Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.04 – Nobody's normal, "It's Portland."

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.04 – One Night Stand

“More and more she grew to love human beings and wished that she could leave the sea and live among them.”

Grimm 304

Two couples are enjoying a day by the river. One of the couples heads into the water for some fun time, while the other girl says she’ll go get more beer. But actually, she catches her deaf sister spying on them from the bushes. The girl says she’ll tell dad she’s creeping about, but the deaf girl pleads with her sister to not mess with the guy, Jake. Anyone but him, because she loves him.

But the girl says she needs to stop because she’ll never be the same as them and tells her to scram.

The girl heads back to Jake and lures him into the water with her topless body. He hurries into the water where she, erm… pleasures him underwater while the deaf sister takes Jake’s phone to fawn over his pics.

Suddenly, the other guy, Dan, gets yanked into the water. The other girl tells the others to get out of the water, but Jake swims over to help his friend only to get pulled in as well.

Grimm 304

The two girls watch. Later, Jake is floating face down until deaf sister… now with gills and webbed hands and feet, brings him safely to shore and revives him. He slowly comes to, but sees her run away.

Across town, Monroe helps Rosalee settle in while Nick and Juliette enjoy a normal morning.

Time for work though and Nick and Hank are on the case when Dan’s body washes up. They talk to Jake who explains how he and Dan had been fishing when two girls, Anna and Sarah showed up. The fun ensued, until, of course, the fun stopped. He also tells them about the girl, or something, that pulled him out.

Grimm 304

They all head to the river where Jake describes everything that happened again, but Nick suddenly hears rustling in the bushes, sees deaf sister and chases after her. She jumps into the water, speedily swims, pops up, swims again, turns to allow Nick to see she is definitely not all human and then speeds away.

At the station, Renard receives the picture Sebastian sent of Adalind. He calls Sebastian and they still wonder whose selling the baby and whose baby it might be. Renard might have an idea though.

Nick and Hank stop by Monroe’s to describe their swimming wesen and Rosalee says it might be a Naiad, like a water nymph who are very close knit. Rosalee lets Monroe tag along with Nick and Hank to the trailer.

Grimm 304

Monroe finds some info written by a Grimm working for the East India Company in 1755. He had caught a Naiad and interrogated her about the disappearance of one of the ship’s crew members. But she refused to betray her kind until she dried up and died.

Wu calls Nick and Hank with the location of Jake’s cell phone. They pick Jake up and they all head to the house boat where the phone seems to be. They meet Abel, the owner of the house boat. He refuses to let them in, but Wu calls the phone and they hear it ring. Nick and Hank head inside where they find the phone and a picture of the three girls. Nick recognizes the deaf sister.

Grimm 304

They head back outside to ask about the girl and the father says she, Elly, didn’t do anything. Up the pier, Jake notices Sarah and Anna walking by and he runs toward them, but they pretend not to know him.

Elly hides in the water and watches as her sisters join the group. Jake insists they were the girls with him and Dan yesterday. They deny everything as two neighbors arrive who want to come to the girls’ defense as well.

The girls are taken to the precinct. Abel tries to plead with Nick and wolges, then realizes he’s talking to a Grimm.

Grimm 304

When they leave, Abel talks to the two men and asks why they “did it.” Because you’ve forgotten where you come from, they say. But Abel says he knows what they need to survive. Their world died 200 years ago and now they’ve jeopardized all of them with their “fundamental crap.”

The men say Elly needs to be “cut” because she’s the one that put them in this situation. But Abel says that’s an old time procedure. The men say where they come from, they still do this and they knock him to the ground.

Nick and Hank talk to Sarah and Anna, who are drying out fast. But they say nothing.

Nick and Hank go to Renard with their dilemma. Are they going to let two suspects suddenly die in a holding cell? Renard says that’s not their problem. Just because they’re wesen, they don’t deserve special treatment.

Wu knocks on the door to say Abel is here and wants to talk. He confesses to Nick and Hank that he’s the one that killed the boy. But they know he’s lying. What difference does it make!? [/Hillary] Abel asks. He’s offering his life for his daughters.

Grimm 304

Across town, Jake walks into his apartment to see his lamp knocked over and the window open. He turns around and there’s Elly. He tries to tell her about needing to talk to the police, but she’s more interested in showing him something. She pulls him to the pool to show exactly what she is.

Grimm 304 Grimm 304

But suddenly, the two Naiad men come and knock Jake out. Elly tries to scream, but they grab her out of the pool and take off.

Nick and Hank go to the holding cells and tell the sisters they are free to go since their father confessed. Anna is ready to walk out, but Sarah wants to tell them everything.

Grimm 304

She tells Nick and Hank it was the two men from the marina, Dominic and Jessie. They are to start their families in a sort of arranged marriage situation. And killing these guys is part of the olden times rituals that her family doesn’t adhere to. Dominic and Jessie’s families are much more strict with tradition. But them killing Dan and almost killing Jake is a sort of revenge. Naiad men are sterile, so Naiad women must mate with human men in the water, otherwise they’d die out. Some Naiad men are okay with it, others, like Dominic and Jessie, are not.

Jake calls Nick to tell him what happened and Sarah says Dominic and Jessie are going to “cut” Elly, a ritual in which they cut the fins between their fingers and toes to banish them and remove their Naiad qualities.

Grimm 304

Dominic and Jessie force Elly to woge by holding her head under water and are about to do the cutting when Nick and Hank arrive. The Naiads decide to toss her into the water with an anchor, but in pushing her away, she knocks her head.

The Naiads fight with Nick and Hank. Nick knocks Dominic out and jumps in the water as Hank handcuffs the guys to the pier.

Grimm 304

Nick swims through and finds Elly, who has not woged. He’s spent a long time underwater, but he manages to bring Elie up safely.

Hank notices Nick’s pale face and says he thought he was dead. He sure looked like it.
But he’s fine.

Juliette reads the e-mail from the doctor about Nick’s test results. Everything seems to be fine. But she then sees an e-mail about not being able to spend the money and the royal assassination causing turmoil and things not being safe, signed “love you, M.”

Juliette wonders who this “M” is.

Grimm 304

Renard watches the coverage of Eric’s funeral with the reports asking who will take over the throne.

Meanwhile, Jake identifies the Naiad perp and confesses he saw something strange with Elly, that she wasn’t normal.

“She just, wasn’t… normal.”
“Nobody is Jake. It’s Portland.”

Episode Thoughts
Now this was a much better episode than last week’s. It was actually very exciting. That whole scene at the house boat unfolded really well and was oddly fun. As was the whole episode.

It was a nice little spin on mermaids. And an easy, but interesting case of the week.

Monroe and Rosalee’s lovey-dovey-ness might get really old soon, but they are such likeable characters it’s hard not to smile during their scenes. Their realistic relationship as a sidestory is fun.

And that message from “M.” I definitely hope we get to see “M” very soon. It seems so long ago and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of dynamic she brings know that Juliette knows about the Wesen world. Plus, she’s still got that mysterious side to her that could be very interesting to see unfold.

Also, great to see the season 2 opening theme. It’s much more exciting.

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