Good Ol' Review: KBS Drama Special A Taste of Curry Another Charming Story

Good Ol' Review: KBS Drama Special A Taste of Curry Another Charming Story

No spoilers.

Another KBS Drama Special, another pleasant surprise.

A Taste of Curry starring Jun Hye Bin and Hyun Woo is another great example of KBS Drama Special’s penchant to present different and engaging stories.

Yoo Mi (Jun Hye Bin) owns and runs a curry restaurant and Hongdae all by herself. She doesn’t get very many customers and she’s fine with that even though she and her mother need the money. One day, she ends up knocking out Kyung Pyo (Hyun Woo), a seemingly drunk man who has just awaken on the bench outside her restaurant.

Now with temporary amnesia, Yoo Mi has to take Kyung Pyo in until he gets his memory back and can go home. But it appears there’s more to Kyung Pyo than just being a drunk that fell asleep on the street.

A Taste of Curry

As Kyung Pyo’s true identity and real intentions become clear, we get to watch Yoo Mi opening herself up to him and the neighborhood regulars she hasn’t ever made an attempt to get to know.

A cute and charming set-up turns poignant and emotional. It isn’t Kyung Pyo’s big secret that’s the main draw here, but what happens before and after it is revealed.

A Taste of Curry

This is my first time watching Jun Hye Bin and while she feels like a few other Korean actresses out there, she easily handles the quick development and change of emotions her character feels in just an hour.

Hyun Woo is very charming. From his days of hosting KBS’ Music Bank to supporting roles in Pasta, I Live in Cheongdamdong (with Smile Donghae‘s Oh Ji Eun) and most recently Ugly Alert, he is a naturally charming and talented actor who proves here that he definitely deserves a lead role of his own. It’s his performance that carries this hour and makes you interested and feel for the eventual emotional pay-off in the end.

Watch the entire Drama Special here:

And much kudos to KBS World for continuing to post full episodes online.

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