The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 4 Wrap-up – "Tagal ko na nagtitimpi sa ‘yo."

I thought this was an okay Leg. I liked the tasks, but together they made for maybe the most linear Leg yet. There were no opportunities for teams to pass each other, get ahead or fall behind.

The placements over these last 4 Legs, I think, show that’s actually been the case this whole time. A big reason may be the number of “First come, first serve” tasks. Teams needing to wait their turn at various tasks results in them getting into an order and never breaking out of it.

This Leg desperately needed an equalizer. Without it, the placements are pretty much carried over from last Leg. Especially since teams are driving themselves (which is great), there’s no chance for other teams to catch up.

As for the tasks themselves, they were all solid on their own. But like I said, together, they made for a very linear Leg.

The zipline task was fine. It actually would’ve been better if they forced teams to actually hit the targets instead of just dropping them in the pool. Having them all bunched together would’ve been more exciting as well.

The Detour would’ve been great, but no one chose what could’ve been an interesting task at Poro Point Lighthouse. The teams also robbed us of great drone shots.

The Bacsil Ridge Route Marker was also fun, but again, placed with the tasks we already got in the Leg, it took away any competition. The pottery Route Marker was also a fine Active Route Info task. And the Road Block was the best version of the “guards” task on a TAR so far (over TAR Asia and Australia).

Again, that would’ve been a great task with more than just two teams there at a time.

I have no idea what teams did with the surfing before the Pit Stop since the episode hasn’t been uploaded. But I would hope that having an extra task before the Pit Stop in the Saturday episode helped make it a little less tedious.

Still, the linear Legs take away from any kind of competition and this week, they also took away any big developments in team dynamics too.

I hope they change the way the Legs are set-up in the future. These long Legs should foster more placement changes than usual. Instead, because of the tasks, they’ve become increasingly more linear than normal Legs. =(

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Leg

I am so sad Tina & Avy were the ones eliminated this week. They’ve been the only Racers who have run the Race the way it is supposed to be run since the very beginning. The other teams not helping them at the ice bar challenge may have been the best thing for them because they had to learn how to Race on their own. And they did. They never really struggled with any task. They just never really got the opportunity to move up in the rankings or have luck on their side like other teams had. But the most important thing was even if there were frustrating times, they never gave up. Just like Zarah & Osang, they fought to the end with a lot of heart. That’s the way you’re supposed to run The Amazing Race and it’s a shame they are out so early.

“Kailangan talaga, effort palagi… Kahit mahirap, ‘Go!’ lang kami.”
This quote from them perfectly encapsulates the kind of attitude you should have on the Race. And they definitely exemplified it.

After benefiting from answer sharing at the ice bar, Kelvin & JP have since also learned how to Race on their own merits without help from anyone else but each other. The U-Turns on the last two Legs of the Race have also helped drive them to keep going and never give up as well. With Tina & Avy out, Kelvin & JP are the only team left who I can 100% root for to go to the end. They’ve done so well these last three Legs and overcome a lot of obstacles. On their own.

Of #TheBrainTrust, AJ & Jody have been depicted at the ones who have least benefited from the alliance. They’ve been shown to do things more on their own rather than stick with the group. Plus, their fun father-son arguments make them more enjoyable than the rest of the teams.

Too bad Roch & Eji still haven’t gotten their first win. I miss Eji’s shrieks though. And since there’s no Pit Stop episode available, again, I didn’t get to see if Roch continued her Derek Hug Count. =( I wanted to make gifs of all of her Derek Hugs. And since I haven’t seen the Pit Stop episode, I have no idea why Jet & Yna didn’t win over Matt & Phoebe. It would’ve been a good win considering this Leg didn’t bring the alliance talk out again. =)

Matt & Phoebe are alright. I forgot that Phoebe speaks Ilocano so when I finally got to watch the Pangasinan Road Block episode, it was fun hearing her “Ay apo! Nag-rigat ti biag!” So that’s bonus points for them. But while you can’t take away from their 3 wins, they’ve definitely gotten some luck and some help from #TheBrainTrust. Still, they’re a strong team. But I don’t really want to see another Marc & Kat. Where’s the British-accented arguments though?

RR & Jeck provide much entertainment. But I definitely wish they’d take the Race more seriously and hustle a bit more. They are definitely the luckiest team in the Race, but they definitely need to step it up or they will be the next to go, especially with the way the Legs are set up. Vince & Ed are just meh. I still don’t get that explanation of theirs at the Detour. Still sounded pretty condescending to me.

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  1. hey, i always watch TARP also nakakasad nga lang kapag walang upload na episode. Pero nakausap ko si Phoebe on her Instagram account, sabi nya dont worry daw the tv5 will upload full episodes on their website soon, pero sana nga magupload sila, ung naguupload sa dailymotion ung johdelacruz2013 ung name ng account, madalas nakaprivate ung mga uploads nya, minemessage ko sya na sana ipublic kaso no response.

      1. yeah tama ka jan. pero thanks na din sa youtube account nila for uploading the leg 3 episodes,,, kahit late na magupload thank you pa din hehe pero sana maging updated na sila sa paguuplod para hindi naman nakakabitin. hehehe. kapag wala ako mapanood or walang upload na episodes tumatambay na lang ako dito s blog mo kahit pano nauupdate ako. kaya thank you sayo admin for always updating us. keep it up! 🙂

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