Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.19 – "Look at me. LOOK AT ME BITCH!"

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.19 – “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”


A cop drags a young woman into the police station and stuffs her in a holding cell before leaving out on a call. The girl is all alone until a guy pops up outside. Cody. He wants to bring her home before the others who are on a “hunt” even know she’s run away. No matter how many times she will run away, they will always find her.

Cody bares his fangs, but SLICE. Sheriff Jody Mills chops his head off.

Sheriff Jody calls the Bros to help with the vamps and they think it could be a nest. The Bros talk to the girl. She doesn’t seem to have any fangs, but she does have huge bite marks on her neck. She refuses to talk.


Sheriff Jody finds the girl is Annie Jones, abducted from her grandparents in eight years ago. But it seems odd she’s been with vampires all this time without getting killed or turned. Maybe she’s a blood slave to the nest, an easy blood bank. And sometimes those human blood banks stay loyal to the nest.

The Bros head back in to talk to Annie. She insists her name is Alex and rejects their assertion that the vamps only kept her for her blood. She says she willingly gave it and that her “brothers” would bring her food in exchange. The nest is her family.

But then why did she run away? AnnieAlex says it was time for her to go out on her own. But apparently, she didn’t consider the consequences. She cries.

They give her two options, the vamps or her. They offer to help her, keep her safe, but she needs to help them. She can’t. After what’s happened, “Mama” will kill her.

Later, Sheriff Jody wonders why they would change her name from Annie to Alex. (Just keep that in mind for later.)

While Sam and Dean go check out some possible nest locations, Sheriff Jody will take AnnieAlex to her family’s cabin outside of town to keep the vamps from tracking her.


Meanwhile back in Nebraska, the vamps force information on where AnnieAlex could be from the bus station employees before killing them.

Sheriff Jody and Alex arrive at the cabin. Alex takes the crucifix off of the post and says it doesn’t work against vampires. But Sheriff Jody says that’s not why she has it.

Alex takes a photo of Sheriff Jody’s family and asks about them. Oh, they’re dead.

“There are about a thousand more polite ways you could say that.”

Sheriff Jody offers to make up a bed for her, but Alex continues acting like a brat.

The Bros, meanwhile, find where the vamps are squatting and one of Alex’s “brothers” plugging in the bus station worker into the wood chipper. They chain him up and they get him to spill.

He says Mama never wanted to turn Alex even when all the brothers begged her to, especially when she grew a conscience.

“She IS better than you, dumbass!”

He says no matter what, she’ll always choose them over humans. He explains how they used her as bait to lure horny old drunk guys to their home to suck. That’s how they were able to stay under the radar.

At the cabin, Sheriff Jody comes back inside after collecting some firewood, but sees Alex is gone. She searches through the cabin, but finds her sleeping in one of the rooms. She goes to put a blanket on her, but Alex wakes up, startled.

Sheriff Jody says she’s made her a sandwich and leaves to go back out to the living room. But Alex stops her to ask, “My grandma?”
“I’m so sorry,” Sheriff Jody replies.

Sheriff Jody calls the Bros, but suddenly, the vamps arrive at the cabin. Before the Bros can hurry over, Dean chops the vamp’s head off.

Sheriff Jody grabs her shotgun, but the vamps have burst through the bedroom window and take Alex. Sheriff Jody runs outside to try and save her, but another one of the vamps clotheslines her and knocks her out.

The Bros arrive the next morning just as Sheriff Jody wakes up.


She wants to come with them back to the nest. The Bros say they can handle the nest, but Sheriff Jody is more concerned about the girl. The Bros insist Alex is one of them, but Sheriff Jody wants to protect her.

Back at the nest, Mama vamp tries to appeal to Alex’s emotions and says she would never hurt her baby girl. Alex explains she couldn’t take the guilt anymore. She would rather die than lead another person to their death. Mama offers to take that pain away. It was her fault for not turning her in the first place. By doing so now, she can get rid of all these human emotions.

The Bros and Sheriff Jody carefully enter the home. The Bros head upstairs where they are quickly ambushed by the vamp brothers. Sheriff Jody heads downstairs to the basement where she finds Alex has been fed Mama’s blood. Mama knocks Sheriff Jody out and chains her up.

Mama wants Alex to complete her turning by drinking Sheriff Jody’s blood, but Alex doesn’t want to. Mama is annoyed that Sheriff Jody has made an impression on Alex and using her to fill a hole in her life. She suggests she get a family of her own. Sheriff Jody doesn’t know the first thing about motherhood.



Upstairs, the vamps are draining Sam of his blood. A previously unconscious Dean wakes up and knocks out the first vamp with dead man’s blood before taking on the other.

The vamp holds the knife to Dean’s neck, but Dean easily overpowers him and turns the tables. He pins the vamp against the wall. The vamp looks away.

“Look at me. LOOK AT ME BITCH!”

SPN919 SPN919

Sam watches it go down as Dean chops off vamp head.

Back downstairs, Sheriff Jody realizes. Alex. Was that Mama’s daughter? Sheriff Jody may be using Alex to fill a whole in her life, but so is Mama vamp.

“I guess it takes one to know one.”

The Bros hurry downstairs as Mama gets ready to kill Sheriff Jody. But Alex stabs Mama with the syringe of dead man’s blood.

How could you, Mama asks Alex.

Sheriff Jody grabs the knife and holds it to Mama’s neck.

“Don’t watch this sweetheart.”

Alex turns around and Sheriff Jody takes a swipe with the blade.

Later, Sam asks Dean about the “Look at me bitch.” Was he enjoying that a little too much? Well, killing things that need killing is part of their job. Nothing wrong in taking pleasure in that.

Before Sam can go further, Sheriff Jody walks up. The Bros apologize about the girl, but Sheriff Jody admits that they were right about her. She’s tried to bury her grief and cover it up. Sheriff Jody is not sure what that means for her yet, but just that she can’t ignore it.


She thanks the Bros and asks if the cure for Alex will work. It should take a couple of days.

Sam asks, after the process is done, does Sheriff Jody know what to do with her?

Sheriff Jody heads back inside. Alex is definitely going through the healing process. She explains that when she accepted Mama’s offer, she just didn’t want to disappoint her again. She tries to explain all the things she’s done to feel ashamed of, but Sheriff Jody stops her.

“Whatever you want from me, I’ll give it. If you want, I’m here. What you’ve been through, losing your entire family, everything you’ve ever known or loved, no one can understand that.”
“You can.”

Episode Thoughts
Always great having Sheriff Jody pop up. I think Supernatural has made up for completely disregarding Ellen (on orders by the CW) by really being able to build up Sheriff Jody as a strong, older woman on the show. Not that old, but you know what I mean.

She’s been a great friend to the Bros and a great ally, but she’s also been an excellent character on her own. From her own family’s story to her relationship with Bobby and now her relationship with the Bros, she’s become one of the fuller recurring characters Supernatural has had I think.

I don’t know about the Bloodlines spin-off, but I’d totally watch a Sheriff Jody spin-off. Supernatural: Sioux Falls. A newbie hunter arrives in town and she and Sheriff Jody must work together to rid the area of monsters. With some regular help from the Bros of course.

Anyway, a great episode thanks to Kim Rhodes and Sheriff Jody being back to spend some time with the Bros.

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