Supernatural, Episode 7.16 – Out with the Old

Frank still has dick on Dick, so Sam and Dean head to Grimm-land (also known as Portland) to look into a possible job. A ballerina spun her feet off, literally. Dean is open to it, he watched Black Swan twice for the hot tutu on tutu action. Meanwhile, Sam tries keeping himself awake with coffee to avoid having to deal with chatty Lucy.

They go to the cop shop in Portland to see the photos and evidence from the crime scene. They end up saving a little girl who puts on the ballet shoes when they pop up in front of her in the restroom.


The Bros realize the ballet slippers are cursed and decide to check out where they were purchased, Out with the Old. On the way, the shoes suddenly pop up in the backseat and now in Dean’s size. He has a strong urge to put them on. He loved Black Swan after all.

At the antique shop, they talk to the son of the owner, Scott. His mother passed away last week and he decided to sell some of the things she had kept in a safe… covered in hexes and symbols.

“You okay there Baryshnikov!?”

They find lots of empty boxes in the safe and find Scott’s sold a lot of other cursed stuff. They get a list of the people who bought them.

The Bros head to the first house, but it’s too late. The cursed tea kettle compels the woman to pour the boiling hot water right into her mouth.

They split up for the next two objects. Sam stops a kid, controlled by voices from an old gramophone, from stabbing his mother to death while Dean stops some guy from, well, pleasuring himself to death with an old gentlemen’s magazine.

After putting the stuff back in the boxes and into the safe, Scott tells Dean about a real estate lady that came around before his mother got into an accident. His mother didn’t want to sell her shop, unlike the rest of the block, but the day after accepting the deal, she died.

Dean leaves and sees all the SOLD signs from a Bicklebee Realty. Turns out, this Bicklebee lady is a Leviathan and she’s just about taking care of the last hold out on the street. Her bumbling assistant George reminds her that Dick Roman doesn’t like bringing attention to themselves.

Across town, Sam is sleepy behind the wheel and after Dean calls with updates, almost gets into an accident with a truck. Stopping to pick up some coffee, assistant George sees Sam and calls it in to realtor lady.

At a café, Dean researches the realtor and after giving Frank the details, find it’s all Dick Roman.

“My silence is your cue.”

Frank tells Dean that Dick is WalMart-ing mom and pop stores all over the place, for what? Who knows.

Sam arrives at the café and tells Dean about Lucy not wanting to shut up, even singing “Stairway to Heaven” as they speak. Dean suggests Sam goes to a motel to crash, but Scott suddenly calls and says he looked into one of his mother’s mirrors and now wants to rip is face off. The Bros hurry over, but it’s actually the Leviathans just wanting to lure them there.

The realtor introduces herself as Joyce and that she is looking forward to eating them. She attacks Dean, while George attacks Sam… sort of. George points out the bucket of Sodium Borax next to them and tells Sam to dunk his head in it before Joyce sees.

Sam does it and as Dean gets hurled around the room, George points out the sword on the wall. Sam goes to grab it and chops Joyce’s head off.

Dean tells Scott to get as far away from town as possible since Leviathan’s love a grudge.

“Thank you, I guess.”

Sam and Dean turn their attention to George. They ask why he helped them and he says he was dying to know what “that bitch tastes like.” They don’t understand. “You got a better way to make her stay dead?” He was just fed up with cleaning up her messes and being her lackey.

The Bros don’t really care about that and instead interrogate him about the field in Wisconsin or this block in Portland. George fesses up that Dick is building a research center here, a place where they’re going to find… the cure for cancer.

“You guys are freaking out about the wrong thing,” George says. He suggests to “keep your heads down and stay down.”

“We’re only here to help.”

The next morning, they load the safe onto a U-Haul and they drive off to Frank’s. But when they get no answer from inside the trailer, they walk in to find the place trashed and blood everywhere.

Episode Thoughts
Well, it feels like a long time since the last Supernatural eh? But not as long as previous hiatuses. First off, I think NBC and the CW have talked recently about keeping new episodes of Grimm and Supernatural airing each other at a minimum since it’s evident that they have shared audiences. (And I’m one of them of course.) Whatever coincidence it is, it’s good.

Portland! Funny how Portland on Supernatural still looks like Canada. Though, you half expect Wesen and Nick Burkhardt to pop up yeah?

As for the episode, I’ve not been a fan of the Leviathan stuff at all, but Mary Page Keller as Joyce was hilarious and was actually a fun Leviathan. If only it was like this every time a Leviathan popped up on the show.

This episode did little to make the Leviathan story arc any more interesting though. Frank’s been fun, so him possibly being eaten or killed is not so awesome. I figure he’s got some fight in him and that he’ll pop up soon. (I mean, how many times did we think Bobby died?)

Also, the way we see Sam dealing with Lucy is pretty awkward. It’s like, okay, Sam is struggling horribly, yet he’s fine to fight and work on a job. Okay, so it’s not all that serious? It’s just weird trying to believe Sam is being hounded by Lucy all the time, yet not really seeing the effects most of the time.

Anyway, still nice to have Supernatural back. And nice to have Supernatural on Fridays by itself while it’s Grimm‘s turn to take a break.

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