Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (5) 28 – The Rescue

Mike and Emily are feeding the cat that almost ate Antonio with some treats. They head inside and join Mia who’s watching Mentor/Ji/mightbehelfulthisepisode and Antonio huddle together in the corner doing something secret. Mike decides to prank Antonio by filling his nut bowl with cat treats, which he ends up eating, and Mentor/Ji/okayyoudidsomethingfunny offers Mike some of Antonio’s snack as well.

Mentor/Ji/igiveupwiththenames wants some privacy with Antonio so they head out “fishing.”

Meanwhile, OOH-AH-OOH! Octoroo is suspicious of Serrator and annoyed that Xandred is slow with his plans. Nighlok Eyescar pops up from the Sanzu and Octoroo brings him to Xandred. Eyescar wants to uses the Rangers’ pathetic caring nature against them. Serrator mentions he has his own plans as well, but he’ll keep them a secret for now.

Mentor/Ji and Antonio get attacked by Moogers and the alarm sounds back at the manse. *insert unnecessary Bulk & Spike scenes* The Rangers get to the spot where Mentor/Ji and Antonio were and find Antonio’s fishing gear and Daigoyou the Light Zord.

They wouldn’t have had to come find privacy if I wasn’t fooling around, Mike says. Glad you know that, says Kevin. He then picks up Antonio’s fishing spool and sees the line leading into a tunnel (basement) nearby. They morph and follow the fishing line.

Eyescar has Antonio and Mentor/Ji tied up and explains how he’s leading the Rangers there so the Moogers can ambush them.

“…I wonder if someone named Jayden will find it.” *creepy smile* (Mmmkay.)

In the tunnel/warehouse, the Rangers are creeped out. And Jayden picks up… the fishing spool they’d just found back above ground. (Yeah.) They stop and the Moogers come jumping out. Back outside, Mentor/Ji and Antonio are having a moment as Mentor tells Antonio he’s worth his weight in… gold. (Of course.)

Back in the tunnel/warehouse/basement, Mike picks up the Light Zord and notices something inside it. (How?) He gives it a knock and out flies a brand new disc. It’s the Shark Mode disc and Jayden says they can now use the Shark Attack Mode whenever they want.

They finish off the Moogers and reach the exit. They look over the valley to see it full of Moogers. They’ll be outnumbered 100-1, Emily says. But Jayden’s got a plan. While Eyescar taunts his hostages, there suddenly come explosions from the sky. Jayden’s piloting the Battlewing Megazord alone, because “nothing’s impossible with the Black Box!”

The other four Rangers are on the ground and they manage to clear out the rest of the Moogers and grab Antonio’s morpher back from Eyescar. Jayden uses Shark Mode to finish off Eyescar’s first life.

It’s time to embiggen and they use the Shark Disc to form the Samurai Shark Megazord and finish Eyescar off for good.

Back at home, Mentor/Ji is grateful for saving them and Jayden and Antonio wink at each other for a job well done. Meanwhile, Mike tries to feed Antonio more cat food, but Mentor/Ji takes the bowl away and offers to make Antonio something in the kitchen.

Episode Thoughts
Another okay episode. Continuity and Nickelodeon’s erratic scheduling aside, it was a relatively solid episode with a focus on action. Of course, it’s odd having to see the introduction of the Shark Disc when we already saw it (and the Light Zord) in the Clash of the Red Rangers movie . But what can you do.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 31 – The Kyoryu Origami

The original Shinkenger episode was a little deeper. Basically the same overall story where the Shinkengers had to save Genta and another hostage, this time a sick kid and a nurse. Now that I think more of it, the editing of that “tunnel” in Samurai (which was actually the basement of the hospital attacked by the Nighlok/Gedoushu in Shinkenger) was kinda off. Sure, a tunnel through a mountain that totally looks like a basement warehouse. Okay.

Shinkenger‘s episode basically showed their resolve to protect people against the Gedoushu, but more importantly, the strengthening bond between the Shinkengers (Takeru’s loosening up and having fun with his new friends!).

The pranking of Antonio might be Samurai‘s version of playing cards and having punishments, but it didn’t feel like the kind of bonding the Shinkengers were having. Then again, the Rangers don’t need the type of bonding the Shinkengers did with the Lord-Retainer dynamic present. Also having Antonio and Ji be the kidnapped parties instead of some innocent bystanders kind of enclosed the Rangers in their own little world instead of heightening the dangers of the Nighlok to the general public.

So Shinkenger wins of course. At the very least, they had continuity, eh? But overall an okay, standard episode of Samurai

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