Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 3 – "I'm not a meat smoker."

Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 3 – “Where My Dogs At?”


Tanner & Josh decide to pray to God Tanner’s hamstring gets better as fast as possible.

For this 3rd Leg, teams must hop on a bus to San Antonio de Areco. Once there, they will choose a pick-up truck which will take them to their next clue.

Tanner & Josh and Joey & Kelsey get on the first bus out of Retiro Bus Station. Everyone else, except Justin & Diana and Ernest & Jin are on the second bus.

Taking a local bus, Justin & Diana get off at a different bus terminal. Tanner & Josh are telling Joey & Kelsey about how much #TheGreenTeam needs to be U-Turned. So much so, that they will give whoever uses the U-Turn on Justin & Diana the Express Pass.

Speaking of, Justin & Diana end up getting on that very first bus with them.

TAR2703 TAR2703

They arrive in San Antonio de Areco. Hop into the back of the trucks and are driven to La Portena.

And here, Phil pops up to reveal the Road Block: Who’s smokin’ hot?

For this Road Block, teams must properly hang meat to grill as the local gauchos do. When done correctly, they’ll get a cooked rack of meat and the next clue.

Justin, Joey and Josh decide to do it.

TAR2703 TAR2703

The 2nd bus group (still without Ernest & Jin) arrive before any of the first three teams can finish the Road Block. Logan, Rick, Danielle, James Earl and Tiffany decide to do the task.

Josh is first to finish and he and Tanner must now deliver an already roasted lamb to Plaza Principal. Kelsey & Joey, Cindy & Rick and Justin & Diana are next to leave.

TAR2703 TAR2703

At Plaza Principal, Tanner & Josh find the Detour: Horse or Carriage.
In Horse, teams must choose a polo mallet, put on a uniform and properly suit up a polo horse which they must deliver to the plaa.
In Carriage, teams must choose a buggy whip and detail a carriage before taking it to an ombu tree and have it harnessed to a group of horses.

Tanner & Josh choose Horse. They take a mallet and jog to the nearby shop to get dressed.

Kelsey & Joey arrive next and also choose Horse. They almost forget to choose a mallet and hurry off as Cindy & Rick arrive and choose Carriage. Unfortunately for #ChacAttack, they do forget their whip. Justin & Diana choose Horse.

Back at the Road Block, James Earl gets another thumbs down on his meat. Denise yells over to him to check the ribs and once he does, he realizes what he did wrong and finally gets approved. Denise hopes they don’t get a penalty.

Jazmine & Danielle, Logan & Chris and Tiffany & Krista are next to finish.

Cindy & Rick arrive at La Cinacina Estancia for the carriage. They reread their clue and realize their huge mistake so they must run all the way back to the plaza.

Tanner & Josh maintain their lead and can now head on foot to the Pit Stop, Museo Gauchesco.

TAR2703 TAR2703

Tanner & Josh step on the Mat first and win a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Justin & Diana are right behind them and check-in 2nd.

Phil tells them there will be a U-Turn on the next Leg and asks if either of them are keen on using it. They say sure.

Joey & Kelsey finish as Team #3.

Cindy & Rick finish cleaning their carriage as Tiffany & Krista arrive. When the #Cheerleaders finish cleaning, they forget their whip.

On the other side of the Detour, an arguing Denise & James Earl finish delivering their horse with Jazmine & Danielle close behind. They head to the Pit Stop where Jazmine & Danielle officially check-in as Team #4. Denise & James Earl arrive 5th, but must wait out a 30-minute penalty for their Road Block help.

Logan & Chris end up finishing 5th. Denise & James Earl finish their penalty and are now Team #6.

Cindy & Rick get the horses hooked up to the carriage and can now ride them back to the plaza. They then head to the Pit Stop where they finish as Team #7.

TAR2703 TAR2703

Tiffany & Krista arrive at the ombu tree, but realize they don’t have their whip so they run back. Ernest & Jin are so far behind that Tiffany & Krista are able to finish as Team #8.

That means Ernest & Jin is last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

So many dogs in San Antonio de Areco! I think I enjoyed the dogs popping out everywhere the most out of anything on this episode. lol

But really, I think of the three episodes so far this season, I enjoyed this one the most? Last Leg was good, but this episode showed a bit more of the team dynamics. The teams were pretty bland in the first two episodes, but we saw a little more this week.

The Leg itself was another solid, if not basic one. Both the Road Block and Detour were good. Again, I liked that the teams were competing side by side. All the walking was great as well. There needs to be more walking Legs sprinkled throughout a Race course.

There were some odd editing choices this episode though. Random cutaways that I think maybe were needed to help fill the hour. An extra task maybe would’ve solved that. But it was really obvious early on that Ernest & Jin had no chance to catch up.

Penalizing Denise to giving James Earl a hint is new I think? There have been plenty of times other teams did the same so it’s an interesting penalty. Maybe they just never showed them?

Overall, an alright episode. Nothing too special, but good enough I guess.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Denise & James Earl are the most interesting so far. Their dynamic is very unique and their random blowups are fun.

Tanner & Josh are all-competition without being annoying alpha males (hello Gino & Jesse and Nick & Matt from TAR Canada 3). And being one half of a rivalry can help make you more interesting. I don’t really think they’re that obsessive since editing can definitely play things up on the Race, especially in recent seasons.

Tiffany & Krista are definitely fun to watch. They seem to be falling forward, quite literally many times, without appearing to be incompetent or sucky Racers. I guess that’s why TAR likes repeating their quote about being athletes and not just pretty girls.

I’ve come to appreciate Justin & Diana‘s Race personality much more this Leg. The rivalry is building up nicely and I hope it lasts a long time. They were certainly not as grating this Leg as they had been at times in the first two Legs.

Too bad about Ernest & Jin. They seemed like the fun, good-natured team who may be on the Race to help with their lives back home, but are also competitive and enjoy being on the Race itself. I would’ve liked to see more of them and what they could do.

Cindy & Rick, Kelsey & Joey and Jazmine & Danielle haven’t made much of an impact yet. And Logan & Chris may be last on my list, but I am looking forward to seeing more of them bickering with each other which they showed in the season preview. I’d also like to see more of Chris being snippy like she was with Justin in last Leg.

Episode Quotes

Denise: “James Earl, you always tell me to shut up.”

Diana: “You don’t wanna get kicked.”

Ernest: “I’m not a meat smoker.”

Denise: “I got the ass, you get the front.”

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