Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs Kamen Rider Drive Spring Break Crossover Special


The Ninningers hurry over as Youkai Buruburu terrorizes the city. They henge and fight the Youkai who tries shooting purple mucus at them. Kasumi blocks it.

Buruburu says he’ll make them buruburu in fear. Nagi laughs. Buruburu starts revving up and attacks him. The Sealing Shuriken has actually attached to a car.

Takaharu goes over to help, but Buruburu initiates a Gravity Shift! Buruburu attacks the Ninningers while they’re affected by the Heaviness. Takaharu and Nagi share a helmet-to-helmet kiss.

Buruburu leaves, but someone else shoots at Takaharu. Shinnosuke, already henshined, gets out of Tridoron and assumes the Ninningers are colorful Roidmudes.

They fight.

Shinnosuke uses Midnight Shadow to hurl shurikens at them, but the Ninningers use their Substitution Technique to get out of the way. Shinnosuke uphenshins to Type Technic.

But Takaharu tries to talk to Shinnosuke, asking why he is attacking them. Shinnosuke says they caused the Heaviness. Takaharu explains it was the Youkai, but Shinnosuke doesn’t believe Youkais exist. Belt-san insists they are Roidmude, but the Ninningers insist they are only ninjas.


As for tire man, who is he supposed to be?


Before Shinnosuke can answer, Kiriko arrives. The Ninningers realize tire man is with the police. Takaharu is ready to prove he has done nothing wrong, but Shinnosuke handcuffs him while the others have escaped.

Meanwhile, Gou is taking pictures of a strange disturbance in the sky.


The others are back home, telling Father about what happened. Fuuka says her big brother will be fine. He’s a ninja, after all. Kasumi suggests they continue pursuing the Youkai then.

Over at the station, Kiriko is taking Takaharu’s statement. He tries to explain they are the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger who fight the Kibaoni Army. Anyway, where’s his katsudon? Shinnosuke says that’s only in old police dramas.


Down in the Pit, Belt-san unsuccessfully tries to analyze Shinnosuke and his weapons, but finds they are not from this world. This proves these ninjas are dangerous.

While Shinnosuke and Kiriko are arguing over her notes, Shinnosuke decides to poof himself out of the interrogation room.

Across town, Kyuuemon is with Heart, Brain and Medic, happy she has collected so much fear. Heart is happy his new friend is happy, but Kyuuemon says she doesn’t remember making friends with a bunch of mechanical dolls. Brain takes offense to the words of this irrational, eerie, unpleasant thing.

Also with them now is Buruburu and a silver-haired man.

Back at the station, Shinnosuke tries to look for Takaharu who pops in from the window. Takaharu dehenshins and introduces himself. He tells Shinnosuke to watch him defeat the Youkai. Once he decides on something, he goes full speed to the finish line.

Shinnosuke is unnerved by Takaharu being hard to read. Suddenly, they hear arguing over Youkai.

It is Chief Jun and Grandpa.


But just as suddenly, the Heaviness strikes. The other Ninningers are facing off against Buruburu. Takaharu and Shinnosuke hurry out.


Gou is continuing to document the strange thing in the sky. But someone warns him against pursuing those disturbances. The person introduces himself as…


Kamen Rider Sangou.

Gou says he and Drive are more than enough Riders. He henshins.

Meanwhile, Takaharu has found the others, but they are not themselves. They seem to be afraid of him and they kick him away. Shinnosuke prepares to henshin, but Takaharu tells him not to interfere.

NinninDrive NinninDrive

Takaharu will show Shinnosuke that he is definitely not a Roidmude. He charges toward the others and provokes them to fight him. Yakumo hits him in the face, but Takaharu sets his Ichibantou to use Flame Technique. That sets the goop on the floor on fire.

Turns out the goop on the floor was Buruburu the whole time and was just controlling the others using fear.

Takaharu remembered how Kasumi blocked the mucus earlier.

Takaharu henges and the Ninningers fight Buruburu. Shinnosuke realizes everything Takaharu has said is true.

But he and Belt-san see Buruburu has a Viral Core inside his body. That’s when Kyuuemon, the silver-haired man and two Roidmude appear.


The silver-haired man transforms into Roidmude 089. Shinnosuke henshins and fights the three Roidmude, but is overpowered.

The Ninningers use a Violent Ninja Slash to finish off Buruburu, but Kyuuemon grabs the Sealing Shuriken and tells 089 that they can still use it. He suggests using it on the two other Roidmude, so Kyuuemon shakes her mallet and they embiggen.


One of the Roidmude grabs Shinnosuke and the Ninningers quickly summon ShurikenJin. Medic is giving Heart a personal dance show when Brain sees Shinobimaru run past their condo window. He tells Heart and Medic who just laugh at him.


