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Supernatural 819

Kevin is having nightmares of Crowley being in his head. He’s all hyped up and stressed out when he calls the Bros to tell them about it as well as having translated the 2nd trial.

For this one, they will have to save an innocent soul from hell and deliver it unto heaven.

To find out how to even go to hell, they summon a crossroads demon whom they torture to tell them that there are rogue reapers who smuggle people across the border (of heaven or hell). Sam says a “coyote” like on the US-Mexico border.

Supernatural 819

They go see one such “coyote,” Ajay, who seems to know a lot about the Bros. That’s because he’s the reaper who took Bobby to hell. The Bros are surprised someone like Bobby wouldn’t go straight up to heaven, but Ajay says he was on Crowley’s “no fly list.” They decide it’s Bobby they’re going to save, but Sam stops Dean. It’ll only be him going.

Ajay takes Sam into a graffiti-filled alley that turns into a portal… to purgatory.

Ajay explains that this is as far as he goes and points Sam in the right direction for the “backdoor” to hell. He’ll be back in 24 hours.

Supernatural 819 Supernatural 819

Dean, meanwhile, brings burgers and fries to an increasingly paranoid Kevin who asks when this will be all over. Dean says it’s never over and gives him a pep talk about sucking it up and pushing though because the ride will be a whole lot smoother.

Supernatural 819

Kevin takes his fries, drink… and Dean’s pie back into the closet.

Supernatural 819

Meanwhile, Crowley pays a visit to Ajay whom he kills after getting all the info he has about Sam.

Sam makes his way through Walking Dead purgatory before stepping into the portal in the middle of a tree. He pops up in a dungeon-like hell full of screams and moans and wails. He takes his watch off and makes his way down the corridor, passing people begging for his help.

Supernatural 819

He spots something, enters a cell and finds Bobby who turns around from wall and punches him in the face.

Supernatural 819

Bobby things he’s a demon, but Sam convinces him he’s the real thing by mentioning how Bobby’s a big fan of Tori Spelling and how a free pedicure at the Mall of America changed his life.

Bobby quickly hugs Sam and tells him how an endless parade of Sam and Deans are sent to his cell to mess with his head. Sam explains he’s here to get Bobby out.

Crowley is trying to get his underling to find out exactly what’s going on, but most importantly, to get Kevin Tran and his half of the tablet.

On Garth’s houseboat, Dean is cooking breakfast for Kevin, but is surprised when he walks in from outside. Kevin says he just hid the tablet just in case Crowley came looking. And he’s not telling Dean where it is.

Supernatural 819

Kevin heads back into his closet when Naomi pops up to introduce herself to Dean. Dean doesn’t really want to hear anything she has to say, but she makes her points clear. They’re on the same side; they want to shut the gates of hell and want to bring Castiel in “out of the cold.”

Dean starts to give it some thought when Naomi gives what could be the kicker. Did Ajay tell you the path to hell was through purgatory?

Sam and Bobby are making their way through the corridors back to where Sam left his watch. They return to purgatory.


Dean goes to see Ajay whom he finds dead. He calls Benny.

Supernatural 819

Walking through purgatory, Sam fills Bobby in on what’s going on with the trials. Bobby talks about not being rusty at all despite what he’s gone through in hell. And maybe he could join back in the action again. But they’ve already burned his bones and for this trial to be completed, he has to go to heaven.

Oh well, there’s worse places then heaven they suppose. But they’ll keep trying to find a way to spring him,yes?

Sam’s more concerned though that Ajay is not at the meeting place.

Supernatural 819

On Earth, Dean fills Benny in and asks for the favor. To go to purgatory and save him. I owe you, Dean says. But Benny says no he doesn’t.

Truth is, this might be a good thing. Benny says he feels he doesn’t belong here. Not with vamps, not with humans either.

But Dean says he’ll help Benny adjust when he gets back topside.

Before Dean cuts Benny’s head off, they shake hands and hug.

In purgatory, Bobby can’t believe Sam didn’t look for a way to help Dean the entire year he was in purgatory. We had an agreement, Sam says.

I know, Bobby replies. I taught you that agreement.

Supernatural 819

When the zombies pop up again, so does Benny to help. And there’s another bit of news that shocks Bobby, Dean friends with a vampire?

Anyway, Benny brings them to the portal back to Earth. Sam and Bobby say their goodbyes, again. Bobby says though he knows they’ll run into each other one way or another and if they give him a rocking chair up in heaven, he’s raising hell.

Supernatural 819

Bobby enters Sam’s body, just like Benny did with Dean. Sam turns to Benny, it’s his turn. But Benny doesn’t want to.

That’s when some of Benny’s friends arrive. He tells Sam to tell Dean goodbye as he fights them off.

Sam heads to the portal and before he can even think about going to help Benny, it sucks him back up to Earth. Dean’s in Maine ready to welcome him back.

Supernatural 819

But Sam breaks the news to him that Benny really didn’t want to come back. Sam cuts his arm open to release Bobby, but suddenly, his soul gets caught in a dark cloud.


But just as Crowley hurls the Bros against trees, Naomi pops in to drive him away and point her finger for Bobby to head upstairs.

Supernatural 819

See, I told you you could trust me, she tells Dean.

Supernatural 819
Supernatural 819 Supernatural 819

She flies away and saying he’ll fill in the details later, Dean tells Sam they should finish this trial. Sam recites the spell and experiences the intense pain in his hand, but tells Dean he’s fine.

On the boat, Kevin is drawing more demon-warding symbols on the windows, but they suddenly shatter and right there in front of him is Crowley. He tells him he merely looked for his mother to find out where he was. She withstood the torture, so they killed her and got the address off her smartphone.

Supernatural 819 Supernatural 819

Kevin screams in agony.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Dean tells Sam he didn’t burn Benny’s bones. But Sam says that’s fine, leave the door open. He has a different view on him now.

They head to the boat, but find nothing. No Kevin. No notes, everything gone. The windows are intact though.

Supernatural 819

Episode Thoughts
Well damn. One of the more satisfying mythology/arc episodes of Supernatural in a while I think. We had a perfectly logical excuse to get to see Bobby and Benny again. They introduced backdoors to hell and purgatory and heaven. And we get even an even cloudier view of Naomi and her motives.

Plus, drugged out Kevin. Like, this is all an effect of being on drugs right? I certainly hope so.

She’s been on the whole season, but I just want to give Amanda Tapping some kudos. She’s been great at being both menacing and scarily trustworthy that you really don’t know where she stands. That whole part of the season just got interesting.

I thought the whole “wrap-up” to Benny and Dean’s bromance was kind of lacking, but I thought the way they brought him back here and kinda spoke to the effects of going rogue from your own kind and finding a place to belong after coming back to life was very interesting.

Of course, getting to see Jim Beaver back was awesome. And it really did make perfect sense though. I don’t know how they’ll be able to bring him back without making as much sense in the future. Maybe them going to Bobby’s heaven to visit. I don’t know. But I was expecting some kind of big fake out when nothing came and I was relieved. It was a great surprise.

What was funny though was how simple it was to walk through both purgatory and hell. Like they were just taking a stroll and visiting. I mean, we’ve had season-long arcs about getting people out of hell and purgatory. Maybe because we have, we could do the same in an episode’s time. But it was amusing in a sort of, “Just go with it” kind of way. And everything else about the episode was fun and enjoyable anyway.

Very good episode. I really liked it a lot.

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