Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.12 – "Oh #*@% !!!"

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.12 – The Wild Hunt

“Come back in the evening, I’ll have the door locked to keep out the wild huntsmen.”

Grimm 312

Monroe takes Rosalee out for a very expensive dinner not knowing about the surprise he has for her when they get home. Monroe shows her a cuckoo clock and at the top of the hour, the bird comes out with a rink in its beak asking, “Will you marry me?”

Grimm 312

Rosalee is overwhelmed, but happy and says Yes.

Quick cut to a Wesen cutting the scalp off a highway patrol officer, saying he is “worthy.”

Next morning, Juliette asks if they should worry about Nick’s mother since she hasn’t contacted them since that e-mail. Nick says feel free to e-mail her, but don’t be surprised when they don’t get an answer.

Grimm 312

Monroe and Rosalee are in bed and making plans for the wedding, including inviting Nick and Juliette. Rosalee says it might be time for her to meet Monroe’s parents. He calls them and tells them. But later, they call back and say they’ll be coming to Portland tomorrow and

After visiting the scene, Nick and Hank head back to the station where Renard shows the entire precinct dashboard video of what happened, or at least what could be seen. They have linked the murder to two other scalpings in California.

Grimm 312

At Renard manse, Sebastian warns Adalind that Viktor is in with Gregor, the head of the Verrat as they discuss Eric’s death and the Resistance. Viktor and Gregor try to get any information from Adalind, but she keeps her cards close to her and says little other than getting a note from Renard about her mother’s death.

They see her out and make plans to learn more about Adalind’s baby.

Sebastian updates Sean while Adalind rubs more Frau Pech juice on her stomach. Baby tries pushing its way out. It hurts.

Back in Portland, the scalping Wesen follows a soldier who has just gotten off a bus. The soldier manages to knock the Wesen down to size. “You are worthy,” the Wesen says.

Grimm 312

Nick gets home and Juliette says she got a response from Mom and tracked her to the Greek border of Albania. Nick reads the e-mail and gathers that Mom has hidden the coins somewhere, that she is being followed by someone and is heading to meet with some of the Resistance. Mom also thinks it’s a good idea for them to communicate through Juliette.

Nick is worried about getting Juliette in the middle of this, but Juliette insists.

Grimm 312 Grimm 312

In Vienna, Adalind is awaken by baby trying to push against her stomach again. It REALLY hurts. The next day, she visits Stefania who is excited that the baby is very active. It shouldn’t be long now, she says.

Grimm 312

The scalping Wesen manages to slip away from the cops. Nick and Hank head to the trailer and find info on the Wildesheer who go into a rage onto the battlefield and collect the scalps of the defeated which they sew together into a cloak of hair and wear to supposedly gain the power of the fallen.

The Wildesheer has his scalp coat and is ready for his next target… Nick.

Monroe and Rosalee are cooking, getting ready for Mom and Dad. But they’re not too ready when they ring the doorbell. Monroe lets Alice and Bart in and asks them to wait in the living room.

Monroe tries to calm Rosalee down and ease her worries. They head to the living room and Alice hugs Rosalee first. *shiver* Bart’s turn. *shudder*

Grimm 312 Grimm 312

Alice and Bart are shocked and disgusted. What is the meaning of this? Monroe marrying a Fuschbau!?! He is messing with the natural order. What happens when they have babies! They all woge. Rosalee decides to leave. She cannot deal with their ignorance.

Monroe can’t believe his parents would act that way. He and his father start to go at it when there’s a knock at the door. Monroe thinks it’s Rosalee, but it’s actually Nick.

He comes in and Bart can’t take it, he wants to teach his son a lesson, so he woges. That’s when he realizes who Nick is. A Grimm! Alice woges as well and both she and Bart are ready to pounce. Monroe gets in between them…

Grimm 312

Episode Thoughts
I was definitely wondering why we were getting so little of the Wesen of the Week. Though I did enjoy seeing more of our characters.

Monroe’s parents being “racist” was definitely predictable. Even with them setting it up in the beginning of the episode, Monroe’s parents having a problem with their son not marrying within their species is an easy, though still interesting bump in their love story. Not to mention them having a problem with their son being friends with a Grimm.

Grimm has always had fun with cliffhangers, but I think this could’ve been a great pre-Olympic cliffhanger. Unless they have ANOTHER one next week. Hmm…

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