Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.03 – "Your lack of faith doesn't cancel what I believe."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.03 – I’m No Angel


Ezekiel pops up and tells Dean about a faction of angels that is coming together to find and kill Castiel.

That faction is led by Bartholomew who uses a Rev. Buddy Boyle and his popular evangelical show to preach to his followers about letting angels fill their bodies.

Castiel’s adjusting to being a new homeless human going by Clarence and manages to kill a newly vesselled angel while he tries to sleep in an abandoned bus. But not after he gets cut.


Sam and Dean are at the church where two priests were killed (by angels) and where Castiel had been working to earn his keep at the church’s shelter. After Sam can’t believe Dean has no idea what It’s a Wonderful Life is, they continue to follow the trail of dead angels.

Castiel gets an angel-warding tattoo and heads to a nearby church. He overhears a woman praying asking for God to send angels to help her sick husband.

Castiel makes conversation with her as she expresses how hopeful she is that her prayers will be heard. Castiel tries to tell her the truth of the God-less chaos upstairs, but she doesn’t agree.

“It’s not possible because I have my faith. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works. Someone is listening.”


Sam and Dean find out about Buddy Boyle’s influence providing millions of vessels around the world as they are being followed by a reaper hired by Bartholomew.

Castiel is digging through the garbage for food when a woman approaches with a PB&J sandwich. Later that night, she sees him sitting out in the rain and invites him to her apartment. She introduces herself as April.


She tries to fix up his wound and he tells her about how he trusted in the wrong person. She seems very attracted to him and pretty soon they’re making out… and more.

Sam and Dean have the reaper that’s been tailing them and he fills them in on Naomi being dead and Bartholomew running things.


Castiel and April bask in the afterglow of sex! and she asks about what he can do to fix his situation. But he’s interested in more sex.


Next morning, Sam and Dean are nowhere near finding Castiel. So Dean calls Zeke to help. (Much to Sam’s confusion, of course.) Zeke uses his superpowers to try and find the reaper tasked with killing Castiel.

And that reaper turns out to be April. She takes his angel blade and ties him up, but Sam and Dean manage to find them before she can kill him when he doesn’t spill info.


Sam gets knocked out before Dean can stick the angel blade into her. He turns to Castiel who seems to be dead from getting an angel blade to the gut too. Sam Zeke gets up and heals him, then collapses from the effort as Castiel wakes up.

Sam wakes up too and Dean tries to explain away Zeke’s magic powers.

They head back to the batcave. Castiel is enjoying the food and good showers and tells the bros about teh sex. The Bros are amused.


Castiel walks over to the burritos when Zeke suddenly pops in. He says Castiel cannot stay in the batcave. He points out that even with the tattoo, April still found him and killed him. Castiel being there with them puts him in danger.

If Castiel stays, Zeke says he must leave. But Sam’s not well enough yet, Dean says. Zeke replies, “I know.”

Dean goes over to talk to Castiel and tells him he can’t stay.

Episode Thoughts
An interesting episode. Maybe not as amazing as the first two, but solid enough with plenty of fun and amusing scenes.

Maybe it was being weirded out by April’s willingness to not only invite a strange, bleeding homeless man home, but have sex with him too. So odd! It made sense in the end, but still, it was awkward as it played out.

We are introduced to new medium bad Bartholomew. We’ll have to wait and see how this will all turn out.

Zeke definitely adds an interesting element to the whole proceedings though and even more that it’s Jared that’s playing him. So Castiel goes back to being a hobo, which was actually more interesting than him hanging out at the batcave with Kevin, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.03 – "Your lack of faith doesn't cancel what I believe."

  1. “Castiel and April bask in the afterglow of sex! and she asks about what he can do to fix his situation. But he’s interested in more sex.” Castiel is a typical male now. jk.

    Awesome review! It was fun to read and I’m with you on the whole, this episode wasn’t as amazing as the last two. But next week looks pretty good.

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