Grimm, Episode 1.15 – Island of Dreams

“Soon he was so in love with the witch’s daughter that he could think of nothing else. He lived by the light of her eyes and gladly did whatever she asked.”

While Renard urges Adalind to get on with the plan, Juliette tells Nick she wants to learn how to shoot a gun. Their quiet dinner is interrupted when the fridge repair man/Eisbiber comes knocking on the door with a gift and assurance that they are doing everything they can to have no one else bother Nick and Juliette again.

Juliette doesn’t understand what’s going on as they open up the package and find a pretty quilt. Meanwhile, two Wesen are smoking up a storm before they go to the tea shop/Wesen special ingredients store owned by the Fuchsbau looking for more of the powdered happy stuff they were just smoking. They attack the owner as they head to the basement. He sounds the security alarm and the two Wesen run off, but not before the Fuchsbau bites the leg of one of robbers who ends up shooting the owner dead.

Nick and Hank are on the case and Nick calls the Fuchsbau’s sister, Rosalee. She arrives from Seattle and he accompanies her to the shop. She realizes he’s a Grimm and he assures her that he won’t hurt her and will only help find her brother’s killers.

“You’re not at all what I expected.”

Meanwhile, Adalind is baking cookies with blood of “the deceived” and “the deceiver” meant for… Hank. She brings him the cookies and he likes them very much. That night, he’s sweating in bed and wakes up to find a woman in his shower. He walks to and opens the door… but there’s no one there.

Across town, Nick brings Monroe to the shop and they head to the basement where they find a box with missing viles. Monroe recognizes the powder as J. a sort of mold with opium-like effects. It’s a painkiller, but used recreationally, it’s like “meth with rat poison and helium.”

Juliette is home alone and she finds the Eisbiber is fixing the front door. He also brings a pie baked by his wife in a basket made by his kids. Juliette still doesn’t understand.

While Rosalee is in the basement of the shop making notes to help Nick’s investigation, the druggies come back for more of the J. They see Rosalee, but she manages to escape and calls Nick.

At the cop shop, she is interested in how Nick can balance two lives as a Grimm and a cop. Nick offers to have cops stand guard outside her home tonight, but she suggests Monroe, mainly because knowing he’s a Blutbad, he can smell a Skalengeck (the druggies) a mile away.

The next day, Sgt. Wu eats one of Hank’s cookies while Nick and Hank are at the apartment building of the Skalengecks. They are hot on their trail, but Nick notices Hank going down the stairs (following Adalind) like a zombie. That allows the Skalengecks to escape.

At the shop, Monroe is helping Rosalee clean up when Sgt. Wu arrives to check up on her. But he collapses and his face begins swelling up with bumps. Nick comes over after Monroe calls and Rosalee says she knows an antidote as she’s seen this before. They hold him down as she pours the concoction in his mouth. They bring Wu back to his apartment and she tells them that he’s ingested a Salbatronk (pardon the completely incorrect spelling). They say it causes an obsessive, emotional reaction by who it is meant for, but causes an adverse reaction if eaten by the wrong person.

Nick updates Rosalee on what they found in the Skalengecks’ apartment including the horn like pipe, a Zogendump (dunk? I have no clue!). Rosalee says she was hooked on J in the past and to find the Skalengecks, they need to find an Island of Dreams, essentially a Wesen crack house.

They find Portland’s Island of Dreams and they manage to find the two Skalengecks. Nick heads back to check up on Wu who’s awake now, but still has a sore face. Wu says he’ll be okay, so Nick leaves. He’s hungry, but for some reason unzips one of his couch cushions and deliciously eats the foam. (OMG WHAT?)

Monroe brings Rosalee some flowers and she says she’s staying in Portland and keeping the shop open for now. Nick brings Juliette to a shooting range and he is amazed by how good she is. Meanwhile, Hank is in cold sweats again in bed with Adalind’s hand (or not) feeling him up.

Episode Thoughts
Well that was a trippy episode! And not just because of the J and Wesen crack house/Island of Dreams. First of all, WTF!?!?! with Wu eating his couch cushion. I certainly hope that’ll be touched on in the next episodes and not just some creepy throwaway scene. That was almost disturbing and I’d like for it to actually turn out to be something more to give Wu some more material.

Renard and Adalind’s plans are getting more interesting as well. Looks like they’ll be using Hank in some way for whatever plan they have against (or not?) Nick.

There’s the return of the beaver fridge man, which provided some fun little scenes, but also an interesting continuation of Nick being exposed and known to the greater Wesen population. Also great having Juliette want to learn how to shoot. I’m still hoping there’s more to her than just being the oblivious girlfriend though.

All in all, a great, meaty episode. And great having Grimm back up again (I guess now that it’s Supernatural‘s turn for a break).

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  1. I’m glad someone else was bothered by the couch cushion scene! I saw it and immediately said WTF? I wasactually almost upset when the episode ended after that without explaining why in the hell he didn’t eat real food

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