Belt-san is amazed by the big super robot. Takaharu uses a Tickle Attack Ninpou to get the Roidmude to let Shinnosuke go.

The Ninningers then summon UFOmaru to form ShurikenJin UFO and deliver a UFO Big Bang finisher to finish the two Roidmude for good.


Suddenly, UFOmaru disappears. Kyuuemon laughs and explains that its very existence is gone because this isn’t their world. A dimensional distortion has transported them to the Kamen Riders’ world. She created a new type of Youkai thanks to the Viral Core which has helped her gather a lot of fear.

Staying in this world destroys things in the order of their age. So she is getting herself out of here right now. She laughs and wishes them well in death.

The Ninningers realize UFOmaru was the oldest Otomonin. And after all the Otomonin disappear, they’re next!

Indeed, back at the dojo, Father has begun to disappear himself.

Otta arrives with a whole squad of cop cars who come to arrest the Ninningers.

Across town, Gou is still fighting Kamen Rider 3 who suddenly pulls back. “Running away?” Gou asks. Kamen Rider 3 says “I already see that you will die someday.”

He leaves.


Back at the SID, Shinnosuke tries to get Chief Jun to allow them to shift the investigation towards the silver-haired man. But the higher-ups believe the Ninningers are more dangerous than the Roidmude. Finding out who is behind them and where they came from is their main priority now.

Otta hurries into the SID to report that the Ninningers have escaped once again.

Chief Jun orders Shinnosuke to find the Ninningers and take them back into custody. They are their biggest threat.

Belt-san agrees. While he knows they are enemies of their enemy, they are still not from this world.

Rinna says the Ninningers disappearing is their world’s way of righting the balance. Belt-san adds that if they let the Ninningers wander about, it might negatively affect their world. While he feels sorry for them, they must confine them until they disappear.

Shinnosuke says they should just find a way to send them back then. And the silver-haired guy is the key. Belt-san wants to trust Shinnosuke, but can’t allow a Roidmude search before the Ninninger situation is contained.

“So we are to just let them die?”
“Please understand that the safety of our world comes first. That is what you must do as a policeman… and as a Kamen Rider.”


Shinnosuke leaves the station to take a walk and think. But he notices a house has popped up next to it. He doesn’t remember ever seeing it before. Could it be…


He quietly sneaks in and sees the Ninningers. He realizes maybe they were transported here with the house.

The cousins are trying to figure out what to do as Father continues to flash in and out, close to disappearing. Fuuka is crying.


Grandpa suddenly appears. “A pinch is a chance. That’s life!”

Grandpa is also disappearing quickly too. He tells them the silver-haired man is responsible for this and they must destroy him to return things to normal. Perhaps.

He tells his grandchildren that they should always take the opportunity to improve themselves, even in another world.

Once Grandpa leaves, Takaharu says they’ll trust him and just treat this as training. They’ll find the silver-haired man, defeat him and return to their world. The others agree and split up to find him.

But Takaharu sits by the riverfront, not really sure if everything will be as okay as he let on to the others. Shinnosuke and Kiriko find him. Belt-san tells Shinnosuke to arrest him.

NinninDrive NinninDrive

“Takaharu, I’m a policeman. So I must arrest you.”
“You can go ahead and try. But is that really want you want?”

Shinnosuke sets Belt-san down on Tridoron. “What are you doing?!”

“I have my pride as a policeman and as a Kamen Rider. But if that means not helping people from disappearing right before my eyes, then what good is that power? Speaking as just a man, all I want is to help him.”


Shinnosuke tells Takaharu that he’s decided to go full throttle with him.

Just then, Otta and the cops arrive, so Shinnosuke grabs Takaharu and they run.

Nearby, Yakumo has found Buruburu. He quickly henges and the others join him.

Shinnosuke and Takaharu sit in an alley thinking about what to do next. But a group of Kurokages pop up to attack them. Takaharu henges and they try to fight them off.

Kiriko arrives in the van to help and tells them to hop in.


She says Shinnosuke made her realize she is Tomari Shinnosuke’s buddy first and Kamen Rider’s partner second. She agrees with his thinking.

“Your girlfriend seems real nice, Shinnosuke!”

The two doth protest too much. Kiriko tosses an envelops at Shinnosuke’s face containing info Kyu has found about the silver-haired man.

This Dr. D was in the middle of research when his facility exploded 40 years ago. His dying words: “I’ve found it! A method to reset history!”

Kiriko drives them to the boarded up lab where his ghost has reportedly been seen. They walk in and are immediately attacked by an invisible assailant. Gou jumps in to help and shoots at the attacker who reveals himself before running away.


Gou dehensins and explains that after his run-in with Kamen Rider Sangou, he did some research and came upon Doctor D. Turns out there were other heroes known as Kamen Rider who fought before them, but no record of a Sangou among them. Someone is distorting this world.

