Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 8 – "Infuriating!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 8 – Double Ranger, Double DangerDino Charge 8

Sledge butters Poisandra up on the way to the bridge where Fury is waiting with his plan to take the Rangers’ e-Tracer. Poisandra asks for her to be in charge of this mission instead. Sledge gives his leading lady the spotlight.

Poisandra asks Wrench to release a cute prisoner to help with her plan. Fury expects her to absolutely fail.

Dino Charge 8

The Rangers are out hoping to find the Gold Energem or the Pterazord. While Shelby and Riley are setting up the e-Tracer, Tyler is writing in his journal for his father. Tyler says he still wears his bracelet hoping to be able to give it to him when he finds him.

Dino Charge 8

Tyler also writes about his teammates. How Chase loves girls, but also still has their backs. How Riley analyzes everything and always trains which helps push Tyler as well. Shelby is really smart and “hey, I think she’s cute… and kinda stubborn.” And Koda has strong animal instincts.

Speaking of, Koda smells something. No, not Tyler. Kendall calls to tell the Rangers about alien biosigns in the area. Tyler says they have to leave immediately. He takes the e-Tracer back to the jeep while the others stay behind to make sure the coast is clear.

When Tyler starts up the jeep, the others, already morphed, come and jump in.

“Oh, are we morphing?”

Chase shushes him and motions for him to drive.

Dino Charge 8

Tyler tells them they can demorph since the e-Trace is safe now. Suddenly, his jeep stalls. He has no idea why, since he just tuned her up. He gets out to check and finds wires have been cut.

He gets a call and it is Shelby who definitely does not appreciate him leaving them behind. What?

Tyler looks around the corner and the morphed Rangers are actually Vivix.

Dino Charge 8

Poisandra appears with Curio and Duplicon who cloned the Rangers. Duplicon attacks and he just blasts Tyler away as the Vivix take the e-Tracer. Tyler falls unconcious.

The others are back at the Command Cave, but they haven’t found Tyler yet. Riley scans for alien DNA in the city and finds them. Keeper tells the Rangers to stick together to retrieve the e-Tracer while he and Kendall continue to look for Tyler.

Dino Charge 8

Tyler wakes up and summons the Dino Cycle using the Deinonychus Charger. He morphs and hops on.

Dino Charge 8

Over at the City Complex, the Rangers split up as Fury and Duplicon watch. Fury says they’ll wait for the Red Ranger to spring their trap. But Duplicon says Poisandra wants them to attack now. He clones the Rangers again.

Fury leaves and decides to capture the Red Ranger as his own trophy to show Sledge.

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Dino Charge 8

Shelby, Riley, Chase and Koda reunite after not having found anything. But they’re about to find something now. Their clones appear along with a bunch of Vivix.

They battle. But Chase manages to take out all the clones by himself. He knew which were the real ones because he slipped flowers into their pants.

They activate their Dino Steel to take care of the clones.

Dino Charge 8

Meanwhile, Poisandra and Curio are with Wrench who is trying to figure out how to work the e-Traer.

Tyler drives into the city and calls Kendall to let her know he’s fine. She gives him the coordinates of the others, but he suddenly comes under fire. It’s Fury.

The attack forces Tyler to demorph, but Fury comes charging toward him. Fury rips off Tyler’s bracelet. He picks it up.

“Well, well, well. This brings back memories.”
“Then you did know my dad.”

Dino Charge 8

Fury says he should’ve known Tyler was his son based on his pathetic fighting skills. “You’re as weak as he was.”

Tyler demands Fury tell him what he knows about his father. They fight some more.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers face off against Duplicon. But they need Tyler to form the Dino Spike.

Dino Charge 8

Tyler has Fury under his sword and again demands to know what happened to his father. Just as Fury is about to say, the others call. The distraction allows Fury to escape from under him. He has Tyler pinned against a car and is ready to deliver a final strike.

But suddenly, something inside of Fury stops him. “No!!! I’m in control!”

