Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.05 – Blood Brother


Sam and Dean are on Kevin’s trail, but he’s proving to be a lot more clever and sneakier than they thought. Though, Sam points out he was in Advanced Placement. Dean doesn’t understand why Kevin is on the run from them, but Sam points out again that maybe it was because he tried to kill Tiger Mommy.

Dean gets a call which he takes outside away from Sam. It’s Benny, who’s in bad shape after taking on some fellow vamps. He asks Dean for a favor.

Dean tells Sam he has some personal crap he needs to take of and will be setting off on his own. Sam doesn’t understand.

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“Did you have a stroke?”

Sam reminds him they are working on the “Winchester Holy Grail” aka closing the hell gates. But Dean points out Sam took a year off from the job and he only needs to take a day of.


On the road, Dean flashes back to Purgs where he and Benny are fighting off some creatures.

Back at the motel, Sam puts his new hacking talents to use by trying to find out more info on Kevin’s whereabouts.

“You are a wascally wabbit Mr. Tran.”

Sam also clicks over to hacked info of Amelia. He has a bright, sunny flashback to his time at a motel where he ends up fixing the air conditioning and eventually the sink in the motel room of… Amelia, who’s also staying at the motel. She thinks he’s a creeper.


Later, “Dog” (which is what he’s named the dog he ran over) runs into Amelia’s room. She reiterates how creepy she thinks he is, a drifter with his “army surplus” clothes which are usually used by white supremacists and serial killers. He takes a seat and analyzes her, saying she is also a drifter with no idea where she’s going. She’s also alone. She says she used to have someone.

Dean arrives to meet Benny. After fixing him up, Dean insists Benny tell him what’s going on. Benny wants revenge on the vampire that turned him. He used to be part of a group of pillaging vamps, which Dean cleverly calls “Vampirates.” The “old man,” Benny’s Maker, was the one who ordered him killed in the first place.

Flashback to Purgs. Castiel helps Dean and Benny, but Cas is a big beacon for all the creepy crawlies in the purgatory. Benny again brings up his concern that not only is Castiel a big lightning rod for the baddies, there’s no guarantee he’d be able to make it out the exit anyway.

Dean insists they will shove Castiel’s ass through the needle if they have to.


On the way to the Vampirates old headquarters, Benny tells Dean about what changed him from being a pirate to wanting to be a normal person. On one of vamp org’s jobs, he met Andrea and they fell in love. He forgot everything that happened in the life until that point and wanted to live happily ever after. But the “old man” found him and beheaded him. Last thing he knew, his Makrer tore out Andrea’s throat just before he died.

Turns out, Andrea’s actually alive. When they step into the big mansion, she comes walking down the stairs with some vamp bodyguards. She’s become second in command to the “old man” after being turned herself.

Meanwhile, Sam calls Dean to check up on him and when he finds out Dean’s at a vampires’ nest, Sam goes crazy. “WHAT!? ARE YOU AN IDIOT DEAN!?”

Dean says he’s got backup, a friend.

“You don’t have any! All your friends are dead.”


Benny is tied up and slaps him before telling the bodyguards to go check on the “old man.” Once they’re out of the room, she pulls Benny into a kiss. Benny says her being turned into a vampire is all because of him, but she says no. He didn’t choose to be a vampire, it chose him.

She gives him a knife to finish the “old man” off and a key to unlock his cuffs. Do what you came for, she says, and we can be together.

Benny meets with his Maker, the “old man” though he looks like a really “young man.” After getting taunted a little, Benny eventually finishes the job and walks back out to Andrea with a bloody dagger.

He takes her hand, but she stops. Where to go? she asks. She doesn’t want to leave the successful setup they have as Vampirates. They have everything they ever dream of, what they need. But Benny says what he originally loved isn’t in her anymore and it’s his fault. She then says, You think you’re better than me? No, Benny replies, I think we’re all doomed.

Dean stabs her from behind before chopping her head off.


Outside on the docks, Benny asks Dean why he resurrected him. He could’ve just dumped his soul into anything. Dean doesn’t understand Benny’s sudden change in demeanor.

Flashback. Leviathans (ugh!) suddenly appear from all sides, this time flying in with snazzy new special effects. Benny saves Castiel from being killed by one.

Sam waits for them at the other dock and when they arrive, Benny introduces himself. They shake hands. Sam is about to pull out his knife, but Dean shakes his head and Benny excuses himself so the Bros can talk.


Episode Thoughts
So this was just an okay episode if not kind of boring. I didn’t hate it, but I was kind of bored by it.

I like Benny, but I wasn’t all that interested in his revenge mission. Nor was I that interested in using his example as a way to compare Sam’s year in the sun either. Now, those scenes in Purgatory, I definitely enjoyed. Can’t we have an hour of them just running around chopping things’ heads off?

Another thing I did like was how Sam was strangely snippy this whole episode. More witty remarks than usual, very talkative. That was definitely different. I didn’t think anything of it, it was just oddly funny.

Otherwise, I think this was a forgettable episode. But definitely not horrible.

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  1. I absolutely loved this episode of Supernatural, even though it wasn’t completely centered on Sam and Dean. I love the show and my coworkers at DISH even started watching the show, but they still need to catch up with season 7. Once they do, they can watch all of this season on my Hopper, since I’ve recorded every episode without having to choose it over my other shows. I think that this has been a great season so far and this was definitely a positive episode for that. I cannot wait for the next episode!

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