Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.14 – "Can you two… get over it?"

Supernatural, Episode 9.14 – Captives

Supernatural 914

The Bros discover the Bat Cave is haunted… by Kevin. He lets his presence known through the coffee maker which Sam and Dean later wait and watch for more contact. Sam goes to rest and it’s Dean’s turn to wait for Kevin’s call. But instead of waiting, Dean lets Kevin know what he wants to say.

Dean apologizes to Kevin for everything, for having busted his ass and dying as a reward. It was on me, Dean says, it was my fault.

Supernatural 914

Dean closes his eyes, not noticing the lights flickering. Sam hurries back and that’s when he appears.

“This is not happening. I did not spend months struggling to break through The Veil just to get stuck listening to Dean Winchester having self-pity sessions. As if I didn’t hear enough of those when I was alive.”

Supernatural 914

Kevin flickers in and out, so he says they should talk fast. He isn’t in heaven because heaven is closed for business ever since Metatron took over. Anyone that’s died since The Fall has been stuck in The Veil.

He has a big favor to ask of them; find his mother. He’s made contact within The Veil with a Candy who says she has seen her alive and well. Dean and Sam must try to talk to this new spirit in Wichita.

“You say you want to make it right, this is how.”

Supernatural 914

Meanwhile, Castiel learns of another faction, The Penitence headed by an angel named Rebecca, former friend of Metatron. They were a peaceful faction living humbly among humans until Bartholomew pretty much wiped them out, including Rebecca.

After talking to a former Penitence follower, Castiel gets captured by Bartholomew’s goons.

When they finally meet… they hug.

“It’s been too long!”

They catch up, talk about Castiel’s reign. Castiel used to be the one barking out orders to angels like Bartholomew. Not Bart is the one barking orders.

Supernatural 914

After their talk, Bart suggests they work together. They both want to find Metatron and restore their places in heaven. Bart is sure he will find Metatron before Malachi. And there is no reason he and Castiel can’t team-up for the same goal.

It’s nighttime and Sam and Dean are still waiting for Candy contact. Dean tries calling Crowley to see if he knows anything, his third time, but just voice mail. Suddenly, the radio they have hung on the tree turns on.

It’s Candy. She relates they were trapped in “boxes.” “They” including Linda Tran. She says two men were holding them captive. One was a pompous British guy (Crowley of course) who stopped coming after a while. He had said the three of them were worth more alive than dead.

Candy was able to escape only to get killed by the other man.

She says she doesn’t know what happened to Mrs. Tran after she left, but “for her sake, I hope she’s dead.”

Supernatural 914

Cut to one of the “boxes” where Mrs. Tran is sharpening a tool before the door opens and a man walks in. She screams.

The Bros go to a nearby storage facility. They see there’s a section Q with three adjacent lockers. They see it’s been leased by a D. Webster. The clerk, Del, says D. Webster just rented out another locker nearby. Dean goes to see it while Sam checks out Section Q where he finds Mrs. Tran.

But before he can find a way to unlock her chains, the door closes shut. It is Del. Who then knocks Dean out.

Supernatural 914

Sam finally unlocks Mrs. Tran. She points to the circuit box next to the door. Sam opens it and says it might take a while.

But she picked up a thing or two helping Kevin with his engineering assignments. She knows what the colored wires mean. As she’s unscrewing the wires, she asks if the Bros left Kevin in a safe place instead of letting him tag along for the rescue mission.

Sam merely nods. Good, Mrs. Tran says. They should hurry the hell outta there and they bring her to her son.

Supernatural 914 Supernatural 914

Sam puts his hand on Mrs. Tran’s. She gets the hint, but isn’t any less eager to get out of there.

“You will take me to my son!”

Del explains having signed up as Crowley’s intern and then just getting left behind. Dean breaks the news to Del that he and Crowley had been together, best buds as recently as last month.

Back at Buddy Boyle HQ, Bartholomew shows Castiel his command center where they have been tracking Metatron’s various Earthly sightings. Why not lure him out, Castiel says.

Supernatural 914

See, Bart adds. He’s an asset. If world-be dissidents see the new boss and the “ultimate rebel” working together, they’d take the hint and know that “resistance is futile.”

