Recap: The Amazing Race 26, Episode 5 – "You have pissed me off to the point of no return."

Recap: The Amazing Race 26, Episode 5 – “Get in That Lederhosen, Baby”


And the new season of The Amazing Race is here!

Oh, wait. They were just gone for three weeks. Never mind.

Anyway, Laura & Tyler enjoy their Date Night on the water and say they are definitely friend zoning each other.

Next day, Bergen & Kurt open the first clue telling teams to fly to Munich, Germany. They must make their way by train to Wies’n Tracht & Mehr store where they will pick up appropriate attire to be part of Oktoberfest.

Bergen & Kurt reaffirm that they are definitely not compatible at all. And Bergen just hopes Kurt won’t give up on running the Race anyway. Hayley & Blair also mention how they’ve semi-hated each other at different points of the Race.

TAR2605 TAR2605

All teams are on the same flight to Munich which arrives at 6:45am.

They all hurry to the shop. And after putting on their lederhosen, they must make their way to Alter Peter Tower.

Teams must climb up the tower to search for marked Ford Focuses below which they will drive to Schlafwagenfabrik.

TAR2605 TAR2605

Laura & Tyler maintain their lead once they get into a Focus. But Laura has trouble getting the car out of the parking spot. They decide to switch to the car already in front. But they leave their fanny pack.

Jeff & Jackie are in 2nd, but can’t find the cars once they get down from the tower. Hayley & Blair are off, but Bergen & Kurt don’t know how to drive a stick shift. The other teams are scrambling to find the cars.

Jeff & Jackie have grown frustrated running around and are snapping at each other. They finally find a Ford Focus, the one with Laura & Tyler’s fanny pack, and they get in. But they explode at each other. Bergen & Kurt and Hayley & Blair are also tense.

As everyone else has found their brand new Ford Focuses, Aly & Steve are using the Sync’s GPS and arrive at the warehouse.

TAR2605 TAR2605

Here, teams must use the rearview camera of their brand new 2015 Ford Focuses to drive backwards through a #WinterWonderland. While doing so, they must piece together their next clue: Schliersee.

Aly & Steve finish the course as Laura & Tyler arrive. They need a pen to write down the letters. Tyler says there are plenty of pens in their fanny pack… which is missing. Tyler realizes it is in the other car, so they decide to just do the task and wait for that car.

TAR2605 TAR2605

While Jeff & Jackie apologize to each other, a nervous Kurt tells a struggling Bergen to just pull off, park the car and take a cab (and penalty) because he can’t take it anymore.

Aly & Steve arrive in Schliersee where Phil watches them spin around in the boat on their way to the clue buoy.

And that clue reveals the Detour.
In Stein, teams must figure out how to carry 22 steins of beer.
In Stack, teams must stack 15 beer crates.

Aly & Steve choose Stein.

TAR2605 TAR2605

Back at the #WinterWonderland, Matt & Ashley are getting through the course as Hayley & Blair arrive in a blue Focus. Laura & Tyler look inside to see if it’s theirs. Hayley is very annoyed with Blair.

Aly & Steve arrive at Wolfseehalle for their Detour and they quickly finish it, no problem. They get the next clue pointing them to Markus Wasmeier Museum.

Bergen & Kurt are next to arrive at the #WinterWonderland, but since they have no brand new 2015 Ford Focus with standard rearview camera, they can’t do the task. They are issued a 2 hour penalty.

TAR2605 TAR2605

Aly & Steve arrive at the museum and open the clue revealing the Road Block: Who wants to woo?”

For this Road Block, teams will take part in a traditional act of German courtship. Climbing up a ladder, teams must correctly sing a German song or get doused with water.

Aly decides to do the Road Block.

Over at the #WinterWonderland, Jeff & Jackie arrive, but pretend not to know anything about Laura & Tyler’s fanny pack. Laura searches the car anyway and finds it shoved under the seat.

TAR2605 TAR2605

Hayley & Blair choose the Stein Detour, but Hayley struggles to hold her 8 steins.

Back at the Road Block, Aly sings well on her 2nd attempt and they open the next clue directing them to the Pit Stop at Lake Spitzingsee. They keep their lead and step on the Mat in first, winning 2 brand new 2015 Ford Focuses with standard rearview camera!

Hayley & Blair are on their 2nd attempt at the Detour and Hayley fails again. Matt & Ashley arrive and get it on their first try. Hayley wants to switch Detours, but Blair wants to try at least one more time.

TAR2605 TAR2605

He tries telling her how to get up from the table with the steins, but she says she already knows that and doesn’t need his useless advice for things she already knows. She tries picking the steins up, but it’s no use. Blair reluctantly agrees to switch.

Jeff & Jackie, Jelani & Jenny (oh, there you guys are!), Laura & Tyler and Hayley & Blair arrive at the stacking. Jackie, Jenny, Laura and Blair choose to climb the stacks.

Elsewhere, Mike & Rochelle are still struggling to drive their brand new 2015 Ford Focus.

Ashley gets the thumbs up on her 2nd serenade and she and Matt check-in at the Pit Stop in 2nd.

TAR2605 TAR2605

Hayley & Blair figure out a good strategy to stack the crates without falling over. Seeing the doctor and nurse doing well, the other teams decide to have the men climb instead. Blair is on his last crate, but the tower topples over.

