Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (17) 37 – "You're more foolish than I thought."

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (17) 37 – Vrak is Back, Part 2

Now it’s time for Drill Horn to play his part and Robo Knight to destroy the Rangers.

The Rangers run over to the just installed drill. Gia uses her Rock Rush card to hurl a rock at the huge thing, but the rock just shatters to pieces. Vrak appears and laughs. Robo Knight is by his side and declares it is time for the Power Rangers to end. (I agree! lol)

Troy tells Emma to fly the Command Ship and try to take out the drill while the rest of them take care of Vrak and Dark Robo Knight.

The Rangers morph. Noah and Jake want to attack, but Troy stops them. They can’t hurt their friend! Troy convinces the others that they can still save Robo Knight. Vrak laughs.

Emma is having no success even leaving a scratch on the drill. Robo Knight attacks the others and hurls them all over the place. He asks Vrak permission to finish them.

Troy decides to go ULTRA by himself and tells the others to go stop Vrak. Troy insists they are still Robo Knight’s friend. Vrak summons Drill Horn to stop Gia, Noah and Jake from helping Troy.

Troy and Robo Knight have taken their fight into the warehouse district. Robo Knight forces Troy out of Ultra Mode.

Emma joins the others, but Drill Horn tells Vrak that he is ready. Vrak sends the Zombats and Drill Horn embiggens. He flies into the city and starts rampaging.

The Rangers summon Gosei Ultimate. They initiate an Ultimate Strike to finish off Drill Horn. Which is exactly what he wanted.

Robo Knight forces Troy to de-morph. They fight and the others hurry to join them as Troy again tries convincing Robo Knight to stop. Troy tells the others to stand back. He will handle this himself.

“I’ll never give up on you!”

The others helplessly watch as Troy gets knocked around. They want to help, but Troy tells them not to.


Suddenly, Troy glows and with one punch, Robo Knight goes flying. His black visor turns back to red.

The Rangers run over to him. Robo Knight is back! “You’ve brought me back to the light.”

“I’m damaged badly. Recovery may be impossible.”

The Rangers tell him they will not give up on him. They’ll get him to the Command Center. But suddenly, there’s a bright flash of light. The Rangers go out to see another drill getting stuck into the ground.

Vrak thanks the Rangers for all their help.

With the Rangers outside the warehouse, Robo Knight gets up and says there is one last thing he must do alone. Gosei tells the Rangers to hurry with Robo Knight to the Command Center, but when they turn around, they find he is gone.

The Rangers are worried and panicked about their friends being gone. But Gosei says they must focus on stopping Vrak, “it is war out there.”

Troy notices Robo Knight’s key is glowing. He knows Robo Knight is out there “doing something good.”

Vrak is ready to drain Orion of his last life energy. But Robo Knight appears to try and stop him. Vrak won’t let that happen.

“This base will become your grave!”

Vrak sets his underwater base to self-destruct. Robo Knight takes Orion and escapes the base.

In Gosei’s lair, the Rangers are watching Robo Knight’s key and it stops glowing.

“Does that mean?”
“Yeah. He’s gone.”
“We’ll never forget him.”

The alarm sounds and Tensou says Vrak is back at the quarry. The Rangers want to avenge Robo Knight’s “death.”

Vrak is activating the drills. They begin drilling into the Earth.

The Rangers arrive, but Vrak just laughs and initiates a solar eclipse to draw even more of his dark power.

The Rangers morph and then go Ultra Mode. They send an Ultra Strike toward Vrak, but he just catches it and squashes it in his hand.

Vrak unleashes more of his dark power, but the Rangers keep charging forward. The solar eclipse arrives. The Rangers try the Megaforce Blaster one more time and a Dynamic Victory Charge. But Vrak counters it with his own dark power.

The Rangers somehow find a way to send a powerful blast toward Vrak. But he’s still alive. Troy charges forward.

The Rangers talk about burning hope flames. They block one of Vrak’s attacks and Gosei supports Troy’s idea to use a Sky Strike. The eclipse will multiply their power 1000x.

The others launch Troy into the air for an Infinite Sky Strike. For the Earth! For Robo Knight!

That slices Vrak in half. And the eclipse is over.

The drills disappear.

The Rangers see something on the beach. It’s Orion. They run over to him.

They bring him back to the Command Center and Orion tells them he was almost dead until this amazing Robo Knight saved him.

“He sacrificed his own life force and transferred it to me. He may be gone, but I carry his energy inside. He will always be with me.”

“He’ll always be with all of us.”

Gosei says Robo Knight was a true warrior, as are all of them. They have finally destroyed Vrak and saved the Earth. His energy is inside Orion and they will defeat the Armada once and for all!

Episode Thoughts


This episode was so unintentionally hilarious throughout. But at the same time so depressingly cringe-worthy.

Troy’s glowing-Hulk/Super Saiyan moment was the most hilarious. I’d have cracked up if I were there filming that scene and he started screaming like that. Then there’s Noah’s deadpan, matter of fact “Yeah, he’s gone” when they were watching Robo Knight’s key go out. Like WTF are you all on?

Like all of Megaforce, this episode was all hollow action. There’s no other way to describe it. They have all of the Sentai action footage of course, but they didn’t bother to set up any story to back it up or serve as a foundation to the pretty explosions and fights.

I will say that the unmorphed Troy-Robo Knight scene was pretty awesome. Partly because it was so brutal. But Troy is not an angel, so he should not be glowing like that.

Killing off Robo Knight though? Just because they couldn’t film one or two scenes for the final 3 episodes? Robo Knight dying should be so huge and dramatic, but it just wasn’t.

And what about Vrak’s ultimate end? The Rangers struggle all this time, but just one eclipse-powered slice from Troy and he’s dead? Oh brother.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Tensou Sentai Goseiger Episodes: Epic 48 – The Fighting Gosei Power, Epic 49 – Fight Towards the Future, Epic 50 – Protecting the Planet is an Angel’s Duty

Much of the hilarity and cringe-worthy material was because they chopped up the final three episodes of Goseiger and stripped them of any sense and meaningful detail. They gave Troy lines and personality meant for Alata.

And Troy is definitely no Alata. (That’s not a compliment.)

Goseiger‘s finale was incredibly epic. Say what you will about the season itself, but it ended with a HUGE bang. Excellent finale. That scene of the Goseigers flying into the air to use the Gosei Global power to get rid of the wedges definitely made me tear up. Beautiful scene, especially with the theme song kicking in.

But here on Megaforce? Nothing. It meant absolutely nothing. =(
*sigh* Oh well.

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