Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 19 – Given a Secret Weapon

Gaim 19

Please henshin one more time, the new Rider says. He attacks to force Kota to do so. Kota immediately henshins into Jimber Lemon Arms, but the new Rider is not impressed and takes just one shot to force Kota to de-henshin.

Oops, I’m not used to fighting, the Rider says, and asks Kota to henshin again.

Kaito comes running in to help. He henshins and runs directly toward the Rider. Just two swipes and Kaito is forced to de-henshin as well.

Gaim 19

His strength is on a totally different level, Kaito says. That’s why there’s no going back. He’s going back to Yggdrasill’s research facility to find the proof they need to expose the company. Kota can’t let him go alone.

The Rider watches from above and de-henshins. It’s Ryoma. Minota comes along with a coat for him. Ryoma is reminded of the power of this Driver he’s sealed away and is amused by Kota’s own power. He is intrigued and that makes two mysterious Driver users to him; Kota… and Minato Yoko.

Gaim 19

Of course, Minato hasn’t shown the full potential of her Driver. Maybe she just doesn’t want to.

Of course not, Minato says, you think too much of me.
That’s fine, everyone has something to hide, Ryoma replies. “This is a delightful place to work at, isn’t it?”

Gaim 19

Zack and Peco are at the Garage watching DJ Sagara’s report about the successful dance event. They’re happy that they are slowly clearing their names. But there were also other teams who broke up during the event because there will be no more Inves games.

That’s fine, Mai says, since that means the ones left are the only ones serious about dancing.

Mai turns to Kota and asks what he’ll be doing now. Well, since the fighting and Inves game is over, Gaim doesn’t need a bodyguard anymore.

Gaim 19

Mai seems visibly upset by his admission. She runs out and tells the others they should go practice now.

It’s just Kota and Mitchi in the Garage. Mitchi says he wants Kota to stay, but Kota says he’s not as dedicated to dancing as Mitchi and Mai are.

Gaim 19

But I still want you to watch over the team, Mitchi adds, that’s what Mai wants too. “I’m not sure I want to go pro either, but I’m staying because I like being with you guys. This is the only place I feel comfortable doing that.”

Not even a second to get emotional about Mitchi’s words, Kota springs up after seeing the time. He’s late… for a job interview.

Gaim 19

But Mitchi knows better and follows Kota to Drupers where Kaito is waiting.

So you’re planning to attack Yggdrasill, Mitchi says wasting no time. I’ve also been to the forest, I have a right to know.

Kaito explains his plan, to enter through Helheim and make their way towards the research facility as it will probably be less guarded. It’s still risky, but worth trying Kota says.

Gaim 19

Mai and Mitchi went up against big odds in staging the dance event, but they got through it and were successful. Maybe I’ll be able to find something about Yuya, Kota adds.

Startled Mitchi gets up and says he’ll help too by creating a disturbance on this end.

As Kota and Kaito use their Lock Vehicles to enter Helheim, Mitchi goes to Yggdrasill, vowing not to let Kota ever find out about Yuya and gives Takatora the valuable information.

Gaim 19

Takatora gives an order to Sid to take care of it.

Kota and Kaito have reached the research facility. Something seems off. They glance at a row of tulips which immediately transform into huge Lock Vehicles.

Gaim 19

Kota and Kaito quickly henshin.

Gaim 19

The Tulip Lock Vehicles are nimble and quick and knock Kota and Kaito down to size. Sid appears and reminds them this is Yggdrasill territory. He tells the Kurokages to drive them out of the forest and they blast them right through a Crack back to the real world, unhenshined.

Gaim 19

DJ Sagara suddenly appears. He very amused by their ambition. Kota tells Kaito they can trust him especially since he gave him the Lemon Lockseed.

But Kaito is still weary, he’s an Yggdrasill dog. Don’t be so quick to assume, Sagara says. He just wants to watch over them… in the past and the future.

Will the forest choose you? Or you? Is it one of you two or someone else?

Sagara is excited to find out. He tosses Kota a Tulip Lockseed.

Gaim 19

Kaito says they can’t waste any time and allow the Yggdrasill goons to regroup and prepare. They’re going back, now and he has a plan. Okay, Kota says and hands him the Watermelon Lockseed.

They charge right back toward a waiting Sid and Kurokages. Sid decides to henshin and orders his Kurokages to get ’em.

Ugh, they never learn, Takatora says and he gets up with his Driver to take care of the situation himself.

Gaim 19

Kota and Kaito lure Sid and the Kurokages to an open meadow. Kota attacks with his new Tulip Lockseed, much to Sid’s surprise and Kaito uses their two Lock Vehicles to take care of the rest of the Kurokages.

Kaito takes on Sid and tells Kota to go.

