Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 6 – “Have you ever milked anything in your life?”

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 6 – “I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat”

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 6 – “Have you ever milked anything in your life?”

Teams start the 6th Leg of the Race needing to deliver two sacks of hay to a storage area on the roof of a stable. They will then travel by horse drawn carriage into town, feed their horses an apple and pick up a brand new Ford Fiesta.

Adam & Bethany pass Kym & Alli to the hay. Both teams are confident in their strengths. Tim and Te Jay want to use strategy if their strength is not enough against the professional wrestlers, professional surfers and professional dentists who bodybuild. They decide to walk to the stable.

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Shelley & Nici want to get past their big blowup the other Leg. Amy & Maya are confident they can make up time even if they’re in last. As long as they don’t mess up with directions.

But they mess up. They and Shelley & Nici run into Adam & Bethany who tell them to take a taxi to the storage area.

Teams must now drive themselves in a brand new Ford Fiesta to a local pottery stand to find their next clue.

TAR2506 TAR2506

Tim & Te Jay find the drop off point and Brooke & Robbie tell them the hay is a ways away. Amy & Maya arrive at the drop off point and they spot two bags of hay they think they’re supposed to take. Tim & Te Jay see them and know it is not right. Amy & Maya put the sacks on the roof, but they don’t get approved. Shelley & Nici are dropped off at the correct location.

Tim & Te Jay see them and they work out a deal. If Shelley & Nici can show them where to get the hay, Tim & Te Jay will show them how to get to the drop off point.

Amy & Maya are now last.

TAR2506 TAR2506

On the flipside, Kym & Alli are first and at the Pottery Stand, they find the Detour.
In Camp, teams must set up a traditional Berber tent. When the judge is satisfied, they’ll get the next clue.
In Cream, teams must milk a goat until they fill a milk pail, then churn goat milk into butter the traditional Berber way until they’ve made 3 ounces.

Kym & Alli, Adam & Bethany and Brooke & Robbie choose Cream. Misti & Jim choose Camp.

TAR2506 TAR2506

Shelley & Nici and Amy & Maya get themselves lost on the way to the Pottery. Tim & Te Jay choose Camp.

Kym & Alli have gotten enough milk and must now start making butter. They will first pour the milk into an animal skin which they will blow up and shake. When they start doing it, they think it might take a while. They ask one of the other farmers who is also churning butter and he tells them 45 minutes. Kym & Alli decide to switch Detours.

Adam & Bethany are still trying to get enough milk when Brooke & Robbie arrive.

TAR2506 TAR2506

Over at the Camp, Kym & Alli are struggling to even start getting the covering up, so they decide to switch back and finish what they started.

Misti & Jim finish and they must now drive to Terres d’Amanar.

Tim & Te Jay arrive at the Camp and carefully start putting up their tent. Meanwhile, Shelley & Nici have just turned around, but are still lost.

Adam & Bethany finish and are off

Misti & Jim arrive at Terres d’Amanar and find the Road Block. Who has a knack for sliding things into place?

TAR2506 TAR2506

For this Road Block, teams must navigate hanging bridges and ziplines across the canyons of the Atlas Mountains. Halfway through the course, teams must solve a puzzle before continuing.

Misti decides to do it.

Elsewhere, Shelley & Nici finally find the Pottery Stand while Tim & Te Jay finish the Detour.

Misti solves the puzzle and ziplines to the finish. She and Jim are given a picture of the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race, Casbah D’If.

TAR2506 TAR2506

On the way out, they see Adam & Bethany just arriving. Bethany does the Road Block. Te Jay and Alli are close behind.

Back at the Detour, Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie leave just as Shelley & Nici arrive. They also choose Cream.

Over at the Pit Stop, Misti & Jim are welcomed by a man with a chicken and dove on his head and they are officially checked-in as Team #1. Phil tells them they’ve won a trip to Brazil.

At the puzzle, Te Jay and Alli decide to work on the puzzle together. They get it and head off to the Pit Stop.

