Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.04 – Quill

“Death stood behind him and said: ‘Follow me, the hour of your departure from this world has come.'”

A Parks and Rec guy (of Portland, not Pawnee) gets rear-ended by a guy who appears to be infected with something. Both are Wesen and that allows the Parks and Rec guy to get the infected man off of him after he pounces.

Meanwhile, Nick is filling Hank in on his story over breakfast when they get the call about the incident. At home, Juliette is looking through Nick’s clothes and smelling them before calling Monroe to ask him about how she and Nick were before losing her memory. He tells her they were a happy couple, which makes Juliette even more uncomfortable and frustrated.

Nick and Hank arrive at the scene and they follow the infected guy into a nearby office building where they end up shooting him dead when he attacks them. Outside, the Parks and Rec guy gets horny with the female cop writing up the report.

At the station, Renard gets a call from the Old Country to inform him about The Families sending over another minion to get Nick’s key. This time it is a Nuckelavee. Later, Renard gets one of his officers to search and track a possible passenger coming from Rome via JFK to Portland.

Nick goes to Monroe to tell him about Hank now being in the know while Monroe tells Nick about Juliette’s call. She is at home and remembers the refrigerator repair man, the Eisbiber, just as Nick comes home. They have some awkward chit chat before Juliette says she fells awful for the situation, feeling like she’s done something wrong but doesn’t even know how to fix it. Nick says he feels bad for not being able to help her.

Parks and Rec Ryan wakes up from a nightmare and begins showing signs of infection as well. Next morning, Rosalee finds Adalind’s cat has gone crazy in her shop. It is hanging from the ceiling before jumping down. She lets it out of the shop as Monroe arrives and they hear a car screeching maybe killing the cat. Or not. Monroe invites her to a picnic.

Renard is Googling the obituary of Kelly Burkhardt as his officer updates him on a possible lead on the “convict” he had asked to find. No identity on the guy, but they found a taxi and its driver is missing from the airport.

Monroe and Rosalee set up their picnic in the woods as Parks and Rec Ryan, now apparently fully infected, arrives.

Nick and Hank visit Harper (yay!) who tells them the first infected guy had something like the ebola virus. Leaving the medical examiner’s office, a European looking guy, likely the Nuckelavee, is watching them from what is probably the missing taxi.

Across town, Juliette has invited the Eisbiber to tea. Like with Monroe, she asks him how she and Nick were. He says they were the perfect couple and so much in love and how he wonders why they weren’t married yet. He adds how Nick is one of a kind and that he is still grateful for what Nick did for them even when they never expected it.

What do you mean, she asks. Because he’s a Grimm, replies. Realizing Juliette doesn’t know anything about Nick being a Grimm, he quickly tries to cover and says goodbye as he leaves.

Nick heads to Aunt Marie’s trailer and finds information on the Fluvus Pestilentia or Yellow Plague. Sgt. Wu heads to the home of the infected man to look for the guy’s wife. And he does. She’s infected as well. She goes him and he shoots at her and lands on him.

Monroe and Rosalee having a nice time and are about to kiss until Parks and Rec Ryan walks out of the woods and goes after them. They run to the car and drive away as Ryan zombie-ly runs after them.

The Nuckelavee is still watching Nick and Hank as they go meet up with Wu. They then get the call about Parks and Rec guy going crazy at the park and they head over. They find him, but he collapses in front of them.

Monroe and Rosalee head back to the shop. She kisses him, after having been interrupted earlier. But she wants more. Nick calls Monroe to ask about the Yellow Fever while Rosalee continues kissing and licking all over Monroe. He explains to Nick the symptoms and how an infected Wesen starts off with nothing until their libido starts kicking up… kind of like how Rosalee is right now.

He tries to get Rosalee to calm down so they can find the treatment for the Yellow Plague. She is able to point to the right recipe before collapsing. Monroe brings her to lay down before he goes to make the antidote himself. She quietly calls back to him to says he needs to tie her down.

Nick and Hank carry Parks and Rec Ryan into the shop just as Monroe’s finished with the antidote. They pour the stuff into the guy’s mouth when suddenly Rosalee jumps out of the shop window. Nick goes after her and subdues her before she can stab him with scissors. He takes her back to the shop and a jittery Monroe lets Hank pour the antidote into Rosalee.

Waiting, Monroe tells Hank about having attacked him at the park that day and is interrupted when Rosalee wakes up. Unbeknownst to any of them, the Nuckelavee is watching from the skylight above.

Episode Thoughts
It was an alright episode. Very simple and straightforward stuff.

It was great to see some old faces such as Harper (or is it Parker? lol) the coroner and the Eisbiber repairman. Juliette’s missing Nickmories plot has been okay so far. What’s interesting is how long they’ll keep her that way because it has certainly made for some awkward moments between her and Nick. But actually, I think we haven’t had enough awkward moments between them. So I’d like to see that go on a little longer and really show more effects of it before getting her memories back. And at that time, will she remember Nick’s crazytalk?

With Hank, I think him being accepting of Nick’s story has been handled well. It’s true what Nick tells Monroe, that Hank has no other choice but to believe it all otherwise he’d had to resign to the fact that he really might be crazy. Now, if he is crazy, at least he has Nick to be crazy with him. But the whole thing adds a nice new dynamic between Nick and Hank, whose partnership has already been greatly solid.

It was great to see Rosalee and Monroe get their own screentime. I do hope they can give Rosalee more to do other than be the witch doctor or something. She’s awesome and all, but it would be nice to see maybe a different side to her and Monroe as well.

Overall an okay episode. Next week, I hope the show can get a nice boost from its Voice lead-in before moving back to Fridays at the end of the month.

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