Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.08 – Hunteri Heroici

SPN 808

As the Trans are with Garth on his safehouseboat, Castiel tells the Bros he wants to become a hunter. In fact he’s found a job for them.

SPN 808

A guy’s heart literally jumps out of his chest. Castiel uses his angel powers to get a complete rundown of the guy’s physical condition before and after his heart blows up, but his angel powers can’t deduce that the guy was having an affair.

Maybe the wife did some witchy stuff to get revenge. Castiel goes “bad cop” on her, but it turns out the mistress is a good friend and they all had an arrangement to keep up the marriage farce to go off and fool around with whomever they wanted.

SPN 808

Dean thinks she’s the best wife ever. Meanwhile, a man wants to jump off a building and kill himself, but when he steps off, he freezes in midair. He thinks it means God wants him to live, but after a few seconds, he goes splat.

Sam and Dean realize these deaths seem like things you’d see on a Looney Tunes cartoon. Castiel, thinking Bugs Bunny is an “insect rabbit hybrid,” gets a crash course on Looney Tunes by watching some episodes at the motel. Fascinating and hilarious, he thinks. Road Runner is God and Wile E. Coyote is man who can never reach him.

SPN 808

Castiel uses his radio head to hear a bank has been robbed and it seems Looney. Turns out it is as they discover an anvil has dropped onto the security guard at the bank as well as black holes pasted on the wall and on the bank vault.

The local detective takes Sam to the precinct to show him files on other robberies by the same perp. At the motel, Dean asks Castiel hoe he’s feeling and maybe he could poke around heaven to find out about his “mysterious resurrection.” Castiel snaps back that he won’t because if he sees all the destruction and suffering he had caused up in heaven, he might just kill himself.

SPN 808

Sam gets back and tells Dean and Castiel that during all the other robberies, within a radius of them, there have been reports of crazy Looney Tunes, cartoon-like happenings.

SPN 808 SPN 808

They’re able to trace the owner of the stolen stuff to an old folks home. Dean and Castiel talk to an old woman who tells them about her diamonds and mistakes Castiel for her husband.

SPN 808

Meanwhile, as he’s been doing the whole day, Sam flashes back to meeting Amelia’s father. Dad thinks Sam is shady.

Back in the present, Sam notices a picture of one of the residents on the wall and tells Dean it’s Fred Jones, an old friend of Papa Winchester who is a psychokinetic. They call over Castiel who’s trying to grill a cat, but manages to get nothing out of him.

SPN 808

SPN 808

They find Fred in his room watching cartoons, not responding to them at all. Dean tries something. He takes a book and hits his head with it. Birds and cartoon boinks ensue. Fred’s the one altering reality, but there is no off switch for him.

SPN 808

Sam and Dean get kicked out by the doctor when they hear Castiel ask if they should kill Fred. While Castiel keeps watch as “invisible girl,” another Looney Tunes-inspired shenanigan happens when the old woman’s birthday cake explodes like the candle was a stick of dynamite. Thankfully, no one was hurt, just the cake.

When Castiel calls Dean back to the home, the old woman points out the nurse is wearing her diamond bracelet. Being one of the things stolen from her, Dean demands the nurse tell her where she got it.

SPN 808

They head to her boyfriend’s apartment and it’s an orderly from the home. They find a bunch of the stolen stuff as well as the guy on the floor with a gunshot wound. Castiel fixes him up and he tells them everything. It is all the Dr. Mahoney’s doing, the head of the home. They’ve been using Mr. Jones to help steal stuff.

But when the doctor wants to kill Fred after he thinks they’ve been found out, the guy tries to stop him only to get shot. He says the doctor has taken Fred to the bank for one last heist before leaving town.

On the way, Sam flashes back again where he overhears Amelia’s father telling her she should come home and to stop living in this dream world. She says she’s happy with Sam and please give them a chance.

SPN 808

In present times, Dean finds a black hole and steps through it as Sam and Castiel find Fred in the back of a van. He still doesn’t respond to them so Castiel gets him and Sam into his cartoon/TV mind.

SPN 808 SPN 808

Fred asks them who the hell they are and how they got in there. Sam tells Fred who he is and he remembers John’s boy, “the scrawny one.”

Sam tells Fred that he’s being used. Fred can’t believe it, but he says the worst thing that could happen to someone like him is to lose it.

SPN 808

Inside the bank, Dean tries to catch the doctor, but his gun doesn’t work in Looney land. They run out of the vault and Dean tries to get the doctor under an anvil, but they both tumble out of the way.

Fred says he loved watching cartoons as a kid as that’s when he felt most happy and safe. You can’t hide forever, Sam says. Eventually, what you’re running from will find you, punch you in the gut and then you gotta wake up. By trying to keep that dreamworld alive, it’ll end up destroying you, Sam adds.

SPN 808

Inside, Mahoney tries to jump into the black hole, but it’s just a solid wall now with Fred apparently turning off the Looney dome. Fred comes in with Sam and Castiel and tells the doctor that he’ll never hurt anyone ever again. He uses his powers to turn the gun on him and pulls the trigger.

“Well that’s all folks.”

Fred says he may be okay now, but in a month or a year, who knows. He doesn’t want to lose control again and have more people get hurt. He wants to make it stop and Castiel says there might be a way.

Back at the home, Fred is back in his unresponsive daze. But he smiles and Castiel says he’s listening to “Ode to Joy” in his head, so he’s happy.

SPN 808

Dean says for all his good work today, Castiel can ride shotgun. Castiel says he can’t come and then gets called up for his heavenly check-in. Naomi says even though Castiel wants to make things right by coming back to heaven, unless she calls him, he’ll stay out. He can do whatever else he wants though.

Back on ground, Castiel says he won’t join them on the road. He’ll stay with Fred for a few days to make sure he’s safe, but he can’t run anymore.

SPN 808

Sam has another flashback. This time, him, Amelia and dad are enjoying themselves with a few beers. Amelia gets a call allowing Sam and dad to talk a little more. Sam tells him about losing his brother and dad seems to understand and warm up to him. But then Amelia rejoins them and says the call was to inform her that her husband, Don, is alive.

Back at the home, Castiel takes a seat next to Fred and both of them enjoy “Ode to Joy.”

SPN 808

Episode Thoughts

That was definitely a fun episode. And as with all fun, out there episodes of Supernatural, they bring it all back to our heroes and make it all meaningful and stuff.

So before that, I definitely enjoyed all the Looney Tunes stuff. It was funny and made me want to go and look for old and new episodes of Bugs and the gang. It might’ve seemed so absurd at first, but just like trips through television, it all makes perfect sense in the Supernatural universe in the end.

Now as for the emo part of the episode. I thought we were done with the flashbacks. My naïve mistake. But actually, the flashbacks weren’t all that bad this week. Amelia’s husband actually being alive wasn’t a surprise at all. Neither was the fact that her father would not take a liking to Sam.

But I’ll give all that a pass since it did lay the groundwork for what was a nice scene between Sam and Fred with Castiel in the background also being affected by Sam’s words.

Also great to see Mike Farrell. I miss that old Providence on NBC. They don’t make shows like that anymore.

Overall a good, fun episode. Definitely more enjoyable than a lot of the other episodes this season.

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