Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.16 – "You're Just Gonna Let Hell Go to Hell?"


The Bros haven’t heard from Crowley since he’s gone looking for the First Blade, other than a strange voice mail of him seemingly drunk. Worried about their big plan going up in flames, the summon a crossroads demon… who just happens to be living in Snooki. Yes, that Snooki. She tells the Bros that even Crowley loyalists are starting to defect to #TeamAbbadon because of his absence.

Well, turns out he was drunk. Drunk on life addicted to human blood. And sex. In between jonesing for the red stuff, he still manages to realize the demon Lola he’s been banging and who’s been serving as his blood runner has actually been reporting to Abbadon. He kills her and then calls Sam and Dean.

The Bros are waiting for Crowley in his hotel room when he comes back from another run to the blood bank and they stage a mini-intervention. Snap out of it, they say. They bring him back to the batcave and his old digs in the dungeon where he relates to Moose everything he’s found out about where the First Blade could be. This while also trying to get Moose to lighten up and be friends.


“You’re the king of rotten, act like it!”

Thanks to Crowley possessing a black market liaison for a few seconds, they learn the First Blade is at the National Institute of Antiquities. But it is Abbadon’s men who get there first only to find out it is not there anymore.

The Bros talk to the curator who, while wanting to get into Dean’s pants, tells them she sold it to a guy named Magnus since she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to authenticate the legitimacy of a “First Blade.”

After she leaves, Sam points out Magnus, as in “Albert Magnus,” is the name the Men of Letters used to go incognito.


Finagling his way out of the dungeon and into the comfy common room, Crowley helps lead the Bros through old Men of Letters membership rolls to find one Cuthbert Sinclair, a former member who was responsible for the warding of the batcave as well as being Master of Spells. He had been banished for his out-there ideas and was not present for Abbadon’s MoL Massacre of 1958.

Crowley leads the Bros to a clearing in the woods, the location his boys had tracked Cuthbert to, but had never found him. After introducing themselves and a little plea, a portal smokes up from the ground and the Bros enter a fancy residence.

This is the home of Cuthbert, now Magnus who has what he calls the greatest collection (and zoo) of all supernatural things and antiquities. The Bros explain their situation and Magnus points to the First Blade right behind them, which is meaningless without… Dean shows the Mark of Cain and Magnus’ interest is piqued.

He says a spell that banishes Sam back outside and now tells Dean he should become part of his collection, complete the First Blade set.

Magnus forces Dean to hold the First Blade and the contact sends a big surge of something powerful through Dean’s arm, causing him to let go and drop it. Magnus is very pleased.

Sam hurries back to the Impala and a waiting Crowley who offers to join Sam in storming Magnus’ fortress. But Sam says he’s useless since his powers wouldn’t work in there anyway. Crowley tries to remind Moose that he’s been a big help to the Bros lately.


Moose tells him to shut up while he looks through Cuthbert’s old rejected ideas. One of them was to make the batcave invisible with a spell being the only point of entry. Bingo! But they’ll need a few things. Crowley may be useful after all.

As Magnus puts a spell on Dean to get him to relinquish his thought and will, Sam finishes up the concoction for the spell. Crowley waits for a Thanks that never comes.

“I’m growing on you, aren’t I?”

The door opens up and they head into the manse. They hear Magnus walking toward them. They hide and Sam manages to get a knife to his throat to force him to take him to Dean. But turns out it was only a shapeshifter from Magnus’ zoo.

Magnus has both Dean and Sam tied up. But Crowley comes sneaking in, frees Dean who grabs the First Blade and chops Magnus’ head off.

But that surge of power starts running through Dean again. Crowley stands and watches. Sam tries to get Dean to snap out of it. What’s he gonna do?!

Dean comes to and drops the blade.

They head back to the Impala to find Abbadon’s guys have searched through it and even keyed a message to Crowley on the side, “Be afraid, your queen.”


Sam tries to take Dean aside to remind him what Dean said earlier, Crowley is only useful until they find the First Blade. But Crowley can hear and pins them against the Impala. He takes the Blade and says he realizes his name is right up their list with Abbadon’s. He’ll hang on to the blade until they locate Abbadon.

Moose was right, they can’t trust him. But sadly, he can’t trust them either.

Episode Thoughts
Wow! You know, I actually have enjoyed Sam and Dean being the Three Muskateers with Crowley. Of course, you knew Crowley being all goody-goody wasn’t going to last forever. But it was fun while it lasted.

Though at the same time, you don’t know that they won’t be BFFs in the future again.

The entire episode was basically all about setting up that final scene. They have the First Blade, now it’s time to remind everyone that no, Crowley isn’t going to turn into the Mystic Mother like Rita Repulsa did. And to redraw the lines between The Bros and pretty much everyone else.

I was shocked when I saw Snooki’s name come up at the start of the episode. I must say though, I think Paris Hilton did much better in her little guest spot seasons ago.

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