Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 33 – The Kunoichi That Loved Yakumo

Ninninger 33

Ariake no Kata can’t believe that kitsune “Kyuutaro” was defeated by the Ninningers. But Masakage isn’t so sure he is really dead.

Anyway, Masakage brings to life the last of the Kibaoni Personal Guards: Ninja Suzumebachi.

Ninninger 33

Over at the dojomanse, Takaharu and Yakumo are sparring with both using their own techniques. Yakumo tries mixing Ninpou and magic and it’s alright, but he feels he has to continuing training since Takaharu is still better in battle.

Takaharu reminds Yakumo to just go go go and not hesitate.

The Ninningers hurry downtown to fight off a group of Karakuris. But Suzumebachi hits him with a stinger. He dehenges and breaks into a cold sweat. Suzumebachi explains that anyone hit with her venom will die in 18 hours unless they get the antidote.

Ninninger 33

Suzumebachi declares she wants to ensure the Kibaoni school will defeat the Igasaki school of ninja.

She continues shooting stingers, but Yakumo blocks all of them and knocks his cousins out of the way.

Suzumebachi asks why Yakumo is risking his life to save his comrades. He replies that it is only natural to do so. But Suzumebachi says it is natural for ninjas to sacrifice their comrades and do anything to achieve their goals.

Suzumebachi adds that ninjas live for their clan and die for their clan. But Yakumo gets on top of her and says for him, ninjas should live and protect those dear to them.

The others shoot at Suzumebachi who flies into the air. The idea of protecting those you love, that hits her right in the feels. Suddenly, Yakumo is looking pretty dreamy to her right now.

Suzumebachi finds that she has no more stingers, so she decides to retreat. But Yakumo grabs her arm.

Ninninger 33

“Don’t run! I’m not going to let go of you!”

Suzumebachi gets the tingles as Yakumo takes both her arms, but she ultimately runs off, blushing.

Ninninger 33

Back at the dojomanse, Yakumo tries removing the venom from Takaharu with magic but it doesn’t work. The only way is with the antidote, but how can they get it.

Nagi says he noticed something off with the way Suzumebachi reacted to Yakumo as she ran away.

Kasumi comes into the room to say UFOmaru has found Suzumebachi’s location. The Ninningers hurry.

Ninninger 33

Suzumebachi is in a cave with a wall full of sexy Aoninger photos. Masakage walks in on her, but he just thinks Aoninger is her next target. Suzumebachi snaps out of her lovesickness and heads outside when the Ninningers approach.

Yakumo tells the others that he will act as bait so they can attack.

Ninninger 33

Yakumo runs ahead and Suzumebachi pops out. He says he’s been looking for her and she takes that to mean he is in love with her too.

Suzumebachi begins to interpret everything Yakumo says as a proclamation of love even though they are from different ninja clans. Yakumo is confused, but he charges toward her with the intention of taking the antidote by force.

But Suzumebachi says he doesn’t need to force her because she will let him do whatever he wants to her body.

Ninninger 33

She hugs him just as the cousins arrive. Nagi realizes Suzumebachi has feelings for Yakumo. She says he admitted it, but Yakumo denies any such thing.

Kasumi says Suzumebachi is blinded by love, but Suzumebachi thinks Kasumi just wants Yakumo for herself. She stings Kasumi and also falls from the venom.

Yakumo henges and takes on Suzumebachi. Kinji jumps in to help and Suzumebachi thinks he wants Yakumo for himself too so she stings him.

Ninninger 33

Nagi tells Yakumo they should retreat, so the cousins poof away.

Believing Yakumo is sincere in his feelings for her, Suzumebachi says she will wait for him tonight.

Back at the dojomanse, Yakumo has an idea and asks Nagi and Fuuka for help. He shows them a copy of Romeo & Juliet.

Ninninger 33

The rain starts falling and Suzumebachi is on her balcony thinking about being in love with a ninja of a rival house.

Yakumo appears and says he renounces his Igasaki bloodline because of his love for Suzumebachi. He asks her to leave the Kibaoni clan as well so they can run away together and live happily ever after.

Ninninger 33

Suzumebachi excitedly jumps down. Yakumo grabs her hand and they run.

But Nagi and Fuuka arrive. They cannot believe Yakumo would betray them especially after Suzumebachi killed Takaharu, Kasumi and Kinji. Yakumo apologizes and says he has met the woman of his dreams.

Ninninger 33

Nagi and Fuuka can’t believe it. But if a ninja leaves their school, they must die. That’s the law.

The three of them henge and fight. Suzumebachi wants to help, but Yakumo says this is his battle. Nagi and Fuuka have Yakumo on the ground and are ready to finish him off.

But Suzumebachi sends two stingers toward Nagi and Fuuka. Suddenly, Yakumo jumps and pushes them aside with him taking the stingers instead.

Yakumo dehenges. Suzumebachi runs over to her love.

Ninninger 33

Yakumo tells Suzumebachi it is alright. If he has to die, at least it was by the hands of the woman he loves. But Suzumebachi won’t let him die. She pulls the antidote from her shoulder and injects Yakumo with it.

He’ll be fine now, she says happily. But Yakumo pops up, grabs the antidote from her and tosses it to Nagi and Fuuka.

Ninninger 33

Suzumebachi just puts her hands up and asks Yakumo to explain. He says it was just an act knowing she would give him the antidote.

“You call yourself a man?!”
“I am not a man. I am a ninja.”

Yakumo reminds Suzumebachi that it was her who said ninjas will do anything to achieve their goal. As long as he is a ninja, risking his life is an easy decision.

Yakumo henges as Suzumebachi’s anger grows. They take their fight outside and Yakumo uses a Substitution Technique to avoid Suzumebachi’s stinger again.

That allows him to attack from behind. Suzumebachi asks why he didn’t just use this technique earlier. Yakumo says he wasn’t sure if it would fool her. And since Suzumebachi was sincere in her feelings for him, he knew he had to risk his life.

“How naive. But that’s the man I fell in love with!”

Yakumo delivers a slash and before Suzumebachi explodes, he says she should not fall in love with a shinobi in her next life.

“I didn’t fall in love with a shinobi. The man I fell in love with… was a shinobi.”

Suzumebachi blows up and Masakage embiggens her using Kyuuemon’s mallet.

Ninninger 33

The others arrive in the Gekiatsu OtomoNin and Yakumo jumps into his. They combine into Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

This time Suzumebachi is very much turned on by Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. She jumps and hugs the big robo, but the Ninningers quickly finish her off.

“I am a shinobi… and love is hell!”

The cousins tease Yakumo on their way home.

Ninninger 33

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a really fun episode! The Romeo & Juliet scenes were hilarious. They played those scenes perfectly and as overdramatic as possible. It was great.

Nice little callback to Yakumo being in love with the lawn mower before. And of course, the whole Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet stuff fits with him wanting to be British. (As Nagi and Fuuka regularly point out. lol)

Suzumebachi was also amusing. My favorite moment was after Yakumo tosses the antidote to Nagi and Fuuka and she just puts her hands up with an “Ugh, I give up. Explain.” expression. That was funny as well.

It was a nice twist on the usual “monster falls in love with a Ranger” story that usually happens.

With Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, I like how the Ninningers end up outside when they defeat the embiggened monster. It’s a fresh take on the usual mecha battle I think. Similar to Go-Busters which had some of them not needing to be in the mecha for the embiggened monster to be defeated.

Filler episodes are alright as long as they are enjoyable and fun. And this episode very enjoyable and very fun.

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