Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 25 – Guridon and Bravo – The Ultimate Tag Team

Gaim 25

Kota, Peco and Micchi fight off a huge swam of Inves by the waterfront. Micchi reminds Kota not to be dumb and reckless.

Some of the locals are starting to change their opinions on the Armored Riders. Jonouchi watches and wishes he could show off too. He would’ve outwitted the other teams and be on top by now… oh, wait, the rankings are no more.

Gaim 25

He sees one of his former teammates, Mia, and wants to call over to her, but Mai and Chucky arrive and Mia excitedly tells them about some new choreography she’s come up with.

As they leave to go somewhere they can dance, they start talking about how lame and weak Jonouchi is. Makes you wonder if he’s really a man, former teammate says. And on top of that, his glasses don’t suit him!

Gaim 25

Jonouchi is crushed. He heads back to Charmant where Oren notices he’s out of it. Jonouchi curls up in a ball while Oren is happy his protégé has realized the foolishness he had been partaking in. Now it’s time for Jonouchi to become a real, genuine man!

Kota’s in Helheim again, looking for Overlords. But he finds Kaito instead.

You’re here looking for Overlords too aren’t you, Kota asks. Why didn’t you tell me there was a way to save the world without Yggdrasill’s help?

Gaim 25

Kaito doesn’t think the Overlords would be of much help to humans. After he fought them, he realized their immense power and how humans are worthless weaklings to them. Does Kota really think they’ll help humans if he asks?

Well, we won’t know ’til we try, Kota says. Kaito thinks it’s too soon to negotiate with them. They need more power to show that humans can beat them. Then, they can make their demands when they’ve got the upper hand, from a position of power.

Gaim 25

Ryoma, Minato and Sid are discussing the progress in the search for DJ Sagara. But it turns out all they had to do was wait for Sagara to come to them. He pops up in Ryoma’s round room.

Gaim 25

Just who or what are you, Ryoma asks.
Sagara says he’s just a spectator who has been unhappy with their advantage in this little game. It makes him want to root for and help an underdog like Kota. But at the same time, it would also be unfair to only help Kota. Plus, he doesn’t want them to think he’s an enemy.

Project Ark, saving humanity; it’s merely an instrument for Yggdrasill to gain power. Sagara wants to know Ryoma’s true goals, then maybe he can give them some answers as well.

Ryoma explains. Humanity has likely been in contact with Helheim since the dawn of history. There are many myths involving otherworldly fruits; Garden of Eden, the golden apple of Norse legend, a fruit called ambrosia that gave eternal life according to Greek myths.

Ryoma thinks the source of all those myths leads back to Helheim, which means there’s more to it than just an invasive species wanting to turn everything into Inves. There must be a forbidden fruit that will grant godly powers to whoever obtains it.

Gaim 25

How insightful, Sagara says. That’s the truth within Helheim. It not only invades worlds, it helps find and evolve a new species worthy of ruling those new worlds. But the forbidden fruit doesn’t fall into just anyone’s hands. Evolution involves conflict and a battle that will result in just one being able to reach out and grab it.

Ryoma is beside himself. He likes that. They are ready for that ultimate battle.

Sid asks why give them such information. It only makes them more suspicious.

The Overlords hold the key to the fruit they seek, Sagara says before his hologram disappears.

Gaim 25

Across town, Oren is putting Jonouchi through a boot camp at the playground. They henshin and Oren wants Jonouchi to try and catch him. Hehe! Jonouchi ends up stepping on a landmine.

Gaim 25

Strength isn’t enough to make him a real man. He must also be beautiful and graceful. They are back at Charmant and Oren has dressed Jonouchi in a dress, a wig, make-up and a boa. Be elegant! Be beautiful!

Gaim 25 Gaim 25

Jonouchi curls up in a ball again, crying just as Mai, Chucky and Mia walk into the shop. They immediately walk back out. He only cries some more. But Oren says this is no time for crying, he must get up and start over.

But Jonouchi’s had enough of this. Oren says if he can’t even get through this, then he’ll never be a real, genuine man.

Will you cut it out you buffed-up, muscled daruma! I’m fed up with this foolishness, Jonouchi says. Shut up about being a real man, I admit it! I’m a fake! I envy you, knowing what you want to do in life. But right now, I don’t!

Gaim 25

Oren takes a seat. You really are a fool, he says. It’s only natural you don’t know what you want to do…

Jonouchi storms out and heads to Drupers.

It’s a strawberry fair! Kota is surprised by the bright balloon display. But he’s more surprised seeing Jonouchi in the corner. Bando puts a coat on him and picks up the boa.

