Supernatural, Episode 7.15 – Repo Man

After a little flashback to wonderful little Lilith we flashback to four years ago at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The Bros are interrogating a demon on Lilith’s whereabouts. In the middle of it, they meet its host, Jeffrey whom they get the okay from to torture his body. The Bros eventually get the info they need, send the demon away and take a very roughed up Jeffrey to the hospital.

In the present, Sam and Dean return to Coeur d’Alene when it appears the same demon has reappeared killing women in the same manner as it did four years ago. Lucy begins popping back into Sam’s head and the Bros begin investigating. After running into a Detective who they must have worked with on the original case, they visit Nora, a woman who specializes in witchcraft. She gives them some newly translated banishing spells and suggests they check out Jeffrey.

He’s now living in a halfway house and has just adopted a dog. The Bros talk to him and he tells them how the demon already had a list of victims it was going to kill in order. Sam goes to look for the next woman on the list, librarian Marjorie Willis, while Dean stays with Jeffrey.

Lucy tags along with Sam and while he wants to talk, Sam ignores him. Jeffrey recounts to Dean how his life fell apart after they… were done with him. Dean apologizes, but Jeffrey says he owes them his life. He then remembers where the demon might be hanging out.

At the library, Sam keeps watch over Marjorie while Lucy continues trying to get Sam to notice him. Lucy makes everyone in the library smash their heads into the table, but Sam goes to his palm to ground himself as he always does.

While Sam stumbles upon Marjorie getting busy with her male friend in the Civil War section, Dean and Jeffrey head to the warehouse where the demon “nested” and kept souvenirs.

Jeffrey leads Dean to a large room that has symbols painted all over the windows. He tells Jeffrey to stay back as he heads towards a man tied up. The man wakes up and frantically mumbles something while Dean unties him, but it’s too late and Dean gets shot in the neck with a needle.

Back at the library, Sam is stumped by the slutty librarian. But Lucy gives him the hint he needs. All the victims were drugged with a tranquilizer. A good ol’ demon wouldn’t need a tranquilizer to subdue his victims. The lightbulb goes off and he calls Dean, but no answer. He’s probably dead, Lucy says. Sam tells him to shut up and hurries out.

Lucy is giddy at the fact that Sam spoke to him.

Sam goes searching through Jeffrey’s apartment and begins putting things together while Lucy continues providing color commentary. Sam finds a bunch of demon summoning spells and finally giving in to Lucy’s offer to help, realizes the spells are written the same as the ones handed to them by Nora. Sam goes to Nora’s place.

“Get this stupid cow to focus!”

Sam demands Nora tell him everything. She tells him that Jeffrey has her son.

At the warehouse, Jeffrey is telling a now tied-up Dean how they never asked him if he wanted to be saved from the demon. In fact, he loves the demon. The love of his life in fact. He loved the power. Dean figures out he was a serial killer. The demon brought those serial killer thoughts to action.

Back at Nora’s, she explains how Jeffrey asked her for a demon summoning spell. She told him to get help and then she learned her son was kidnapped.

Crazy Jeffrey manages to summon his demon life partner, but instead of reentering his body, the demon uses Erin’s son instead. Jeffrey is sad. The demon gets sexually close to Jeffrey and they dance. That is, until Sam and Erin arrive to send the demon back to hell.

Before flying away, the demon tells Sam and Dean that they’re back.

At the motel, Dean collapses on the bed, just wanting to sleep. Lucy pays Sam a visit to tease him again. Sam presses on his palm, but this time, it doesn’t work. Lucy’s still there. He tells Sam his little trick won’t work anymore since Sam officially invited him in when he willingly took Lucy’s help earlier. Now Lucy can wiggle around anywhere he wants to in Sam’s head.

Lucy cackles to black.

Episode Thoughts
It’s not every week Sam and Dean deal with a regular ol’ crazy person instead of a demon or monster. That was actually a nice little twist and something different for them.

Again, thank goodness for no Leviacrap again this week. But then here comes the demons saying they’re back again. We’ll see where that goes.

As for Sam and Lucy, it’s anyone’s guess as to what that all means. Is Sam’s head going to literally explode? Are we going to rehash all the heaven and hell stuff again? Granted, God is still on vacation, so they could pick up on that too.

So a nice little episode. An actually interesting case this week. A filler episode that didn’t need to be hilarious and meta, yet also a nice episode to unfortunately cliffhang with until the next new episode in a couple of weeks.

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