Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 6 – "Oh my God, I'm going to die today!"

Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 6 – “My Tongue Doesn’t Even Twist That Way”


The 6th Leg begins with a Road Block: Who wants to get their heart pumping?

For this Road Block, teams will bungee jump from Victoria Falls Bridge. After each challenge on this Leg, teams will record their heart rate using their Fitbit Charge HRs.

After the Road Block, teams will be flying to Paris, France!

Once in Paris, they must make their way by train to Aerodrome Musee Volant Salis.

Justin & Diana get themselves a lead and find another Road Block: Who’s feeling revolutionary?

TAR2706 TAR2706

For this Road Block, teams will hop into a Boeing-Stearman and spot three words that represent the French Revolution of 1789: Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité. The team member who did not complete the first Road Block must complete this one. And if they fail their attempt, they must go to the back of the line as only three teams can go up at a time.

As Justin flies into the air, the other teams arrive on the next train.

After the Road Block, teams will make their way back to Paris and the Square Louise-Michel in front of Basilica Sacre-Coeur. Justin & Diana ask a taxi driver, but she says she cannot drive them back. So she instead drives them to the train station.

TAR2706 TAR2706

Josh, Tiffany and Logan are first up and back down. Josh and Tiffany absolutely murder the French words (like Justin), but still get the clue. Logan, unfortunately, did not see the last word.

James Earl, Kelsey and Cindy are next up and they get it.

Justin & Diana have tense moments trying to figure out where they need to go. Tanner & Josh and Tiffany & Krista run the opposite way of the train station. The other teams, minus Logan & Chris catch up.

Logan, meanwhile, finally gets the last word and actually pronounces all correctly to get the next clue.

They try to hurry to the train station, but the 2nd train leaves without them.

TAR2706 TAR2706

Back in Paris, Phil welcomes Justin & Diana as they receive the Detour clue from Le Fantome Blanc.
In Drops Mic, teams must learn and perform a rap song by famous rapper Passi.
In Bust a Crab, teams head to La Coupole where they must recreate the restaurant’s signature dish: the Royal Platter.

Diana wants to do Bust a Crab, but Justin wants to rap.

The teams arrive next, but can’t find the ghost man. They run all over the place before Tanner & Josh get someone to explain they’re looking for a white ghost.

Diana is very frustrated with Justin, but she sticks with the rap. They give it a try, but fail their first attempt. Diana mispronounces some words on their 4th attempt, but Passi gives them their next clue anyway: a picture of Pont Alexandre III.

Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh and Cindy & Rick head to La Coupole. Joey & Kelsey and Tiffany & Krista choose to rap.

TAR2706 TAR2706

Across town, Justin & Diana find the next clue directing them to “Search for Phil across from the iconic monument where the first team will triumph.” Teams must now head to the Arc de Triomphe.

Joey & Kelsey fail their first rap attempt, but Tiffany & Krista get it on their first try. Cindy & Rick pass Tanner & Josh at La Coupole as Team Texas fails their first attempt.

Chris & Logan, who say they are an hour behind everyone else, are still in last.

Denise & James Earl are trying to find La Coupole, but they get themselves lost. They decide to switch to the rapping, but are still struggling as they wander the streets.

Kelsey & Joey finally pass the rapping after their 8th attempt.

TAR2706 TAR2706

Denise & James Earl start learning the rap as Chris & Logan arrive at the restaurant. Tanner & Josh realize their mistake was a single lemon and they get the thumbs up.

Justin & Diana arrive at the Arc de Triomphe, but can’t find Phil. They re-read the clue and realize he is across from it.

They finally find Phil who hands them their next clue telling them to train it to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Phil also reminds them to keep their Fitbit heart rate cards handy.

TAR2706 TAR2706

Tiffany & Krista, Kelsey & Joey, Tanner & Josh and Cindy & Rick are Teams 2 through 5 respectively.

Chris & Logan are already on their way to the Pit Stop while Denise is struggling with the rap.