Gaim 25

Kota tries to find out what’s wrong. But Jonouchi isn’t in the mood. Bando gives Jonouchi a parfait and tries on the boa.

Jonouchi says he thinks it was better when he and Hase were a team. He wonders what he’s up to these days. Yeah, about that…

Kota starts to explain, but Jonouchi continues. He envies Kota being able to hang out with his friends, getting the real youth experience. Nah, who is he kidding. That’s gross.

Gaim 25

Actually, Kota answers, that’s not true. He’s always been a team outsider who quit the team. And he’s keeping secrets from everyone. Plus he’s bothering Mitchi. And then there’s Kaito.

I don’t know if I can handle it all, Kota says. Thinking about it makes me feel like I’ll die from anxiety.
I don’t understand the details, Jonouchi replies, but it seems like he’s having a hard time too.

Gaim 25

Oren appears. That’s enough, he says. But he’s startled when creepy worker Iyo starts taking pictures of boa’d Bando.

Oren says he will not let Kota drag Jonouchi back into his delinquent ways. This is a critical time for him as he’s trying to become a real man! Oren henshins.

Gaim 25

Oren goes after Kota, then starts making a mess of the strawberry display. That’s when Iyo springs into action. She kicks off her shoes and uses a broom and dustpan, a bo and a pair of nunchaku to slap Oren around.

Gaim 25

Kota runs and Oren chases after him.

But they have a slapsticky battle along the waterfront all while Kota explains that it is not the Beat Riders who unleashed the Inves on Zawame City.

Gaim 25

Suddenly, two evolved Inves appear. They each take one as Kota continues to explain that Inves come through Cracks. Jonouchi watches nearby when suddenly a swarm of Inves come flying in. He decides to jump in. He henshins and runs toward them to help.

But the Inves overpower Jonouchi and even take him up in the air until Oren hurls his sword at it, forcing the Inves to drop Jonouchi. Oren catches him.

Gaim 25

Jonouchi loses consciousness and Oren takes him away as Kota finishes off the swarm of flying Inves and the two evolved Inves with Kachidoki Arms.

Oren and Jonouchi have de-henshined and Oren carries Jonouchi on his back.

Gaim 25

You really are a fool to act so rashly like that, Oren says. But he looked great doing it. He peeled off a layer of his facade back there. He’ll acknowledge that much. So let’s continue to get along… boy.

Hideyasu is very touched. Oren says he’ll make that naughty Kota pay next time, but Hide-kun explains that they really have stopped the Inves Games. Since there are no more rankings, there’s no reason to play the Inves. And one of his former teammates now gets along with the members of Team Gaim.

So what is going on, Oren wonders.

Gaim 25

Kota helps Bando clean up the mess left at Drupers. Mai walks in.

Gaim 25

There’s awkward silence before Kota says he has to leave. Mai, however, wants to talk.

Across town, Oren fights a Crack and decides to jump in.

Gaim 25

Episode Thoughts
This was an okay episode, but I must admit I’ve really been underwhelmed by these two episodes. I guess since Gaim was at such full throttle drama for like two months, going back to the hilarity and goofiness of the first couple of episodes is a little jarring.

Not that this wasn’t an enjoyable episode. It was nice to finally see Oren and Jonouchi in actual story. And it was pretty nice to finally see Oren calm down as well and show sincere concern for his little boy. (That’s not creepy at all.)

I am very excited to finally see Mitchi snap on Kota. That will be an AMAZING moment. I hope. That they’ve been building Mitchi’s indignation every week really has to set up one big explosion. I am expecting something big.

Ryoma’s mad scientist laugh after Sagara explained Helheim was very interesting. Like, he’s also about to go mad too. Sagara, meanwhile, seems to be setting all the pieces up in a way that they will all fall into place that benefits him.

And Kaito, it’s always been about attaining a position of power that allows him to be in control. Before it was about wanting revenge, then about showing he too can be on top, now, who knows.

At first I was unsure about that Kota-Mai awkwardness, but then I remembered, Mai’s been wondering what’s up with Kota. So, maybe the big reveal to Mai will be next week. Along with fed up Mitchi?

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 25 – Guridon and Bravo – The Ultimate Tag Team


    Well, at least this didn’t end with Junouchi getting killed.

    Fun episode actually. nice breather. Gaim has few of these far in between.

    Though the part with Ryouma and Sagara was quite intriguing. Sagara doesn’t seem to be disturbed one bit that Ryouma is trying (unsuccessfully) to toy with him. it also somehow gave hints as to where this is possibly going. Sagara says that Helheim can give the power to evolve, so this might support the theory that this would end with Kouta becoming a full-fledged Overlord on his own.

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