Supernatural, Episode 7.18 – Party On, Garth

A pair of brothers get killed in the woods and suspecting the ghostly legend of one Jenny Greentree, a familiar face in Garth is on the job. He salts and burns Jenny’s bones, but turns out, it wasn’t her.

After Meg gives Sam and Dean an update on still crazy Castiel, they get a call from Garth who asks for help. After some research, they find the dead brothers’ father is one of the owners of the company that makes Thighslapper Ale, “a beverage for douchebags” according to Dean.

They go to the brewery to question the father, Mr. McAnn and end up talking to his partner, Mr. Baxter. Baxter tells them about selling the brew to a big distributor and Dale, their third partner who had committed suicide.

That night, before McAnn arrives home, his daughter mistakenly takes a sip of her mother’s spiked orange juice. She’s all giddy when her father arrives, but suddenly sees something or someone in the hallway. She heads to the kitchen to find some Asian-looking ghost standing behind her mother. Her father doesn’t see it though, but he does see his wife’s gut somehow getting ripped out of her body.

Dean and Garth talk to the little girl and Garth, using Mr. Fizzles, his sock puppet partner, gets the little girl to tell them about the ghost and her taking a sip of the drink. Meanwhile, Sam talks to Dale’s wife who tells him about her husband being upset that his baby, the Thighslapper brew and the company, was being sold just like that. After leaving the company, he had given his former partners a gift of sake inside a special box with writing on it.

After Garth brings up the possibility of Bobby “riding [their] wave,” they decide to head to the brewery to find that gift of sake. They find it, but also get access to the security tapes. Remembering that alcohol allowed the little girl to see the ghost, Sam and Dean drink some hard liquor and indeed, are able to see the ghost following the first son out of the office.

“Can you even get drunk anymore? It’s like drinking a vitamin for you right?”

Garth saves them when Baxter walks in on them in the office. Sam and Dean take the box to a Japanese restaurant and ask one of the chefs to translate for them. He says the bottle of sake inside the box contains a Shojo, an alcohol spirit. And they’re not known to be friendly.

Back at the motel, they find a Shojo works like an attack dog, allowing someone like Dale to make it do whatever he wanted. Based on the writing on the case, it’s an “eye for an eye,” the Shojo will take the “babies” of his ex-partners in exchange for them having taken his “baby” away from him.

Sam finds that it can be killed using a Samurai sword consecrated with a Shinto blessing. Dean gets ready to head out and find a Samurai sword, but Garth again brings up how Bobby might be haunting them, remembering how the EMF detector went off near Bobby’s flask that Dean’s been carrying. Sam surprises Dean when he says that he’s suspected that as a possibility too and even pulled out a talking board in the hopes of communicating with Bobby. But he says he got nothing.

With the bros out, Garth is able to get Baxter (who he’s handcuffed to the hot tub) to admit to having an illegitimate son, who he’s kept working at the brewery as a janitor. Garth believes he’s the next victim.

Dean brings the samurai sword to the chef at the restaurant and asks him to do the blessing. Garth calls Dean who calls Sam (who’s keeping an eye on one of McAnn’s daughters) and they all head to the brewery.

“Come with me if you want to live!”

Garth arrives at the brewery, drunk and ready, and has a little trouble getting Baxter’s son to believe he’s in danger. Garth gets hurled across the room. Sam pops in, but get thrown into the wall as Dean arrives with the sword. A sober Dean needs drunk Sam’s help to tell him where the Shojo is. The Shojo manages to knock the sword out of Dean’s hands, but somehow the sword slides back towards Dean and he finishes off the spirit.

They go check on Garth and Dean goes back to try and call Bobby out. The next day, the bros say goodbye to Garth who leaves them each with hugs.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Sam wants to talk about Bobby and Dean recounts all the moments that could be proof Bobby is indeed hanging around. Sam says, wouldn’t Bobby let them know if he was? Maybe they just miss him too much, that’s why they’re seeing and hoping he’s really there.

They leave the motel room and there’s Bobby watching them. Already in the car, Dean seems to have forgotten something so he heads back to the room. Bobby’s still there as Dean grabs the flask on the table.

“I’m right here you ijit!”

Dean leaves without seeing Bobby.


Episode Thoughts
Now this was a great episode. Hilarious and fun all the way and a little heart tugging at the end with confirmation Bobby did choose to stay on ground. It was pretty obvious, but I guess it’s nice to see that little confirmation. A good episode to end with and get us started on the next three week hiatus.

Also, Garth is great, another addition to the list of fun recurring characters (hopefully).

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