Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.06 – "You ganky, putrescent skanger!"

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.06 – Heaven Can’t Wait


Kevin shows Sam and Dean what he’s gotten from the angel tablet so far. He’s having trouble translating it to English, but has so far been able to translate it and the footnotes into an extinct Elamite cuneiform. The only thing he’s been able to decipher has been something that refers to falling angels, so they decide to start looking through the encyclopedia of extinct languages to try and figure it out.


Dean is happy to get a call from Castiel though about a possible case in Idaho so he quickly leaves to get out of researching.

Castiel’s been living as Steve and works at a convenience store. His boss Nora seems very smitten with her hard-working employee and asks if he is free tomorrow night. He is. She thanks him and kisses him on the cheek.

Dean arrives in Idaho and talks to the sheriff who explains the four strange deaths, a married couple, a shut-in druggie and this most recent one. All four were sad-sacks, this one was suicidal. But they’ve ruled out suicide because it seems all of them blew up into bright pink paint that’s splattered around the entire room.


Dean checks in with Sam who thinks he should be there to help. But of course, Dean doesn’t want Sam to have his body banged up even more. He tells Sam to try Crowley and see if he can translate the scribbles, but to be careful not to get tricked.

Sam heads down to the dungeon, but Crowley would like the opportunity for a phone call in exchange. Sam threatens to hand Crowley over to Abbadon, but Crowley doesn’t budge. Sam and Kevin talk it out and they decide to give Crowley the call.


Dean walks into the convenience store and Castiel describes his situation. Dean thinks this is beneath him, but Castiel says this is his opportunity to live life with dignity. Nora pops in and Dean thinks Castiel is just doing this for her. He says not really, but this is just all part of being human.

The sheriff calls Dean to tell him about another death, this time a teen girl in front of the high school. Dean asks Castiel to come with.

At the scene, Castiel recognizes the M.O and tells Dean it was an angel part of the battalion known as “hands of mercy” who function like medics. They tend to the wounded on the battlefield, but also put down those who were past saving. Their special ability was to kill someone with zero pain. They hone in on pain, so the angel must be doing the same here on Earth and is not able to distinguish between a teenage girl with a sucky day and someone who is mortally wounded.

Dean wants Castiel to help take care of the angel, but he reminds Dean that he has no more grace. And besides, he’s got a hot date with Nora.


Dean drives Castiel to Nora’s house and gets him ready like a proud father. But things don’t go so well when it turns out Nora only asked Castiel over to babysit her baby daughter while she goes out on a date. Oops. The baby starts crying and Castiel sings to her. He confides in her about learning how to be human and then feels that she is warm.

Back at the dungeon, Sam is ready to stick a needle in his arm to draw blood for Crowley’s phone call, but Crowley wants Kevin’s blood instead. Kevin refuses, at first, but ends up doing it just to stop Crowley’s quips.

Crowley makes the call and gets put on hold.

Dean heads over to the station and the sheriff says only the wife in the married couple died and the husband is still out there. The husband became very religious and began listening to Buddy Boyle. Dean puts two and two together.

Dean recognizes the guy’s truck in pictures with the one parked in front of Nora’s home and he hurries over.

Castiel decides to take baby to the hospital, but the angel appears. Ephraim.


Castiel tries to get him to stop, but Ephraim says he won’t stop until the world is rid of suffering. Like the suffering baby in the crib.

Or not. “I came for you,” Ephraim says.

Castiel used to be big time, but now he’s just languishing and not even doing something to help their kind. He feels Castiel’s pain, he could hear it miles and miles away, so he just had to come end it for him. Castiel tries to draw a blood seal on the door to banish Ephraim away, but he catches him and breaks his hand.

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Crowley reaches Abbadon who says she’s doubled the soul count in hell, voiding all Crowley’s contracts.

“You ganky, putrescent skanger!”

Sam and Kevin watch Crowley get fired up over Abbadon’s turning hell upside down. He has no authority any longer, she says, he has nothing to offer her.

“You. Will. Burn.”
“I can’t wait.”

Abbadon hangs up. Crowley pushes the bowl away and asks for the translations. He always keeps his end of the deal.

Crowley reads through and says, oh, the spell casting the angels from heaven is irreversible. They’re stuck with the new world order.


Back at Nora’s, Dean arrives and Ephraim tosses him to the wall. But before Ephraim can smite Castiel, Dean slides the angel blade over and Castiel sticks it in Ephraim.

Sam calls Dean to tell him about Crowley. Meanwhile, Nora still thinks Castiel is special. The part of him that cares so much makes him special.

Sam washes the blood phone bowl, then notices one of the syringes is missing. He hurries back to the dungeon just in time to see Crowley injecting a syringe full of blood into his arm.


Dean takes Castiel back to the convenience store and apologizes for kicking him out of the batcave. Castiel starts to feel like he should do something about te angel situation, but Dean says he and Sam will take care of it.

Castiel heads inside the store and turns on the TV to watch a news report about the meteor shower.


Episode Thoughts
A solid episode with lots of things to chew on. It was definitely a seed planting episode from the Kevin blood to Abbadon moving fast in hell to Castiel wanting to be human but help fix heaven (again) to Dean being so in love with best buddy Cas that he can’t get over him… it was busy. Not to mention the people exploding into pink slush.

It was a fine episode, but it appears there’s going to be lots of big stuff coming up.

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  1. Ah. Yeah. That super hot date with Nora lol That was so sad. Castiel didn’t deserve to learn two harsh lessons, one with April and the other with Nora. A lot happened and the plot progressed a bit for all characters concerned. My favorite bit was definitely the call between Crowley and Abaddon. Thank you again for the lovely recap!

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