Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 14 – "You think I'm the problem?!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 14 – True Black

Dino Charge 14

Sledge orders Gold Digger to take care of the Rangers.

The Rangers are in the forest training. Kendall wants Chase to test out the Dino Armor X Jaws by ramming himself into a concrete wall. It works! But in the process, he chomps off a bit of one of Shelby’s punching bags.

Anyway, Chase notices Shelby is a fan of New Zealand band N-Zed Boys. They’re actually in town for a concert tonight and Chase teases her for actually liking them and planning to go.

Dino Charge 14

The Rangers are working at the cafe and Shelby is anxious because Chase was supposed to be here an hour ago. She was supposed to go get tickets for the concert. Which is now sold out just as Chase finally arrives.

Chase continues putting down N-Zed while making fun of Shelby being a fan.

Shelby leaves and Tyler tells Chase to lighten up. But Chase says Shelby is fine.

Kendall calls and the Rangers head out, but Ivan has to continue serving the customers.

Dino Charge 14

They arrive in the forest, which is quiet for now. Koda finds gold coins which begin to glow. Tyler and Chase realize what they are and run over to knock them out of Koda’s hand before they explode.

Poisandra, Wrench and Curio are with Gold Digger who tosses more exploding coins at the Rangers.

Dino Charge 14

The Rangers morph and fight Gold Digger. Wrench jumps in to take the Rangers on himself while Poisandra and Curio go home to watch Glitz World.

Dino Charge 14

Ivan arrives just in time to help Tyler against Wrench. The other four face Gold Digger who dumps more coin bombs on them before realizing he can crush them with his stone slabs.

Chase uses the X Charger, but it doesn’t work as well as earlier. Gold Digger drops stone slabs on Tyler, Shelby and Ivan. Chase, Riley and Koda are able to run and get a call from Tyler saying they’re in a pocket of air deep underground.

Dino Charge 14

Back at the command cave, Kendall says the X Charger is perfectly fine and maybe the problem is with Chase.

“You think I’m the problem?!”

Kendall sees if they use other Energems other than Black.

Dino Charge 14

Keeper appears and tells Chase that the Energem bonded with him not just for his bravery but also for his heart. So if he’s been ass, then the Dino Charger will not work.

Shelby calls and says their air is almost gone. Kendall finishes the Green and Blue X Chargers and they return to the slabs.

Dino Charge 14

Chase fights Gold Digger and Wrench while Koda and Riley try the new X Chargers, but they don’t work. So Black Energy it is. But Chase doesn’t know which jerky thing he’s done that might be affecting his energy.

Shelby calls again as she, Tyler and Ivan are almost dead and Chase finally realizes he was being a douche to Shelby. He apologizes and gives the X Charger another try.

This time, it works like it did during the test. He is able to attack Wrench and Gold Digger and gets an opportunity to drill through the slabs to save his friends.

Dino Charge 14

Chase apologizes to Shelby again and she forgives him.

Tyler, Shelby, Chase and Ivan remorph.

Chase takes on Wrench, but then teams up with Tyler and the Dino Spike to finish Gold Digger’s first life.

Sledge embiggens Gold Digger and the Rangers hop into their Megazords while Ivan hops into the PteraZord which is able to carry the Megazord away from the falling slabs.

They combine into TriStegoPtera Formation and kill Gold Digger for good.

Dino Charge 14

Sledge wants to put Wrench into solitary confinement with some dragon thing, but he lets him go crawling.

Dino Charge 14

Back at the cafe, the guys are trying to help Shelby win VIP passes to the concert. But none of Shelby, Tyler, Koda, Riley or Ivan are the 9th caller.

Chase is!

They decide to shut down the cafe so they can all go to the concert.

But before they go, Chase again apologizes to Shelby for hurting her feelings. Because being a jerk to others is not good at all.

Episode Thoughts

I definitely enjoyed this episode more than last week’s. A much better filler episode.

Chase really was a jerk. Really too harsh on Shelby. (And completely oblivious about it.) But I guess it was an alright plot device for getting the X Armor to work while being a good lesson for the kiddies.

Kids! Don’t make fun of others for their taste in music. (Or for their taste in television shows. Like watching Power Rangers.) 😉

It was good to see the villains facing the Rangers again, especially Wrench actually fighting Tyler and Chase. And nice to see Keeper pop in as well.

Koda continues being the most fun character in a long time.

The Rangers have almost died a few times this season. That’s kinda cool and ups the ante, I guess. But using those situations too much will also lessen the impact of later uses.

And the episode title though? What does it even mean? True Blood? I don’t see the connection. lol

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode: Brave 16 – Mogumogūn! My Treasure

So there was some creative editing of the Kyoryuger footage, putting them all towards the end of the episode which was good.

Kyoryuger‘s episode was about Ian and his friend and some stone and Daigo’s pendant. Of course, all of that was omitted for Dino Charge and replaced with Chase being a jerk toward Shelby.

The training and Kendall figuring out new Dino Chargers was good and definitely introduced the new toy better than Kyoryuger did.

I definitely enjoyed Dino Charge‘s episode more.

And overall, this was a good, solid episode. I liked it more than 13.

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3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 14 – "You think I'm the problem?!"

  1. Awesome episode! It showed a great lesson to learn as well as character development!
    Gotta say, I thought Wrech was going to be like the coward one of the big baddies, but after seeing him fighting the Rangers in episodes 3, 5 and now 14, he really got some mad skills.

  2. This is probably the best Chase focused episode I’ve seen so far.
    I’ve mention before how Chase is the weakest among the team, in terms of character development.
    It was nice that there was more character development with Chase this time.

    Is it me or does N-Zed Boys sounds like a band made-up by Lord Zedd? lol
    Zedd could be lead guitar/vocal, Rita could be vocal, Baboo could play bass, Squatt could play keyboard, Goldar could play drums, and Finster can do cowbell!!

    Chase being jerk and harsh to Shelby at the beginning, payed-off at the end, where he realized his mistake, thanks to Keeper’s influence, and learned his lesson.
    Probably one of the better character developments I’ve seen this season and last couple of years.
    I can’t say the same with Kyoryuger, where characters were constantly insufferable and acting like jerks.

    What’s behind that “Danger” door in Sledge’s ship?
    I’m curious whatever that thing behind that door would be MOTW or play very important role.

    The ending was pretty nice where Chase won VIP pass, invite them to concert, and apologize at Shelby, which was pretty touching. I can’t imagine Ian could do something like that to Amy. lol

    Despite another filler episode, this was pretty solid.
    It’s probably the better filler episode I’ve seen this season so far.
    Chase characters development was handled pretty well and he has changed a lot since the introduction. Probably my favorite Chase centric episode.

    BTW, is it me or has this episode should have called “Breaking Black” (5)?
    I really don’t get what’s so “True” about it. lol

    Take care.

  3. I thought this was a good episode. Filler, sure, but a good one at that. I liked seeing more of Chase after being somewhat absent for a while. Good character development here.

    Count Gold Digger as a monster who very nearly killed not one, not two, but THREE rangers. Had he succeeded, he would’ve joined the Pink Psycho Ranger as someone who managed to kill a Power Ranger (but three in this case), but a little more directly than indirectly. And the way they almost died of suffocation was brutal. Not a nice way to go at all. At least Kendrix’s death in Lost Galaxy was quick (somewhat).

    I look forward to next week’s episode. That should be interesting!

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