Amy & Maya pass the turn off and have to go back. Maya must now catch up to Brooke at the Road Block and both have trouble with the puzzle. Brooke especially. Maya tries to encourage her.

TAR2506 TAR2506

Back at the Pit Stop, Adam & Bethany step on the mat in 2nd. Kym & Alli are 3rd and the birds love Tim & Te Jay in 4th.

Brooke and Maya finally finish the Road Block and they head to the Pit Stop. Brooke & Robbie are officially Team #5 and Amy & Maya are Team #6.

That leaves Shelley & Nici who step on the Mat in last and are eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

Wow! Two legitimately amazing episodes and Legs in a row. After last week’s Emmy-worthy episode, this week’s was very good as well. It was a great with a solid Detour and Road Block and extra task. The only downside was that this would’ve been a perfect Non-Elimination Leg with how everything was set-up, but it was still an exciting one.

That first Active Route Info task was great. Again having teams navigate their way through Morocco by themselves was great. The Detour was great. The Road Block was great. Everything was great.

Just some awesome tasks in a not-so-linear Leg which ended up being one of the best episodes in years. Imagine that!

Also, looks like The Amazing Race US also uses drones!

That’s awesome! The aerial shots from the drones have been one of the best things about The Amazing Race Philippines and I was wishing TARUS would use drones too. So seeing the drones and the shots this episode was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

These two Morocco Legs have been two of the best Amazing Race Legs and episodes in years. Everything came together these two Legs; great, challenging tasks, great locations, great competition and great teams.

Speaking of The Amazing Race Philippines, I would love to see the TARPH2 teams on Legs like these Morocco Legs. They would freak the hell out. lol Some might even quit! They should totally recycle these Legs on TARPH3. Morocco is a visa-free country for Filipino citizens! Woohoo!

My Subjective Team Rankings

This episode definitely did not start out very well for me though since my three favorite teams were all last. That was horrible!

Tim & Te Jay are just so likeable. You can’t help but want to root for them. They always seem to fall behind at some point, but are later able to work themselves back up top. So they are definitely doing something right. Them making that little deal with Shelley & Nici was great too. TARPh teams could learn a little from that example of how far teams should help each other. Definitely rooting for Tim & Te Jay to go all the way.

So sad Shelley & Nici were done in by one wrong turn (or really, one long drive in the wrong direction. Or no direction. They definitely delivered every episode. Episode 1, they already showed they could be a fun, but also capable team. And they definitely showed it in the succeeding Legs. Including their big Pit Stop meltdown. A lot of people are already penciling them in for All-Stars 3 (or is it 2 since TAR24 doesn’t exist). And I would love that!

Morocco has not been good to Amy & Maya, but they survived. They are Racing well enough, but directions are definitely going to be a problem for them. They too are very likeable and Maya is just a lot of fun. But I hope they can take care of their little mistakes though.

Kym & Alli have been an unexpectedly strong team and very fun too. They experienced a little hiccup this Leg with the Detour, but they still competed well and strong and are very much a contender. Brooke & Robbie have also been a lot of fun. They’ve provided much amusement this Race without going overboard and being camwhores which some teams may be inclined to do. Especially Brooke and Robbie who are used to performing. So it is great to see a fun team like them and not feel like all their fun is forced.

Adam & Bethany have been good. Bethany is definitely a beast and the editing showing that and highlighting that has been careful not to be too much as well. It’s definitely a tricky job to edit that way, but it’s been alright so far. Thankfully. I like them and I wouldn’t want to start disliking them because of an overbearing edit.

Misti & Jim, while not as dominant, are definitely Rachel & Dave-lite. Almost the same personalities and outlook on the Race. I don’t hate that, but it can get boring or old very fast. That’s why I like that Misti & Jim are not so dominant and we also saw them collapse too. The Save still sucks, but we’ll see how well they do moving forward.

Episode Quotes

Tim: “If I see another goat, I might puke.”

Tim: “This smells like camel fart.”

Kym: “Have you ever milked anything in your life?”

Adam: “I’m scared her horns are gonna poke me in the eyeball.”

Brooke: “I got my eye on you! Your boobs are huge.”

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