Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.18 – “Is it getting hot in here? … What the hell!?”

“The Demon came home, and he declared that the air was not clear. ‘I smell the flesh of man.'”

Grimm 218 Grimm 218

While a geologist is documenting some sort of rupture up on Mt. Hood, she gets attacked by some Wesen, but manages to get away. In the city, the precinct is wishing Hank a happy vacation, his first in four years.

Meanwhile, Juliette continues having hallucinations of multiple Nicks. She runs out of the house and hopes to drive off, but Nick appears in the passenger seat. Trying to get him to disappear, she crashes into a parked car.

Grimm 218

Nick goes to see her in the hospital and she isn’t even sure it’s the real him at first. Juliette tells him about seeing everywhere and tells him she can’t see him anymore. She doesn’t know what he and his friends did to her, but she’s losing it.

The geologist, Jill, heads home, feels what she thinks is an earthquake, but is then attacked by some heat monster.

Bud is over at Monroe’s as they watch a soccer match between San Jose and Portland. They’re trying to cheer Nick up, but it’s not working. He gets a call to the crime scene.

Wu fills him in and they see parts of the house and the victim burned, but no evidence of a fire.

Grimm 218

Juliette heads over to visit Pilar, the fortune teller/palm reader/she knows stuff, and tells her about what she’s been going through. Pilar tells her as her memories become clearer, they will fight for attention, which would be too much for anyone to handle.

Pilar says Juliett must choose one memory, focus one moment and reconnect with that moment by being a part of it. She suggests Juliette go home and try.

Grimm 218

Over in Vienna, Adalind’s face in the toilet bowl when Frau Pech arrives to say she’s arranged for a meeting with the Zigeunersprache, or Queen of the Schwarzwald Gypsies, Adalind feels like crap, but Frau Pech says it’s time she find out how much the baby is really worth.

She takes Adalind to a gypsy camp and meets Stefania Vaduva Popescu. Stefania says their families’ roots run deep.

Grimm 218

Stefania takes them into her tent and introduces her two sons. Now, to establish the value of the child, they must know the bloodline. And even though Adalind may be able to tell them, there’s only one way to be absolutely sure. The two sons hold Adalind down as Stefania takes some horrible looking instrument to draw the blood of the baby itself… all while Adalind is awake.

After Stefania has confirmed the baby has Royal blood, she offers half a million euro for a boy and 750,000 for a girl. But while Frau Pech thinks they can get more money in Budapest, Adalind doesn’t care about cash. Instead, she wants her powers back. Stefania says that might not be possible. Well if not, Adalind replies, then there’s no reason to carry the baby to term.

Grimm 218

Back in Portland, Nick and Wu visit Eon Industries where Jill worked. The head guy takes them up the mountain to where Jill had been collecting samples and they find the strange rupture-like opening that seems to be venting volcanic energy. They head back to the truck and find it has been pelted with huge rocks.

Nick goes off on his own and finds the Wesen who runs when he realizes who he’s face to face with. Wu manages to tackle the guy who tells them they haven’t shown respect and will die.

Telling Renard that the guy, Marcus, is Wesen, Nick agrees to work together.

Grimm 218

Juliette returns home to try what Pilar suggested. She decides to focus on a memory of when they first moved in together. It seems to work.

Nick and Renard question Marcus who denies he killed Jill and only wanted to warn her. Marcus tells them about Volcanalis who awakes when people take what isn’t theirs. He recounts how he couldn’t save his wife from him either.

Later, Wu tells them about not taking rocks from volcanic sites as they are considered sacred. That fits in well with what the Volcanalis story from Marcus.

Nick and Renard decide to give Tom, Jill’s boss, a heads up since he too had taken rocks from the mountain. They arrive at his home just as Volcanalis attacks. They try shooting at him… a huge human-shaped ball of volcanic fire.

Grimm 218

That doesn’t work and Volcanalis runs. Nick goes after him, but he soon disappears into the sewer.

After finding out Marcus is a Taureus-Armenta, Nick and Monroe bring a book with info on Volcanalis to Renard to translate. They go to Marcus to ask how to stop him.

They head to the mountain to collect more rocks, luring Volcanalis to a sheet metal plant. Marcus, being a Taureus-Armenta, displays incredible stubbornness and courage in the face of its enemies. So he stands next to the rocks as they wait and hope to freeze Volcanalis.

Grimm 218

Volcanalis appears out of a vent as Marcus taunts him towards the middle of the room. Nick, Renard and Monroe proceed to spray liquid nitrogen at Volcanalis, trapping it in stone. Nick hands Marcus a sledgehammer and gives him the chance to smash him to bits.

Meanwhile, Juliette is bring out photo frames of her and Nick as well as the engagement ring out of the drawer. She takes the ring with her downstairs and remembers the night Nick proposed to her.

Grimm 218

Episode Thoughts
A very solid episode. Very simple, but good. I guess the biggest development (or 2nd biggest, actually) would be Juliette being able to control her memory flood. I am still amazed how they’ve been able to keep this storyline going for an entire season.

But really, the biggest development for Grimm is NBC’s decision to move the show to Tuesdays starting April 30th. It’s definitely great news to see Grimm finally get a Voice-boost that it was supposed to get after the Olympics last year. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. NBC gets rid of the horribly rated Ready for Love and they are able to possibly bring new eyes to Grimm.

If the show does well on Tuesdays, it might become a new permanent home. If not, the show can easily return to Fridays next season. The show’s got a very dedicated fanbase that will follow it anywhere. (Myself included!)

Ideal line-up would’ve been:

But the two-hour Voice episodes on the 30th and 7th kept that from likely happening.

So this will be my last Grimm episode until I get back from the Philippines in June. Definitely excited about the final four episodes. I hope they have just as big a cliffhanger as they did last season.

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