Fury suppresses whatever is inside of him. The others again call Tyler and he has no choice but to leave despite Fury being down.

Dino Charge 8

Tyler arrives with the Dino Spike Charger and the others launch him into a Dino Spike Final Strike.

Duplicon’s first life is done.

The Rangers spot Poisandra and the e-Tracer, but Sledge has Duplicon embiggened. Duplicon then has the Vivix form a Vivizord and then uses it to clone Fury.

Dino Charge 8


The Rangers hop into the Megazord and Kendall tells them use to Dino Charger #17 to release the toxic gases of the dinos. Also known as “fart gas.”

Tyler tosses the Oviraptor Charger to allow them to fart into Duplicon and cloneFury’s faces.

Dino Charge 8

Shelby summons Anklyozord to help pound Fury out of the Vivizord before drilling straight through its chest. They turn their attention to Duplicon and deliver a Final Hammer Punch.

Dino Charge 8

Wrench manages to get the e-Tracer to work and it is honing onto the Pterazord. But Fury arrives and takes the e-Tracer.

The Rangers arrive and Tyler tells Chase he’s the only one who can hit the target. Tyler apologizes to Shelby for destroying the e-Tracer, but they have no choice.

Chase shoots and he hits it.

But Fury laughs and picks up the Ptera Charger. He’s already seen the coordinates anyway.

Dino Charge 8

The Rangers head back to the Command Cave. Kendall says even if Fury has the Charger, it wouldn’t have enough power to activate the zord’s battle mode. And they don’t have the technology to charge it.

Keeper says while the e-Tracer was destroyed, at least they worked as a team and prevented it from falling into Sledge’s hands. Chase says while they’re united, Sledge, Poisandra and Fury are divided. Riley adds that’s why they’ll win, because of their teamwork.

Dino Charge 8

Shelby has something for Tyler. His bracelet! He puts it on his wrist. Riley and Chase smile at each other, Koda is not sure why.

Tyler tells them about that thing inside Fury. But whatever it is, they’ll take it on together because they’re a team!

Episode Thoughts

Another great episode with lots of stuff going on. It was really full actually. Very busy, but not too rushed.

Good to see a little more about Tyler’s dad. Great to see more Keeper and the Rangers working as a team to figure things out. And very interesting development with Fury. What ever could that thing inside him be? Hmm… (lol)

Anyway, there was a lot of great action, actually good story and writing and great interactions between all the characters.

It sucks that we’re only 8 episodes into the season and it’s already time for the hiatus. Is it redundant to take this opportunity to again say how Nickelodeon’s scheduling and the 20-episode-a-year format sucks so much? Hmph.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode: Brave 7 – Angry! Daigo’s in Trouble

Similar, yet different. And that’s great! They took the basic plot of the Kyoryuger episode and adapted it for Power Rangers. Again, a lot of that was out of necessity because of the footage. But they could have easily found a less creative way to work around it. Thankfully, they took the non-easy way.

They were able to take the teamwork theme as well as touching on Tyler/Daigo’s dad and really make it a story that fits Dino Charge instead of making Dino Charge fit Kyoryuger’s footage.

Lots of original NZ footage again too which is always awesome. And it was footage that actually meant something instead of random fresh footage whose budget could’ve been used for something more important instead. (Like Samurai and especially Megaforce did.)

And Dino Charge really brought over the farting eh? Lol

Overall, another great episode wrapping up a relatively speaking, pretty excellent first 8 episodes.

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5 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 8 – "Infuriating!"

  1. Nice way to start the 3-part episodes arc for finding Gold Energem.
    I just wished hiatus started after finishing the arc (10), which I will discuss it later.

    It’s very nice that Tyler writes in journal about how he misses his father, how he made friends with ranger, and mentions that Shelby is cute.
    That would have never happened with King, since he would have been too lazy and selfish to do so. lol

    ZOMG! This episode takes place in FUTURE of June 10!
    It’s very rare that specific dates are mentioned in the show.
    Makes me wonder how long they’ve been ranger since first episode.

