Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.09 – Citizen Fang

SPN 809

Benny is working at Guidry’s Cajun Café down in Louisiana. A hunter, Martin (from all the way back in season 5) follows him after he closes up. He loses Benny in the forest, but stumbles upon a dead body.

SPN 809

Turns out Sam had Martin tracking Benny which Dean does not appreciate. The Bros head down to Louisiana to meet with him. Martin explains the situation and Sam reluctantly gives Dean a couple of hours to deal with the situation.

SPN 809

Sam flashes back. He tells Amelia that he knows what the “right thing” to do is, referring to her going back to Don, but he doesn’t want to do it. Sam and Amelia is the right thing and he doesn’t want to give them up. She agrees and asks for a few days to clear her head.

Dean heads to the gumbo shack and talks to Elizabeth, the owner. She regretfully tells him there’s no more pecan pie, but he asks about Roy (the name Benny goes by here) and she says yes he does work here, but has gone up the creek to maybe fish. He gives her his number in case she sees him before he does.

SPN 809

Dean heads up the creek and finds Benny just as he’s burying another vamp victim, a girl this time. Wasn’t me, Benny says and explains it’s Desmond, a young rogue vamp wanting to start up a nest with Benny’s help.

Benny refused, only to have Desmond starting to kill to send a message. But Benny’s got it good here, his hometown. He got back his old job and finds himself grounded and in line thanks to his great-granddaughter Elizabeth.

Benny wants to deal with this on his own, to put Desmond back where he belongs. Dean heads back to Sam and Martin to try and convince them Benny’s alright. But they don’t trust him. Martin knocks Dean unconcious and they head out. Sam keeps Martin in check and says he must follow his lead.

SPN 809

Sam flashes back. He’s a bar and the one and only Mr. Don introduces himself. Don says he can’t blame him or Amelia, but also can’t blame him for the position he’s in. He asks Sam that whatever Amelia’s decision, they both must accept it.

Dean is awake and picks the lock on his cuffs as he calls Benny to warn him about Sam and Martin. Dean wants to know where Desmond is, but Benny says he’ll tell only if he goes with him.

“Are you in or out?” [/Sandara Park]

SPN 809

Sam and Martin are in the forest, but suddenly Sam gets a message from Amelia asking for help and to come quick. He quickly jumps into Martin’s station wagon and leaves him in the forest.

“Winchesters… man.”

Dean and Benny head to a warehouse to take care of Desmond. Afterwards, Benny says he knows he can’t stay here and must go deep underground. He goes to see Elizabeth from afar one last time. Thanks for not giving up on me brother, he says. Dean replies, “Don’t give me a reason to.”

Sam calls Amelia, but no answer. He flashes back again.
This time, he’s packing his bag much to Amelia’s surprise. I know that you and Don deserve a chance, like the chance you gave me, Sam says.

“You saved me.”

Dean calls Martin and tells him about taking care of the vamp. He doesn’t have to follow Benny anymore and for his own sake, get a new line of work.

SPN 809

But Martin is back at the gumbo shack café. He borrows Elizabeth’s phone to call Benny and threatens him into turning around. Benny hurries back and arrives to find her tied to a chair and Martin with a knife to her throat. Benny begs him not to do this as he makes a little cut along her neck. The sight of the blood starts to rile up Benny, but he controls himself.

He keeps it in and asks what Martin wants. Just his head on a stake, he replies. So Benny lays his head on the counter. Martin goes over to chop it off as Elizabeth screams.

SPN 809

Over in Kermit, Texas, Sam arrives at Amelia’s house, his gun in hand. But when he peers through the window, he sees Amelia and Don happily enjoying beers together.

Elizabeth calls Dean and he also hurries back. He finds her crying on the porch of the restaurant and he goes inside to find… Martin, dead.

SPN 809

Sam is in a bar. He looks at Amelia’s number on his phone and calls it. Turns out it’s a burner and it rings in the glove compartment of the Impala. Dean had switched out the number a few weeks ago and sent the message earlier as the only way to get him to lay off.

Dean updates Sam on Benny, but Sam doesn’t want to hear any of it. He hangs up and goes to pay his bill. He turns around and who’s there behind him… Amelia.

“I knew that was you.”

SPN 809

Episode Thoughts
Amelia. Now I really haven’t been all that interested in Sam and Amelia and all the soapy-ness we got so far. And this episode made the story even that much more soapy.

Sure, it was great seeing the original next president of the Colonies, Billy Keikeya aka Paul Campbell. But I’m still waiting for what makes this whole story worth it. If it’s just for more Emo Bro moments, I think there’s plenty other reasons for them to be all angsty.

Now Benny, I dunno. He’s alright and stuff, but I don’t feel that connection to him. At least, not as much as the show would like me to feel.

Which is maybe why none of the cliffhangers really got me. Very underwhelming and unlike a lot of Supernatural‘s past midseason finales, they didn’t make me eager for the show’s return.


Very sad.

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