Sid tells Kaito not to play with the adults, but Kaito says they are always underestimating children.

Why wouldn’t they, Sid says, when all the kids care about is dumb justice.

Gaim 19

I don’t care about justice, Kaito says. He only wants to know how strong Yggdrasill really is. Deception is something only the weak do. If Yggdrasill is keeping secrets out of weakness, then they are not strong. And Kaito will kick them off their throne.

Kaito locks in the Watermelon Lockseed and makes easy work of Sid.

Gaim 19

Ryoma watches the battle and is very intrigued by Kaito’s interest in strength and power.

Meanwhile, Kota makes his way through the forest until he comes across Armored Rider Zangetsu.

Kota is not backing down this time. He asks Takatora to remember the last time they met. How Takatora told him there’s a lot of evil in this world. That evil is what killed Hase Ryoji, right?

Takatora confirms.

But this isn’t a helpless situation, Kota says. He’ll make Yggdrasill pay for creating such evil.

Takatora understands.

Gaim 19

Kota henshins to Jimber Lemon Arms and they start their battle.

Across Helheim, Kaito arrives at the Big Crack. But Sid is right behind him.

Gaim 19

Sid is ready to finish him off, but Ryoma stops him. Where’s your sense of hospitality?

Please excuse him Kaito-kun, Ryoma says.

Kota stands up much better this time against the white Rider than he did the first time they battled. But Takatora gets the upper hand and forces Kota to down-henshin from Jimber Lemon.

I think there’s a misunderstanding, Takatora says. About Ryoji’s death or about them being treated like guinea pigs?

All of those sacrifices were for the good of humanity, Takatora argues. But who gave you the right make those decisions, Kota asks.

Gaim 19

Kota’s final strike forces them both to de-henshin. But Takatora is still standing. He offers to show Kota the truth… if he has the courage for it.

What do you mean courage?

Gaim 19

Whatever it is, he wants to know.

Episode Thoughts
Uh oh, are we getting closer to having our eyes shocked right out of their sockets by the mind-blowing secret of Helheim Forest?

We’ll find out next week.

I think this episode was definitely setting up the rest of the season. For one, I assume we’re getting closer to one big reveal. But this episode made a point to lay out each one of our Big Bad candidates: Takatora, Ryoma, Sid, Minato, Sagara… Mitchi! They all have their secrets, Ryoma said. We’ve pretty much been knocked over the head with “Nothing is as it seems” clues and events and this episode certainly did not change that.

Before Mitchi went full-on pre-psychopath (which I love), Kaito’s development was my favorite. His story, wanting to avenge his family’s downfall, was simple and basic but was working well in the context of this big conglomerate seemingly controlling the lives of this one city. I feel like that’s taken a backseat a little and them instead focusing on his lone wolf activities.

But this episode reminds us that he’s watched plenty a Filipino or Korean drama. The best way to get revenge is to become more powerful, stronger (richer, smarter, etc.) than those who’ve wronged you. I hope that continues. It serves a good contrast or maybe good match for Kota’s broader ambitions in taking down Yggdrasill.

They’re definitely teasing the romance angle eh? Of course, they always do. I wonder, if things get very soapy later. Mitchi’s unrequited love for Mai who has unrequited love for Kota. Kota’s too dense and Mai soon turns to Kaito who she shares a sad childhood with. What if that sends Mitchi over the edge into a rage to become full-on psycho? That would be very soapy and delicious indeed. Hehe.

If I were betting, I’d probably put my bet on Mitchi being the Big Bad. They’ll have a huge falling out with his friends with plenty of internal struggle, tears, “I know you’re not evil!!!!!”, “Come back to us Mitchi!” and then have a big reunion at the end (Or tragic ending!)

Gahh… I don’t want to think about any of that yet. ToQger Walking Dead is already getting me all happily mellow, I don’t want Gaim to go there just yet.

Anyway, of course, it was a great episode. And extra special kudos to Gaku Sano doing flips and all that parkour on his own. He’s crazy athletic and it’s great they are putting his talents and skill to good use on the show.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 19 – Given a Secret Weapon

  1. really can’t shake off that feeling that it would be in fact kouta who will be the series’ big bad.

    think about this for a bit. his armor is designed after a samurai right? the orange arms, as well as the other arms he used, make him look like a regular samurai. then came the jinba arms, which was more ornate and making him look more like a higher ranking officer. and if you are following the toy releases, the kachidoki arms has him dressed in full shogunesque regalia.

    now compare that to his final form, the kiwami arms. based on the silhouette, that form is totally bare of any decorations. making it look like it returns to the simplicity of the orange arms. would that symbolize kouta’s fall from grace, having been overcome by despair due to his inability to prevent whatever disaster there would be?

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