    I find it weird that Tyler doesn’t suspect more of why 4 (clones) are morphed.
    Realistically, his conversation with Clone Black should have been like:

    Tyler: “Oh, are we morphing?”
    Clone Black: (making quiet hand sign)
    Tyler “What’s with the hand sign?” OR “Why aren’t you saying anything”
    Clone Black: … (punches Tyler in face)

    Especially, since Tyler talk with his friends pretty much on daily basis.
    But I digress.

    It’s been a while we’ve seen ranger bike in PR.
    It’s nice that Dyno Cycle is formed from two dinosaurs which are very original, in terms of design and concept.
    Nice bike action.

    So that’s where image of Fury slashing statue comes from.

    I really didn’t like Rangers vs. Clones fight, where I really didn’t like the action and choreography. Slo-mo was handled very poorly IMO.
    How did Chase put flowers on real rangers?
    Very clever strategy though.

    Nice HUD for Tyler’s helmet.
    It reminds me of Iron Man!
    The bike action of Tyler was nice.
    Now that’s how you handle slo-mo. (Take that Sakamoto!)

    What did Fury do to Tyler’s father?
    “You father was…”
    What did he about to say?
    So many suspense and mystery!
    Hopefully we’ll get answer by season finale.

    GOLD Energy from Fury means one thing and I know exactly what it means. lol
    It’s nice that they are not revealing “human” form of Gold; unlike in Kyoryuger where Dogold mask broke off revealing Utsusemimaru’s face.

    While I didn’t like “farts” joke in KyoryuJERK, the joke was more tolerable and handled better IMO. (Take that Sanjo!)
    I really like Koda’s reaction. lol
    Way better than how Nossan would have handled.

    Nice shot Chase!
    R.I.P. e-Tracer.
    We hardly knew you.

    I liked the ending of the episode, where it didn’t end with too-cliffhangerish ending (which I was really afraid).
    It’s nice that there’s sense of hope, where rangers learned importance of teamwork and Fury won’t get to activate battle mode of Pterazord due to lack of energy.
    How did Shelby knew about that Tyler lost his bracelet?
    Still, it was nice that she gives it back to Tyler, and it’s nice that it develops their relationship.
    Way more convincing than King and Amy! (Take that SanJERK!)

    Overall, this was a very solid episode to start a 3-part episode arc.
    So sad that e-Tracer was destroyed.
    One of the best invention in the franchise IMO.
    Such a shame that hiatus starts next week, where it started to become interesting.
    Just wished the hiatus starts AFTER episode 10, so it can divide evenly.
    Don’t you love that hiatus starts during 3-part episodes arc for 6th ranger?
    Even Megaforce/Super Megaforce started hiatus AFTER their 6th rangers (Robo Knight and Orion/Silver) were introduced.
    Hopefully, it will handle batter next year, although I don’t have much hope for that.

    Since hiatus starts next week, I want to share my brief thoughts on the season so far.
    Not only it’s an improvement from last few years/seasons, but it’s FAR superior to its sentai counterpart, which hasn’t happened in a while.
    Chip has turned abysmal atrocities of Kyoryuger (which IMO is the worst sentai/tokusatsu I’ve ever seen), into something great!
    While it still has its problems, it is very nice that franchise is heading towards better direction.
    While I’m still upset that Go-busters wasn’t adapted, it’s nice that Dino Charge makes up for it.
    I’m really looking forward to see rest of the season after hiatus.

    See you in fall!
    Take care.

    1. Definitely agree with your points!
      I really am so happy to see PR still has plenty of life in it. After the last four years, it really seemed like PR was beyond repair. But Chip Lynn has taken good care of Dino Charge and it’s definitely a great positive direction.

      See you in the fall!

  2. This was a great episode! They did a very good job editing the boxing ring for the new Megazord formation! Very sad that we have to wait like 5 months for the next episode!

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