Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 4 (Leg 1, Day 4) – “Ungol kayo ng ungol eh, give me the answer!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 4 (Leg 1, Day 4)

At Plaza Miranda, Marc & Kat’s makeshift choir finally get the melody correct first, while Saida & Jervi’s group end up singing the song in English (so what was the purpose of the Tagalog translation then!?).

They get the next clue which reveals the first Detour of the Race.

In this Detour, teams must head to Star City amusement park in Pasay City.
In Pindot, teams must ride on the Star Flyer inverted roller coaster and be on the lookout for a Race flag during the ride which they’ll then take a picture of with provided Olympus Shockproof cameras.
In Ikot, teams will hop on the Star Frisbee and while spinning around, must answer three math questions asked by veteran Filipino host and comedian Arnel Ignacio. 

Boom & Cheng get to Quiapo and pretend to be teacher and student needing people for a project as locals ask how much money they’ll get in return.  Dani & Mish arrive next and think this is the most intricate they challenge so far.  Both teams get through the task and head to Star City.

Back at Cuneta, Ed finally gets the hang of the Road Block and he and Angel are off, but not before Sheena & Gee.  LJ (who is married to a basketball player) is close behind.  The stragglers slowly arrive at Cuneta.  Dayal gets through the Road Block, then asks one of the PBA players for his jersey.  Later, Pamela & Vanessa finally arrive and Vanessa decides to do the Road Block because Pamela can’t reach the basket. (lol)

Over at Star City, Marc & Kat choose Pindot while Saida & Jervi rush over to Ikot.  But Marc & Kat don’t see any flags so they decide to switch over to Ikot.  Saida & Jervi start the ride.

First question: 90+91.  They answer 181.
Second question: 5×125.  Miss Magna Cum Laude answers 750 and they are incorrect.

Marc & Kat take their turn at Ikot, while Boom & Cheng hop on the roller coaster for Pindot.  They immediately find and take a picture of the flag before the ride speeds up.  They and Marc & Kat get their clues and find out it’s time to head to the Pit Stop at the University of Santo Tomas. 

As Saida & Jervi get their three questions right on their second attempt, Dani screams bloody murder on the roller coaster as Mish manages to find the flag and capture it. But when Saida & Jervi find a taxi, Saida realizes she’s left her backpack inside the park.  They hurry back inside to get it, but Dani & Mish have just finished the Detour and are already leaving.

The four teams Race to UST, but it is Marc & Kat who step on the Mat first.  Derek checks them in as Team #1 and hands them their prize, the Salvage Pass.  Derek says they can use it to get a 30 minute advantage at a task or use it to save the last team to arrive on this first leg.

Boom & Cheng are next on the Mat as Team #2 and after clotheslining  a man on the way to UST, Dani & Mish manage to finish 3rd.  Saida & Jervi end up 4th and they hug Derek to celebrate.

Episode Thoughts
The Detour was actually pretty good.  A TARA recycle, but Dani’s screams of terror and Saida & Jervi almost hurling was fun. 

Now the awkward thing about this daily format, it’s kind of weird seeing some teams still doing a task the leading teams did two days ago.  Definitely something to get used to. 

Also, Anton & Armand and Mykey & Crystel were literally invisible this episode.  How crazy is that?  With 4 of the teams now checked in, I wonder if the leg will end with Friday’s episode.  There is talk that Saturday’s episode is the, basically, edited version of the week’s five episodes.  This episode actually went by pretty fast, especially compared to yesterday’s.

Derek’s Pit Stop hosting, definitely no Phil Keoghan, but kind of reminds me of Allan Wu and his signature pauses.  I feel like he needs a little more energy at the Mat too.  He came off as a little robotic.  Though not in the fun Julie Chenbot way.

Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila

1. Marc & Kat
2. Saida & Jervi
3. Boom & Cheng
4. Dani & Mish

Who did the Road Block?
Sino ang pwedeng mag-shoot? / Who can shoot?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
0 Saida  Jervi 1
1 Marc Kat 0
0 Cheng Boom 1
0 Dani Mish 1
0 Mykey Crystel 1
1 Anton Armand 0
1 Sheena Gee 0
0 Angel Ed 1
1 LJ CJ 0
0 Fausto Dayal 1
1 Vanessa Pamela 0

Boom & Cheng
Dani & Mish

Marc & Kat
> Saida & Jervi

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Quotes from Episode 4

Dani: “Pindot or Ikot… Press or Spin.”

Saida: “Yung aso ko, kayo na ang bahala ah!”
Jervi: “May cash pa ako sa drawer.”

Dani: “Oh my God, Star City.  God, Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Arnel Ignacio: “Ungol kayo ng ungol eh, give me the answer!”

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