Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.16 – "I'm Still a Little Rusty."

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.16 – “The Show Must Go On”

“Under such conditions, whatever is evil in men’s natures comes to the front.”

Grimm 316

Monroe and Rosalee ask Nick and Juliette to be their best man and maid of honor. That’s an awesome idea. But later that night, Nick has a nightmare of the wedding. The wedding guests woge and see the Grimm and all hell breaks loose.

Juliette wakes Nick up and they agree it’s probably not worth the risk for Nick to agree to be Monroe’s best man.

Grimm 316

The circus in town. And the most popular attraction is a show featuring various creatures including a very convincing wolfman. He’s Max and after the show, two young women entice him to have drinks at their home, much to Max’s reluctance as he appears to be struggling keeping his Wesen in.

Drunk and horny, they want to see Max do his wolf thing and they try to get him to “change” by feeling him up. They decide they want it rough, so they slap him which gets him to finally woge. They end up dead the next morning and Nick, Hank and Wu are on the case.

Grimm 316

They head to Carnival Metamorphosia and sit in on the big show. After the Damonfeuer, Siegbarste and Fuchsbau, out comes Max who Mr. Hedig, the ringmaster forces to woge before “shooting” him.

Nick and Hank head backstage just after Hedig, a Lowen, scolds his performers. He invites Nick and Hank to his trailer where he gives them a list of his employees and explains the beautiful Chinese-made masks they use in the show.

Genevieve, fellow Wesen performer, tries to talk to her boyfriend Max. He says he can’t remember anything other than getting dragged off to drink last night. She wants them to finally leave the circus, but Max doesn’t know where they’d go. He reaches for the Jack, but Genevieve grabs it and smashes it on the floor.

Grimm 316

Max woges and slaps her. She falls on the broken glass and tries to get Max to calm down, but it’s no use. It isn’t until Hedig and the others come in that he de-woges, upset in being unable to control himself.

Now that Genevieve can’t perform, they need to find a replacement.

Grimm 316

Over in the Swiss Alps, Viktor and Co. are still on the hunt for Adalind and baby who are carefully making their way through the forest.

Meisner brings them back to where Sebastian dropped them off. He goes to the parked cars and finds Sebastian in one, all beat up. But suddenly, one of Viktor’s goons pops in and points a gun at Meisner only to get it pointed back and fired at himself thanks to Adalind.

Grimm 316

Meisner shoots up Viktor’s Mercedes G-Class. Adalind can’t believe what Sebastian has gone through just because he helped her. Now Sebastian wants to make up for ratting them out by staying behind and allowing Adalind to escape.

It is night when Viktor and Co. return to the car. Sebastian manages to kill Viktor’s men, but Viktor ends up shooting him too.

Grimm 316

Back on the road, Meisner thanks Adalind for saving him, again. Renard calls Meisner and tells him he’s got Adalind and baby’s way out of Europe. He’s sending them coordinates to an airstrip outside of Zurich.

You’re not coming with? Adalind asks. No, my fight he is here, Meisner says.

Back in Portland, Monroe and Rosalee tell Nick and Hank that while the exploitation of Wesen in circuses and carnivals is offensive, it’s the Umkippen, the forcing oneself to woge over and over that is the biggest danger as the Wesen side will eventually take over.

Grimm 316

Nick and Hank go to the precinct and Rosalee suggests she and Monroe go to the carnival as they can spot someone suffering from Umkippen. Why not bring Nick along? Monroe asks. Uh… no, he’s a Grimm. It would make things worse.

Monroe and Rosalee try to talk to one of the performers, offering their help. Rosalee woges to show they are “sympatico,” but the Siegbarste doesn’t talk and the ticket taker Sid instead mistakes Rosalee for being here to audition. He brings her into the tent. Hedig tells Rosalee to woge and turn for him. Wonderful. She’s got the job and she performs tonight.

Sid brings Rosalee to see Genevieve to help her get ready. Rosalee tries to make small talk until Genevieve spills the beans about how horrible it is here and how she’s afraid for her boyfriend Max.

But Rosalee asks too many questions. Genevieve tells her to hurry and change into the costume. In the changing area, Monroe pops in and tells Rosalee they need to go, but Rosalee says it’s worse than they thought and they need to see this through.

Nick and Hank find murders dating back 10 years in towns the carnival has been to. Max hasn’t been with the carnival for 10 years, only Hedig. They hurry over.

Grimm 316

Back at the carnival. Max refuses to go on stage without Genevieve. Sid brings a fully dressed Rosalee out and Max turns his anger towards her. She thinks she can replace Genevieve?!

Hedig woges and says not to push him. He orders Max to get in the cage.

Take a good look at these bars, Hedig says. If it wasn’t for me, that’s where you’d be if I didn’t clean up your messes.

You can’t treat me this way, Max says.

Grimm 316

“I own you, I can treat you any way I want. If I didn’t stop those girls or any of the others from calling the cops, what do you think would’ve happened?”

It was Hedig.

“He can’t go on! He’s sick!” Rosalee tries to tell Sid.
“We all are sweetie.”

Hedig tells everyone to have a great show.

Monroe calls Nick to fill him in on what’s happening just as the show begins.
Nick and Hank hurry over.

Grimm 316

It’s Rosalee’s turn to woge, but Max grows angry. He woges and breaks out of the cage. Hedig’s gunshot doesn’t work this time and Max starts to rampage. Max turns his attention to Rosalee and Monroe woges to stop him. Nick and Hank chase after Hedig.

Rosalee tries to get Monroe to understand it is Max who has Umkippen. Both de-woge and Rosalee tells Max it’s going to be okay.

Hedig heads into the funhouse where he is surrounded by the other Wesen performers. They decide to get payback and they kill him.

Grimm 316

Genevieve thanks Rosalee for her help and she and the others take Max to a place Rosalee recommends for him to get the help that he needs.

Back home, Rosalee puts the costume on from the carnival so she and Monroe can have some fun.

Grimm 316

Episode Thoughts
This was a pretty good episode. But the preview for Mama Burkhardt’s return is everything. Now THAT is going to be a good episode.

But back to this one. It helps set up the possible craziness that could happen at Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding relating to Nick’s Grimm-ness. Though Monroe and Rosalee being offended by everything will start to get very old. They’ll need to cut back on that because while Wesen surely are getting treated unfairly and all, they are not the weak wilting willows that can’t defend themselves either. I think we get their struggle enough to not have us get knocked in the head over it every week.

Would Rosalee be offended if I commented on how hot she looked in that costume?

Anyway, it was fun to see Sam Witner as a wolf and not a vampire for an hour.

But again, that preview for the next episode in two weeks is definitely much more exciting. Can’t wait!

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