Recap: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Brave/Episode 6 – Stop! Singing Canderilla

Kyoryuger 6

Back at the Spirit Base, Torin explains the monster controlling Ankydon is Debo Wilson, an ancient enemy who terrorized the dinosaurs. But Ramirez and Ankydon had crushed him into little pieces when he revived in the Middle Ages only to have some pieces get into Ankydon’s body where he’s been growing ever since.

But Ramirez turns cheery and believes in them, that they will save Ankydon. Amy is not convinced that he is not worried.

Kyoryuger 6

Canderrilla and Luckyuro lament about their cake making monster getting turned into a cavity monster by Debo Wilson. But no matter, all they have to do is sing. Canderrilla starts singing at the now terrified audience, but Debo Wilson arrives and puts them to sleep. He asks if they could work together, these happy sleeping people a gift in exhcnage.

Meanwhile, the Kyoryugers are searching the city for Ankydon, but Amy is still bothered so she returns to the Spirit Base and overhears Torin warning Ramirez that if Ankydon can’t resist Debo Wilson much longer, Ramirez won’t even be able to exist as a spirit. It’s okay, Ramirez says, since he’s already dead anyway.

Kyoryuger 6

Torin leaves and Ramirez realizes Amy has just heard everything. Amy asks if he’s in pain being too far from Ankydon and he says yes. She offers to take him closer to Ankydon to relieve it.

Kyoryuger 6

Meanwhile, at the Toei Amphitheater, Canderrilla sets up a concert stage and Debo Wilson explains to everyone back at the castle that he can’t escape Ankydon until he can defeat him and he needs Canderrilla’s song to strengthen his power to do so.

Amy and Ramirez have a seat near where he feels Ankydon. He feels much better now. He thanks her for being worried about him even though he’s already dead. But she says since he died while fighting, she knows he only had Torin and Ankydon as allies so she wanted to help.

Kyoryuger 6

He compliments her that he’d probably fall head over heels for her and follow her wherever she’d go if they were born in the same time. But suddenly, people nearby begin falling asleep. Ramirez tells Amy to henshin to protect her from the sleeping disease as Debo Wilson pops up, but only as a vision thanks to Canderrilla’s song.

Aigallon then appears as the Kyoryu boys join Amy and Ramirez. Daigo commends Amy for acting without thinking about the consequences, being brave. Ramirez is happy to see a great Sentai team of comrades and Daigo says he’s their comrade too.

Kyoryuger 6

Ian and Souji stay to take on Aigallon and the Zorima while the others head off to follow Canderrilla’s song with hopes of finding Ankydon. But they quickly run into Dogold. Daigo and Nobu will handle him while Amy and Ramirez find Canderrilla.

While Luckyuro keeps Amy busy, she tells Ramirez to call for Ankydon who then pops up out of the ground. She immediately summons DeinoChaser, knocks Canderrilla into a wall and jumps up into Ankydon’s mouth. She uses a Tuperanda Zyudenchi to shoot herself to allow her to slip into Ankydon’s Zyudenchi.

Down below, the Kyoryu boys meet up to take on Aigallon and Dogold together.

Kyoryuger 6

Inside the Zyudenchi, Amy sees Ramirez’s warrior power, but Debo Wilson fires at her and causes her to de-henshin. She needs to figure out a way to bring Debo Wilson out. That’s when she remembers Ramirez from earlier.

She inserts the Stymero Zyudenchi into her Gaburevolver and shoots it at Debo Wilson, causing him to fall in love with her and eventually follow her out of the Zyudenchi.

That causes Ramirez’s power to return to him and for Ankydon to spit out the Zyudenchi to him as well.

Canderrilla and Luckyuro call Debo Wilson an idiot, but he’s madly in love with Amy. So much so, he’s is shocked and grows upset when the Kyoryu boys show up and even have a “body touch!”

Amy henshins, they do a roll call and they charge towards the newly arrived Zorima.

Debo Wilson fights off the Zorima attacking his love and Amy lures him towards her only to kick him in the neck.

Kyoryuger 6

She finishes off Debo Wilson who says his love didn’t last long. (Neither did mine, Ramirez adds.)

Luckyuro does his thing and Debo Wilson embiggens. The Kyoryugers call their Zyudenryu, but Debo Wilson gives them a hard time.

Ramirez comes running, saying he’ll take care of it. He takes out his Zyudenchi and morps into a Spirit Ranger! KyoryuCyan.

Kyoryuger 6

Ramirez suggests Gabutyra and Dricera do a snapping combination with Ankydon to form Kyoryujin Macho.

Kyoryuger 6


The Kyoryugers finish off Debo Wilson and Ramirez tells the Kyoryugers to take care of Ankydon while he scatters himself around the world to find the other Zyudenryu.

Kyoryuger 6

Episode Thoughts
Craziness! Hilarity! Absurd!

Those were the words I found myself describing the “Robo Knight” episode of Megaforce yesterday. Those words are also applicable to this episode of Kyoryuger.

The interesting thing about all that. Kyoryuger‘s crazy, absurd hilarity is intentional. Megaforce… not so much.

And that’s what makes Kyoryuger just a ball of fun. Laughs at every turn. That’s really all I’m looking for from Kyoryuger I think. I don’t expect any heavy stuff… for now I guess.

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