Like, really struggling! TO BE CONTINUED struggling!

Episode Thoughts

Ewe! Short intro. (lol) Why?!?!?!

So this was an interesting Leg. But definitely a perfect one to have a TBC/Super/Double/Virtual Pit Stop Leg on. A Non-Elimination would’ve been okay, but it appears the teams were absolutely exhausted. And the Legs where teams are absolutely exhausted are the best ones to tell them to keep racing on. The difference in train time also could be a reason why this Leg was essentially a non-elim.

The Road Block at Victoria Falls Bridge was okay. I have to assume it was a task to maximize their time in Zimbabwe and Zambia. It also allows the team member who didn’t jump into the gorge to get a chance to fall in as well. It didn’t take up much time at the start of the Leg, so that was good.

The second Road Block was alright. It’s a standard TAR task. Going up in a plane and looking for things down below. But OUCH!

The French pronunciation this Leg was absolutely horrible! They had TWO tasks that involved speaking French and it seems the show didn’t care if they actually got them right.

At the Road Block, teams should have absolutely been told to get to the back of the line when they MURDERED those French words. Granted, none of the words on the ground had accents on the last “e” which they should have. But Logan managed to pronounce them correctly.

And then the rapping side of the Detour.

Most of the teams mumbled and slurred their way through like Denise was doing, yet got the thumbs up. What made it worse was that the lyrics they put on-screen were obviously different than what the teams were rapping, even if they were reading the French words phonetically as they were printed on the paper.

Maybe it’s because I took four years of French in high school, including AP French my Senior year which I barely passed (lol). But I think anyone could notice that horrible butchering. It’s almost a little upsetting. It reminded me of TARPH2. They had several memorization and performance tasks where the judges were completely lenient towards the teams. Some teams worked their asses off to get it right before even attempting once, while others half-assed it and got passed. It was a disgrace.


Anyway. The other side of the Detour was okay too.

But it seems this Leg was definitely designed to exhaust the teams and prepare them for the Virtual Pit Stop. Which is fine. As soon as teams were separated by the trains at the start, I knew it would be some sort of Non-Elimination.

I guess TAR is saving money by not having Speed Bumps this season.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Overall, all the teams are alright. I don’t dislike anyone.

Denise & James Earl are still fun and awesome to watch. But what were they doing this Leg?! They seem to love running everywhere (flashback to Leg 1). I think that put them behind more than Denise struggling at the Detour. But I still expect them to recover well. All teams will likely be equalized on the way to Rotterdam.

Tiffany & Krista had an excellent Leg. I think this was the first Leg where they Raced really hard. It was great to see. We even got to see some sparks at the train station when everyone else caught up and they got a little frustrated. Hope to see more of all of it in the future Legs.

Logan & Chris are great to watch. It’s been fun seeing them really grow as a team. And by that, I mean grow into fun personalities to enjoy. They still have a way to go with their actual Racing. Hehe. They weren’t as spazzy this week as last, but they still Raced well despite being way behind. That’s good.

Tanner & Josh were quieter this episode. And it’s refreshing that we heard nothing of the rivalry this Leg. Cindy & Rick are in a dark horse position right now. They aren’t killing it on the Race, but they aren’t failing either. That’s usually a sign of them doing very well in the future.

Justin & Diana taking over the bickering couple characters this Leg was fun. It was a little random, but I guess when their entire story arc had been all about the rivalry with Tanner & Josh, anything else will seem new. Props to Justin’s Snoopy shoutout. (Peanuts movie soon!)

Kelsey & Joey are doing well and because of that, could easily go all the way to the end and winning. That’s how it usually works on TAR.

Episode Quotes

Denise: “Oh my God, I’m going to die today!”

Diana: “I’m a white girl, I don’t have vibes.”

Rick: “You know, controlling a knife isn’t too different, whether it’s oysters or people. I gotta be more accurate with people.”

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