Let’s check-in at the #WinterWonderland. Mike & Rochelle finally arrive and Bergen & Kurt still have 49 minutes left on their penalty. When it’s finally done, they get the next clue as well. They have to hop on a train.

Jeff & Jackie, Laura & Tyler and Jelani & Jenny all get their clues before Hayley & Blair.

Mike & Rochelle get to the lake and open the Detour clue which also has the Date Night ticket.

TAR2605 TAR2605

Over at the Road Block, Jackie and Jenny get it on their 2nd attempts while Blair gets it on his first.

Jeff & Jackie, Jelani & Jenny and Hayley & Blair step on the Mat in 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. Laura & Tyler are Team #6.

Over at the stacking, Mike and Rochelle have switched places with Rochelle now climbing up the tower even though she has a fear of heights. She calms herself and they finish. They head over to the Road Block and Mike gets it on his first try. They make their way to the Mat where they are Team #7.


Bergen & Kurt continue wandering around and it is now dark out. They return to the train station where Phil comes to meet them. Since all the other teams have checked in and this is an Elimination Leg, Bergen & Kurt are out of the Race.

Kurt says there was “some tension” today, but he’s not bitter. Phil notices Bergen making a face. Bergen says there were no “butterflies or rainbows” today, “it was awful.”

“And no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?”
“Hell no.”

Separately, Kurt says he’s fine with the choice they made. Bergen says it is not fine, they’re in a fu**ing Race.

“You signed up for this, you can’t just give up right away when you find out you’re not going to find love. He gave up. I’m pretty disappointed.”


Episode Thoughts

I’m sure the casual fans love the NCAA 3-week break over those NFL overruns eh? lol

Anyway, I actually thought this was the best episode of the season yet! Shocking, I know! But this Leg and episode was pretty good. It was a solid Leg design with self-driving and actually good tasks.

First, having teams dress up is always great. Then having to search the area below for a flag or clue is always a good TAR task as well. The #WinterWonderland Ford Focus promo was fine and at least it had some kind of challenge involved while still promoting the car. I do think it took up too much time in the episode since the rest of the tasks got crammed into the last half.

The extra Route Marker at the lake was good, especially since random inconsequential tasks like that have been missing on recent TARs.

The Detour was good too. Both fun tasks that provided enough entertainment and drama. And the Road Block was fine as well, especially with those nice buckets of water.

Together, all the tasks made for a full Leg. Again, I do think they could’ve paced it out a little better in the episode, maybe shifting a little more focus on the Detour and Road Block rather than the Focus. But of course, it is Ford that helps pay the bills, so that’s unavoidable. Though with only eight teams, it’s strange how a few practically disappeared most of the episode.

This was also the first, or at least, the biggest effect from a manual transmission car Leg evah. I don’t remember any team ever actually leaving their stick shift car behind. Usually, teams who struggle with manual cars rough it out for the entire Leg. What made it even crazier here was that task that actually REQUIRED teams to have the provided car. So, all of that coming together plus the brewing tension between Bergen & Kurt really paid off this Leg. Good, but sad, drama.

I don’t know how to feel about them being able to use GPS now. Is it just getting with the times or changing another fundamental aspect of the Race? Hmm…

And Jeff & Jackie not giving Laura & Tyler their fanny packs. How would that have worked? It’s not like they stole it if Laura & Tyler never get it back, but hiding it would be the same as taking it I think. They didn’t have to hand it over, but they didn’t have to stuff it under the seat I think.

Overall, a great, fun episode and really good Leg.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Hayley & Blair are awesomely hilarious. I can’t help but feel like there was some missing context with some of Hayley’s outbursts at Blair though. But nonetheless, it was fun watching them argue and be frustrated with each other and get on each other’s nerves. Are they a Flo & Zach in the making? In the sense that Hayley is sometimes overbearing and Blair just calmly takes it in a nonchalant way while making faces? Hayley definitely doesn’t seem like the type who’d suffer a big emotional meltdown like Flo would have. But it’s an interesting dynamic, especially if they make it to the end.

What’s up with Jelani & Jenny? Definitely not the powerhouse team from the start of the Race. Plus, I feel like if there wasn’t the Bergen & Kurt and Hayley & Blair drama, we’d have seen more of Jelani & Jenny being frustrated and testy with each other, continuing their tension from Bangkok. I would’ve liked to have seen that.

I feel sad for Bergen. Aside from the “I need the money” talk, he really seemed like a great competitor who never wanted to give up. He understood that despite not finding love, this was still a competition. This was probably the worst outcome of the blind date experiment.

Rochelle & Mike was somewhat invisible this Leg other than being in danger of elimination. I kinda wish we saw more hustle from them to counter their troubles with the car. Tyler & Laura, Aly & Steve, Jackie & Jeff and Matt & Ashley meanwhile are still pretty interchangeable. Which is unfortunate.

Kurt did not come off very well on this Leg. Sure, Bergen has been talking about Kurt not caring about the money, which is not necessarily a good attitude to have on the Race. You don’t have to care about the money, but still want to compete. It really was disappointing to see him want to just give up. Very sad.

Episode Quotes

Blair: “We got our panties in a ruffle.”

Hayley: “You have pissed me off to the point of no return.”

Hayley: “You are so annoying, it’s not even funny.”

Hayley: “I don’t need you to reiterate what I already know.”

Hayley: “Great observation there, #CaptainObvious.”

Ashley: “I’m gonna serenade your ass right now.”

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