Bart’s goons drag in Rebecca’s Penitence friend whom Castiel had been talking to earlier. Bart wants to torture him to get info before killing him. And Castiel will help.

The guy says he’s the last of their faction. Okay, Bart says. He hands Castiel his angel blade.

But Castiel doesn’t want to. He knows the only choice is either obey to be killed. He chooses not to obey. He takes Bart’s punches and tells his men to stand down as this is between them two.

Castiel doesn’t fight back and says this infighting between angels must stop. Might as well start with him. Bart takes an angel blade, but Castiel one-ups him and has him pinned. But Castiel won’t stab him.

“What are you now? A Penitent?”
“I am nothing.”
“You never understood Castiel. There can be no peace without bloodshed.”

Bart pulls the angel blade out of his pocket to stab Castiel in the back, but Castiel turns and stabs him instead. The goons let him exit.

Supernatural 914

Castiel goes to the grave of Rebecca’s vessel. He apologizes for creating this chaos and says he respects her trying to find a new way to this chaos.

Suddenly, one of Bart’s goons shows up. But he doesn’t want to fight. After The Fall, he thought there was no other way. But Castiel showed that there is another way. I choose you, he says.

But Castiel says he is no leader. If you will have, I will follow you. I am not the only one.

Two other angels who walk toward them.

Sam saves Dean from getting sliced open by disgruntled Crowley lackey.

They have him tied up. Go ahead, kill me, Del says. But the Bros say they are saving him for someone else.

“Much worse.”

Supernatural 914

She does the honors, with no remorse.

“Take me to my son.”

They head back to the Bat Cave and the Bros call for Kevin. He pops in and they tell him she is alive and is here.

Supernatural 914 Supernatural 914

Mrs. Tran comes in and they finally have their reunion.

Dean shows Mrs. Tran Kevin’s things. But all she cares about is Mr. Tran’s college ring. If Kevin is bound to anything here, it is his father’s ring.

Supernatural 914

Dean says that with so many unknowns with the heaven situation, there’s a big risk with taking Kevin home with her. He warns that the longer a spirit is in The Veil… well, it doesn’t end well.

But Mrs. Tran says it is her job to keep her son safe for as long as she can.

Kevin tells the Bros that it was because of him that his mother was held captive for a year. Now that he’s found her, he’s not letting her out of his sight. She’s his responsibility now.

Kevin thanks them. And the Bros say to thank them when they can find a way to get him to heaven.

Supernatural 914

Can you guys promise me something? Kevin asks.

“Can you two… get over it? Dudes, just cause you couldn’t see me doesn’t mean I couldn’t see you. The drama, the fighting? It’s stupid. My mom’s taking home a ghost. You two, are both still here.”

Of course, I promise, Sam says. Dean too.

Kevin and Mrs. Tran leave.

Supernatural 914

Dean turns to talk to Sam, but he’s already walked away. He stops in front of his door, hesitates, before walking in.

“Yeah, okay.” Dean goes to his own room to blast music into his head.

Supernatural 914

Episode Thoughts
Kevin Tran Advanced Placement is awesome. Mrs. Tran is awesome. Lauren Tom is awesome. Osric Chau is awesome.

This was an awesome episode.

First, all the Castiel-Bart stuff. It was alright I guess. Castiel gathering “followers” is interesting, but definitely secondary to everything else that happened this episode.

The Kevin-centric “Then” was pretty much a giveaway. But seeing the Bros getting confirmation about Kevin then popping in the “Guest Starring Osric Chan” on screen was fun.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Mrs. Tran because I totally forgot she could still be out there. And the idea that all the spirits are still roaming the world behind The Veil is fascinating.

I was hoping we’d find a way to get Kevin alive again and that might still happen, but this was nice pseudo-closure for his and his mother’s story. Pseudo because you know this is not the last time we’ll be seeing them.

And THANK YOU KEVIN CHAN. I definitely loved him telling the guys to knock it off. Bobby would’ve said the same thing. Ellen. Jo. Pretty much everyone that’s ever cared about them or they cared for.

We saw Sam maybe softening up a little. But then he also lied to Kevin, it was pretty obvious. At the same time, I don’t really want to see Dean immediately get what he wants too.

Overall, a great, great episode. Welcome back Supernatural.

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