Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.18 – "As long as everybody plays their part."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.18 – Meta Fiction


Metatron has a story for us today.

We begin with Dean in the shower. Because… Dean in the shower.

Castiel in a warehouse full of dead angels. He meets Hannah, the only one who survived Gadreel who lured them there wanting them to join Metatron’s army with the promise of reentry into heaven.

Some joined, others didn’t and are dead. Except her. Castiel heals her and she recognizes him. She wants him to lead them again, but he refuses.

Castiel calls the Bros. He fills them in on what he’s learned and sends them a symbol that’s being used a spell, an angel siren that attracts angels. Castiel figures Gadreel is heading north in Utah, so he and the Bros split the two next big towns.

While Gadreel is off procuring fairy bones and griffon feathers, Castiel is paid a visit by… Gabriel.

He explains he faked his own death, of course, and had been hiding in heaven all this time… until everyone got kicked out. He’s been on the run since until he was attracted by the Horn of Gabriel. Castiel says it is Gadreel that’s blowing the horn.

Gabriel wants Castiel’s help to kill Metatron.


Sam and Dean get to a smoke shop to ask help from their friend who helps out hunters with things like feathers and fairy bones. But they find he’s dead, eyes burned out.

Castiel calls Dean and Gabriel takes the phone and leaves a kooky message.

Castiel asks what Gabriel’s seen since being on Earth; biblical chaos, Crowley, Abbadouche. Then there’s their scattered angel peeps who aren’t like “them,” they can’t handle this “free will” thing.

They’re different, they’re rebels. “One without a cause, one with.”

Castiel says he’s just a soldier. Well, I’m gonna need all the soldiers I can get, Gabriel says. He’ll be happy to be the leader. He’s always run, he doesn’t want to anymore. He wants to do what he was meant to do.

They stop for gas, but so do some of Metatron’s minions. Gabriel tells Castiel he has some archangel juice left so he can hold these guys off while Castiel escapes. Castiel can take his place and be a real leader.

But when Castiel notices the tear in his coat from earlier is gone, he realizes what this is.

“I really hate continuity errors.”


Gabriel comes clean. None of it was real, but all of it was truth, he says. Who’s truth? Castiel asks. Metatron’s?

Gabriel snaps his fingers and Castiel wakes up in the study with Metatron. It was Castiel Metatron was talking to earlier. Metatron explains this was all to get Castiel to be his foil in the big story. To be the “villain” to his “hero.”

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean have tricked and trapped Gadreel. They tie him up, but Gadreel refuses to say anything of importance. Sam wants to take his anger out on him, but Dean tells him to go look for Castiel in the next town over.

But when Sam leaves, Dean tells Gadreel he doesn’t care if he talks or not, he will just make him pay for what he did to Sam and Kevin.

Dean slices and punches. Gadreel then tries to provoke Dean to finish him off by saying Sam thinks Dean is a piece of worthless crap. But Dean realizes it and decides to just let him rot in chains. He leaves.

Metatron says he truly likes Castiel. All he has to do is lead the dumb angels to their deaths against Metatron and Castiel will get a nice warm seat up in heaven. Castiel refuses.

Metatron gets the news that Gadreel has been captured. He goes to meet Sam at Castiel’s motel room and proposes an even trade for tomorrow morning.

Sam heads back to Dean who has just absolutely laid it into Gadreel after more Mark-throbbing. But he’s still alive.


They meet Metatron who just gently blows away their traps and angel blades. He’s an entity of his word, as he says, and he gives them Castiel and takes Gadreel.

Metatron is back to writing his story on the typewriter. Gadreel comes in and asks if his little play went according to plan. Not everything, he replies, but a writer likes a good twist and surprise. Gadreel asks if the Bros taking him captive was a surprise and Metatron insists that yes, indeed it was.

“But I know something they don’t know; the ending. How I get there doesn’t matter, as long as everybody plays their part.”

Meanwhile, Castiel and the Bros catch up. Castiel can’t believe Dean has the Mark of Cain and he tells Sam to keep an eye on his brother.

Frankie Valli starts singing. The Bros drive back home.
Castiel goes back to his motel and uses the angel siren to summon new soldiers who quickly appear outside.


Metatron continues typing.

“God watched over them. Smiling at His good works.


Episode Thoughts
“The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine” was a very beautiful way to end the episode. I wouldn’t have minded that song to have played for the final scene of the season really.

This episode was definitely one of those buffers that is supposed to signal the final stretch of the season. We’re definitely in that final stretch (minus the spin-off backdoor pilot) even though what this season’s endgame will really be about is still not too clear.

When things get “meta” on Supernatural, it’s easy to assume the Trickster is involved. So that whole sequence with him was definitely not a surprise.

A lot of the episode was like a refresher on the angel side of this season after having focused on the demon side the last couple of episodes. And especially after the long break.

It was an alright episode. But things will definitely be getting a little more eventful in the coming weeks, I know.

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