Shinnosuke looks at some of Gou’s pictures and sees the Shocker logo on it. He shifts into top gear.

“Oooo! Not that I understand any of that. But it sounds real hot!”

Shinnosuke says he can finally help Takaharu. Takaharu says he’s glad and thankful to have Shinnosuke as an ally.

“I can’t just ignore a reckless idiot like you. I’m hardheaded, so I envy your straightforwardness.”
“What are you talking about? When you make a decision, you also go full speed into it. If I’m a thoughtless, hotheaded idiot… then you’re an overthinking hotheaded idiot!”

NinninDrive NinninDrive

Everyone smiles, but suddenly, a missile is fired into the warehouse. The kaijin from earlier is joined by a bazooka turtle.


Elsewhere, the Ninningers are getting overpowered by the silver-haired man who is backed up by a Roidmude and Kurokages. They are forced to dehenshin, but Shinnosuke, Takaharu, Gou and Kiriko arrive with Trailer-Hou to save them.

Belt-san and Tridoron saved them from the burning warehouse.

Belt-san apologizes for not trusting Shinnosuke. The Ninningers are happy to see Takaharu is fine. “Of course! The mission isn’t over until we return home.”

Gou demands Doctor D reveal his true form. He goes from Youkai to Roidmude to silver-haired Doctor D. Shinnosuke says someone else is pulling the strings, however, and set up an alliance between the Kibaoni Army and the Roidmude. Gou and Belt-san chime in. Their enemy has sought to rob mankind of their freedom for decades using fear, the root of all evil.


Their enemy… SHOCKER!

Silver-haired man opens his trench coat and there is Shocker’s Great Leader in the belt once again. He explains how they resurrected Doctor D in Roidmude 089 and finished the doctor’s original work to distort dimensions.

But the Ninningers, Shinnosuke and Gou know all they have to do is take him down. So they henshin and henge.


Hiruchameleon and Turtle Bazooka arrive to join their comrades and it’s a big battle.

Yakumo-tachi and Shinnosuke take care of the Kurokages and Shocker Combatmen. Takaharu manages to take care of Roidmude 076. Gou uses Spin Mixer to plug up the turtle’s bazooka who blows himself up. Hiruchameleon runs off.

Buruburu uses an enhanced fear-attacking Heaviness.

But Shinnosuke goes Formula and Gou goes Dead Heat. They charge toward Buruburu.

“That’s hot!”

Takaharu rallies his sister and cousins. They can’t let the Kamen Riders show them up. He suggests they combine their powers so they use a Tornado Flash Technique to overpower Buruburu and allow Shinnosuke and Gou to unleash Full Throttle finishers.


The Viral Core is destroyed and Takaharu catches the Sealing Shuriken.

UFOmaru reappears with Father and Grandpa onboard.

NinninDrive NinninDrive
NinninDrive NinninDrive

Takaharu and Shinnosuke thank each other and say how they’ll be inspired by each other from now on.

Shinnosuke and Takaharu fist bump.


UFOmaru and the Ninningers disappear into the dimensional portal.

Gou gets in one more promo for the movie.


Episode Thoughts

I enjoyed this, but maybe not as much as I did last year. I guess the ToQger-Gaim crossover, being the first of its kind, had a sort of special feel to it. But at the same time, it was fresh and made sense in both stories. Zawame was just another stop on the Rainbow Line.

Here on Ninninger vs Drive, they had to resort to the usual dimensional hops that Toei reverts to for every crossover and team-up. I guess that’s the easiest way to please all the continuityphiles. But even like ToQger-Gaim did, if their meeting isn’t ever mentioned again in-series, then it’s pretty much the same thing, but without using the “we flew through a portal” excuse again and again.

I think this year did slightly better job blending the two shows together more fluidly. Last year, there was a clear distinction between the ToQger half and the Gaim half. This year, we saw the casts spread out more over the hour so it made it seem more like one whole episode instead of two. It was also good to have both series villain groups involved with the movie villain group and the greater story instead of last year’s where there were no Shadow whatsoever.

I do think last year’s did a better job at landing their emotional punches and adding to each character’s personalities. I think the ToQger-Gaim crossover came at the right times for both shows for that to happen.

Nonetheless, I still had fun this year. I loved the live version of the stock roll call for the Ninningers. And always fun to throw in some romance teasing.

Overall, it was a solid special. But hopefully next year, they can get more creative.

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  1. I loved this special to but I got a question why do the colors of the suits look different then what the colors look like in the show do the company that works for kamen rider and super sentai have a special camera? Also episode 25 English subbed just came out and its good episode.

    1. Yeah, I think it might be they used a different camera or more film-like visuals for this special (and the movies) rather than the usual TV episode cameras? I’m not sure, but I agree it looked different. Same for the ToQger-Gaim crossover too.

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