Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.12 – "We don't see things the same way anymore."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.12 – Sharp Teeth

Supernatural 912

Things are very awkward when Sam runs into Dean at the hospital where Garth has been admitted after getting hit by a car. This is their first contact with Garth in months ever since he abandoned Kevin and the safehouseboat.

Dean wants to inject some adrenaline into Garth, but Sam just slaps him to wake him up. Garth is pretty dazed and has no idea what they’re talking about when they tell him about getting hit or being arrested for killing a cow. He pops up to go vomit in the bathroom while the Bros wait in the room.

They awkwardly catch up; Sam telling Dean about Gadreel leaving some grace inside him and Dean telling Sam about meeting Cain (not the wrestler, which would’ve been awesome).

But while they’re chatting, Garth bolts through the bathroom window.

Supernatural 912

The Bros track Garth down to an apartment. He tries to get them to calm down, but out pops a female werewolf from the bedroom. Garth tells the Bros not to shoot and Sam merely cuts her arm before he tells them that he too is a werewolf.

Garth explains that he was bitten while finishing a job six months ago and since then has met Bess. They have been married for four months. Garth assures them that Bess’ pack is “kosher” and Bess says they’ve welcomed him, a “bitten”
werewolf with open arms. She herself was born into the pack, 2nd generation.

To prove everything’s on the up and up, Garth invites the Bros to pray with them.

Next day, Sam’s at the cop shop while Dean goes on ahead to a nice country home where the werewolf pack are already gathered singing hymns. Garth’s “stepmother-in-law” welcomes Dean and assures him that he’s safe under her roof.

After the prayer service is over, Garth introduces Dean to his father-in-law, Reverend Jim. Dean is still very apprehensive and Jim invites him to lunch so he can see they have more in common than he thinks.

Supernatural 912

A reluctant Dean watches the werewolves (they prefer to be called lycanthropes) eating their lunch of raw innards, not touching his own well-cooked steak. He notices they are all wearing silver bullets around their necks on a necklace and Bess explains it is a reminder that they are not indestructible.

Jim tells the story of how a hunter killed his wife after Bess was born. Instead of seeking revenge, Jim looked forward and found his new wife, Joy.

Supernatural 912

Sam finishes talking to the sheriff who says Reverend Jim’s family is all good and pillars of the community.

Bess’ two cousins are a little hostile toward Dean until Garth breaks it up. He again tries to reassure Dean and says he has found love and a family. And he couldn’t tell anyone because he was too embarrassed about what happened to him, no matter how much he missed Dean, Sam and Kevin. That’s when Dean breaks the news.

Later that evening, Dean and Sam are outside the home when Sam gets a call from the sheriff to report a deer getting gutted. The Bros head out, but it turns out the sheriff is also part of the pack. Dean manages to toss the knife at his chest and they find he also wears one of those bullet necklaces. They also see “Ragnarok” etched into them.

Supernatural 912

Dean goes to the look around the church while Sam looks around Garth and Bess’ apartment. Dean sees Reverend Jim’s “bible” and looks up info online about Ragnarok. Turns out Ragnarok is a sort of action plan that has werewolves planning to take over the world and eliminate humans. Meanwhile, Sam finds Garth’s apartment ransacked. After updating each other on what they’ve found, Bess’ two cousins pop up and knock Sam unconcious.

At the church, Reverend Jim arrives and smells Dean and hears his heartbeat. He says he’s only here to work on his sermon. Dean asks about the maw of fenris, the followers of the Ragnarok endgame belief. But Jim assures Dean that when he took over their church, he had eradicated that hateful belief from the congregation.

Dean asks to look at the Reverend’s silver bullet and finds there’s nothing etched on it. Jim is shocked hearing about the sheriff and then realizes what’s going on.

Joy and the two cousins have Garth and Bess tied up in a barn as they bring the unconscious Sam in. Dean hurries over.

Supernatural 912

Joy slaps Bess and knocks Garth silly. She wants to take revenge on the hunters who killed her family. She is the last of her bloodline. And she had tried so hard to be the good preacher’s wife, but when her brother was murdered she remembered her father’s sermons and realized man is really the enemy.

She recites her plans, but it’s all for naught since Dean arrives and manages to take care of the two cousins before shooting Joy in the chest.

Next morning, Garth says he wants to come back and hunt. He wants to make things right for having abandoned them, especially Kevin. But Dean says he has a good thing here and to take care of it because otherwise he might regret losing it in the future.

Supernatural 912

They hug.

Dean drives Sam back into town to his Dodge.

Supernatural 912

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Sam says he’ll send a postcard. But Dean calls after him.

Dean admits he was messed up the night he “split.” He apologizes and says he has no idea what he’s feeling now. He doesn’t know what’s going on, only that when they “rode together,” they were able to share in the crap.

That’s great, but Sam says something is still broken. “We don’t see things the same way anymore.”

After trying to talk him out of finishing the trials and then tricking him into allowing Gadreel into him, Sam can’t trust Dean the way he used to or should.

Whatever happened, Dean says, we’re still family. Sam says that’s not a cure-all to their problems and in fact everything that has gone wrong between them has been because they are family.

“So what, we’re not family now?”
“I’m saying, you want to work? Let’s work. If you want to be brothers…”

Those are my terms, Sam says. Dean gives a small nod of agreement. Sam hops back into the Impala.

Episode Thoughts
Well there you go. I said this latest Winchester break-up better have a good payoff and I think so far, this little checkpoint on that path was pretty solid. Sam saying them being family has been the cause of all the crap that’s happened to them. And that’s true. But at the same time, and it’s probably just me being my own sentimental self, I’m sure Sam wouldn’t have it any other way. That is, him and his brother saving people and hunting things.

We’ll see where we’re headed with this.

Now to the case of the week. Eeek! Creepy cult!

Thinking about how the local church then cult welcomed Dean to show them how normal they were reminds me of my high school English teacher. His dad was the mayor of San Francisco and the Jim Jones cult had invited their family to a Sunday service. Everything was fine and the family left the church alright. It wasn’t until later that an undercover cop had reported to the mayor that the church pretty much laughed at them and Jim Jones asserted how powerful they were that they could even fool the mayor of San Francisco.

*shudder* Creepy stuff eh?

Oh shit! “Drinking the kool-aid,” Dean told Garth. I get it. Very clever. But still so creepy even if the Reverend and his daughter were actually sincere.

It was nice to see Garth again, but I feel like it wasn’t so much Garth returning as it was him being used as something that drew the Bros into the case. Garth talking about being friends and wanting to make things right wasn’t really all that necessary to push for that final scene with Dean and Sam. So it’s like it wasn’t the same fun, goofy Garth we’ve come to know. Despite him being a family man now.

Oh well. It was still a nice episode.

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