and has been scared of driving since. Brody suggests Sarah teach him and Calvin how to drive.

Tangleweb is the next Galaxy Warriors challenger and he’s hungry.


Tangleweb goes to school and makes himself small to keep from being seen.
He runs into Victor and Monty and enlarges himself again. Despite a noble attempt by Victor to fight it off, they get trapped in web and Monty farts after they snacked on beans, causing their web to blow up into a ball.


While Brody has an easy time learning to drive, Calvin does not and feels defeated. Hayley tries to cheer him up, but Calvin is ready to give up. He goes to change his clothes after getting thrown off the bike.

While waiting for Calvin, Preston sees a cute spider on the ground. But it’s actually Tangleweb who pops up and takes on the four Rangers. They morph.


Tangleweb easily sucks Preston, Hayley and Sarah into his belly and wraps them in web. Nothing seems to allow them to break through. Brody tries to talk through his fight. Tangleweb is just as annoyed as we are so he sucks him in too and Calvin arrives just in time to see it. Tangleweb feels very full right now so he leaves.


Redbot and Mick are busy making more shurikens when Calvin arrives to tell them what happened. Brody calls to tell them that none of the weapons work and they need something more powerful to break them out.

“They are inside a spider!”

The Prism shows Calvin a bike and he gets an idea. Mick suggests tossing a shuriken into the Prism which should activate new powers. Calvin thinks he knows what to he needs to do, but that will mean having to drive the motorcycle. Mick and Redbot are confident in Calvin since the Prism seems to be confident in him as well.

While Victor and a still farting Monty end up flying into the air, Calvin finds a now-hungry Tangleweb. Calvin allows himself to get sucked in. Galvanax is pleased at finally having the Ninja Stars.

Calvin fights off a web attack before approaching the motorcycle. He places the shuriken on it and the shuriken transforms into a Ninja Star with the bike turning into a Ninja Mega Morph Cycle!


Calvin morphs and drives the motorcycle out of Tangleweb which also releases the others. Sarah unleashes a Ninja water attack to create a fog. That allows the Rangers to deliver a Final Attack without Tangleweb seeing them.


Mick and Redbot see another vision in the Prism, this time of elephants (which they’ve never seen before in their lives). They think the Prism wants them to make another Ninja Star so they toss a fresh shuriken in.

The audience approves a Gigantify for Tangleweb and the Rangers hop into their zords. But Tangleweb again wraps them up in web.

Mick sends the Rangers the new Zord Star as the Prism has activated the Legendary Rumble Tusk Zord. Brody is able to cut himself free from the web and jumps on the Rumble Tusk.

“Ready to have some ele-fun!”

Brody uses the elephant tusk to suction the web off the others.

“Your new zord really sucks!”


Brody activates the Rumble Tusk Megazord before the Rangers initiate the Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord. They use a Double Axe Final Attack to finish Tangleweb off for good.


Galvanax is upset with Ripcon’s player. Madam Odius suggests Ripcon clean toilets on the ship as punishment.

“We’re having beans for dinner tonight, extra spicy!”

Back at school, Calvin excitedly tells the others that he knows how to drive his truck now and he got his driver’s license. Hayley says he got a perfect score and that now she has a chauffeur. The Rangers are grateful to Calvin for overcoming his fear and saving them from certain death in Tangleweb’s digestive tract.

“The things you can do when the people you love are in trouble.”
“Now that’s magic!”


Mick surprises them each with Mega Morph Cycles!

Meanwhile, Victor and Monty are still flying in the air, but get popped by the flagpole, releasing their toxic fart gas over the city.


Episode Thoughts

I enjoyed the episode. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a nice little focus ep for Calvin. Him being afraid of driving was a nice little surprise, though I did notice Hayley was the one driving in the 2nd episode. I thought they handled it well here. And naturally, the “I drove my go-kart into the pond” story is more demo-appropriate than “My parents died in a car crash.” So kudos on that.

I also really enjoy seeing Calvin and Hayley actually being a couple doing couple-y things. It feels very natural and like I mentioned earlier, it’s very refreshing to have an actual romantic couple on the show instead of the usual “Will they or won’t they?” Power Rangers and even Super Sentai does.

Brody talking throughout his fight with Tangleweb has got to be the worst in-fight talking in a long time. Completely unnecessary and just plain annoying. Dino Charge stayed away from those kinds of talky-fights. But this one was just horrible!

Victor and Monty have been alright so far and well-integrated with the Rangers. But they were horribly used in this episode. They definitely felt like Bulk & Spike in terms of irrelevance to the episode. And they were only used for fart and poop jokes? Nope nope nope.

Elsewhere, I’m kinda on the fence with the Nexus Prism acting basically like Gosei, randomly popping out (literally!) random powers whenever it wants. Is that how the rangers are going to get all their new toys? MAGIC?!

I guess they were trying to have the new zord as a reward for Calvin’s heroics, but that wasn’t at all clear here. And it made more sense that Mick tosses a bunch of shurikens into the Prism to see what happens rather than “We received a new power because we did a good thing!” In Ninninger, the shurikens would randomly burn Takaharu’s butt but they did usually come after a big win or something.

We’ll see how well the future toy intros are handled.

Also, Sarah loves fast things? She and OO’s Ronny would get along very well. Hehe.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. But certainly not without its flaws.

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  1. I liked this episode. I did read another review and that person wrote something interesting and now that I think back, he’s right. This season really takes its time to show us the special abilities and powers of each monster, making them kinda unique besides the suit, of course. And just like in episode 3, I like the amount of original footage of the Ranges fighting the monsters.

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